On The 21st Anniversary Of Hizbullah’s Ambush At Ansariyeh, We Celebrate The Event That Shook ‘Israel’ To Its Rotten Core

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today should be called Eid Amaliyat Ansariyeh. As what happened on this day 21 years ago in the town of Ansariyeh in Lebanon’s ever-gorgeous, ever-resilient Jnoub, changed everything. Because of this truth, it should be celebrated regionwide. Worldwide even. For Hizbullah’s Ambush at Ansariyeh was, at the time, the most concussive, most remarkable, most comprehensive defeat of the usurping Zionist entity’s occupation army in history. As a standalone operation, it still very well may hold that distinction to this day.

It started just a little after midnight on September 5th, 1997 when Shayetet 13, the “elite” unit of the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s naval forces, parachuted into Ansariyeh, a town terrorized by the illegitimate Jewish gangster “state” from the inception of the occupation in ’78. The plan of the Zionist usurpers was to destabilize artillery units of both Hizbullah and the Lebanese Armed Forces as well as execute multiple assassinations. Little did Satan’s chosen people realize however that the Mighty Moujahideen of the Mouqawamah were laying in wait like lions about to spring upon their prey. They detonated strategically placed explosive devices on the route Shayetet 13 was traveling, taking them completely by surprise. Then, another Hizbullah unit emerged from the brush like ghosts passing through mansion walls and opened fire with automatic weaponry, hitting every single ‘Israeli’ that moved. Realizing they were pinned down, the Jewish aggressors radioed for help and several IOF helicopters violated Lebanese sovereignty to airdrop reinforcements. What they were completely unaware of is that Hizbullah, in cooperation with the Lebanese military, hid anti-aircraft systems in the shrubbery. The very moment that the aerial movements of the Zionist choppers were detected, they were met with massive barrages of Mouqawamist bullets.

Panicking madly but fully cognizant that they wouldn’t make it out alive, the ‘Israeli’ pilots abandoned their supremacist comrades and flew their damaged birds back to the illegal colony of “Nahariya”, built atop the ruins of a section of the Palestinian village Al-Nahar. Back in Ansariyeh, Hizbullah’s Anti-Zionist onslaught continued until around 4:30 in the morning. The fleeing, cowardly ‘Israelis’ left behind a corpse, pieces of several of their cohorts who were blown to fragments by the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s arsenal and untold shekels worth of arms, ammo and ordnance. The official story is that only eleven Shayetet 13 commandos were sent to the hellfire. Based on the ID cards that Hizbullah’s fighters picked up from the beatdown in and around the battle arena though, such mathematics just don’t add up.

The dead Zionist terrorists include Deputy Ron Barak Abramson (20 years old); 1st Sergeant Gal Rodoski (20 years old); 1st Sergeant Pamid Shamvil (20 years old); Sergeant Itmar Elea (21 years old); Deputy Johanna Hilbmerg (21 years old); 1st Sergeant Gabby Gossan (21 years old); Marshal Cevik Rothman (21 years old); Deputy Ras Sapi (22 years old); Marshal Ram Levant (22 years old); Marshal Daghash (26 years old); Major Tasahi Ben Tof (28 years old); First Sergeant Yosef Kourati, the commander of the unit (32 years old); and Marshal Maher Da’shi, the IOF rescue “physician” (unknown age). That’s thirteen hellbound Jewish occupiers off the cuff. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who was jubilant after the operation, noted that the Resistance had body parts of at least 4 ‘Israeli’ invaders in its possession, including legs and a skull, and that the REAL casualty count–since so many colonizers had been incinerated in the multiple attack waves expertly launched by the Men of God–was somewhere between 25 and 30! He also pointed out that due to the fact the Mouqawamah had deployed squadrons in all potential airdrop locations, it was essentially like shooting fish in a barrel once the ‘Israelis’ had breached. Sayyed Abou Hadi called the Ambush at Ansariyeh an “epic”.

Reactions throughout the ‘Israeli’ entity were calamitous. The Ambush at Ansariyeh had truly shaken the usurping Zionist entity to its rotten core. War criminal Netanyahu called it “one of the worst tragedies we’ve ever faced” and said further that “it’s not an exaggeration to say we’ve lost some of our best soldiers.” Meretz Party head honcho and longtime IOF stenographer Yossi Sarid called it one of the Zio-Tumor’s “blackest days”, a “disaster”, and that because of Netanyahu’s failure, all ‘Israelis’ were living “distressed”. War (not “Defense”, but War) Minister Isaac Mordechai was utterly dumbfounded, wondering aloud in an interview that “all precautions were made to guarantee success”, and he just didn’t understand how Shayetet 13 could have been hit so hard and hurt so bad.

The harshest response came from Ariel Sharon — now scorching in Jahannam, nishkour ALLAH (SWT) — who was serving at that moment as Infrastructure (read: settlement-building) Minister. The Butcher of Qibya and Sabra and Shatila said bluntly, “The security course of action in Lebanon must be reconsidered.” The whole of the ‘Israeli’ press as well as communal media throughout the Judaic Diaspora echoed these sentiments, running articles, analyses and interviews calling for ‘Israel’ to depart from Lebanon as a means of saving Jewish lives. Zionists can slaughter plenty. Men, women and children, as long as they’re Gentiles, killing continues at Yahoudling hands unabated. But when the casualties pile up on their side, they crumble like invalids hit with a cattle-prod.

Day in and day out, the shaytanic, serpentine entity’s information apparatuses were berated by Shin Bet for the defeatist talking points and hit with gag orders in relation to publishing photos of the bits and pieces of ‘Israeli’ terrorists that were now feeding the hallowed soil of Ansariyeh. This was a Judaic problem though. So as a means of exploiting this weak display by the enemy, Hizbullah kept up the PSYWAR without stoppage, publishing “before and after” photos of the thwarted invaders on Al-Manar and the Internet–with Hebrew captions included!

Ultimately, a special military investigation committee was launched by then-Chief of Staff of the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces Amnon Lipkin-Shahak. No real explanations were found and no actual conclusions were reached. Instead, only theories were put forth, with the investigative body declaring either Hizbullah had a double agent in the unit or perhaps the explosive devices the commandos brought with them were faulty. They refused to admit failure and defeat. Even the data about intelligence disruptions in the planning of Shayetet 13’s Ansariyeh op that were later published by Yossi Sarid’s partisans in “liberal” occupation mouthpieces were dismissed by the military-intelligence establishment despite the irrefutable proof of yet another Hizbullah success.

Lipkin-Shahak should be considered the final casualty of the Ambush at Ansariyeh as the perennial Jewish terrorist was forced into retirement mere months after the cataclysmic event. ‘Israeli’ media said it was for “health reasons”. But anybody with a brain knew that this was hasbara of the most pathetic order. Lipkin-Shahak had been diagnosed with cancer over 3 years before the Mouqawamah’s victory in Ansariyeh and was given an exemption by child-killer Yitzhak Rabin to seek treatment outside of the artificial Halakhic-Talmudic regime. After getting this medical care, he was back in the murderous saddle, spearheading the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and carrying out brutal crimes against the Lebanese people. He stepped down as IOF Chief of Staff because the Ambush at Ansariyeh was the biggest tactical humiliation in ‘Israeli’ history and he couldn’t offer up a single reason as to why it occurred. Rabin and Lipkin-Shahak for the record are now both feasting on Dari’ in the jaheem. Meanwhile, Hizbullah’s victorious cadres and commanders were greeted by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah with sfouf, knafeh, gifts and beautiful, scented copies of the Holy Qur’an. It was akin to an eid on top of an eid.

The question of course… is HOW did the Lebanese Islamic Resistance obtain positioning perfect enough to execute the ambush with such pinpoint position. And the answer is… Hizbullah Commander Hajj Hassan Hawlo Lakkis (R.A.) For years, Hizbullah had maintained that pristine counterintelligence operations were what led its moujahideen to unleashing a most marvelous assault on Shayetet 13 that fateful September day. But then, in 2010, Hizbullah’s Secretary-General revealed that the Resistance had actually hacked an ‘Israeli’ drone and used this info to target the invading commandos accordingly. He couldn’t get anymore specific than that obviously because Lakkis was still alive and running the most clandestine department of the Mouqawamah.

But now, with Lakkis currently residing in Jannah after he was assassinated by ‘Israel’ on December 4th, 2013–the 10th Zionist attempt to kill him–the whole truth can be brought out into the open. Known as “Digital Imad” or “Technological Mughniyeh”, the martyred Mouqawamah genius founded Hizbullah’s cyber warfare unit and pioneered Hizbullah’s usage of drones–hence why he is also known as Abou Ayyoub (the UAV that the Party masterfully sent to spy on the illegal ‘Israeli’ nuclear program was called Ayyoub). Before he achieved Shouhadat, he was laying major waste to the drone fleet of the devilish Jewish “state”. It was Lakkis and his erudite team who cracked the code of that aforementioned flying ‘Israeli’ surveillance robot which was scouting the area and transmitting coordinates back to Shayetet 13. In other words, whatever the ‘Israelis’ were seeing, Hizbullah was seeing it too–thanks to Lakkis. The Zionist land thieves didn’t stand a chance. An ‘Israeli’ Channel 2 documentary would confirm these facts in the spring of last year, calling Ansariyeh the “kill zone” and cataloging the anger and disgust at IOF higher-ups from ‘Israeli’ terrorists who were wounded in Hizbullah’s dazzling asymmetrical display. Looks like there’s another title we should bestow upon Hajj Hassan Hawlo Lakkis (R.A.): Abou Amaliyat Ansariyeh!

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the Ambush at Ansariyeh. Even though Hizbullah had killed ‘Israeli’ soldiers before, and in large numbers at that, with the Mouqawamah broadcasting a Hebrew campaign called “Who’s Next?” inside the usurping Zionist entity until liberation through the hacking of ‘Israeli’ satellite feeds–another Lakkis masterpiece. Even though the Mouqawamah had been victorious in the ’93 and ’96 wars. And even though the psychopathic, warmongering ‘Israeli’ public was already weary of the continued occupation of Lebanon. To see Shayetet 13, a combat force with a mythical reputation, beaten so triumphantly, systematically and spectacularly, was too much for the “chosenite” monsters to bear.

With up to 30 ‘Israeli’ soldiers given tickets to the Naar to dine on the Zaqqum and dozens of others traumatized beyond repair, “Tel Aviv” had to rethink its entire policy on Lebanon and came to the only logical conclusion: Get out before more Ansariyehs happen. Thus, we can consider the win on September 5th, 1997 the beginning of the end of ‘Greater Israel’ and the start of the Era of Victories. What else should we do on such a day but celebrate?! Eid Amaliyat Ansariyeh Mubarak! May ALLAH (SWT) grant the architect of the Glorious Ambush, Digital Imad, an incomprehensibly resplendent station in the Akhira. May Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who oversaw the op from front to back, have his life extended far beyond us all. And may our Creator (SWT) protect the Mighty Moujahideen of Hizbullah, who are leading every last one of us on the path to a Zionist-free Al-Quds, for all-time.

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