On Police Brutality, “Black On Black Violence” And Hegemonic Jewish-White Supremacist Discourse

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fuck the Blue Bacon. Was just watching CNN and one of the propagandists said that cops all around America feel like they’re “under siege”. I kid you not. The heavily armed thugs with unlimited political protection, machine guns and tanks feel like THEY are being besieged, huh? And y’all wonder why I make it a point to bring up the fact that all of the USA’s top police departments are trained by the usurping Zionist entity’s IOF, Mossad and Aman, those other gangs of bloodthirsty psychopaths who swear up and down that they’re “victims” as they murder Palestinian innocents in ritualistic Halakhic massacres with global impunity.

That being said, while I’m not going to cry over spilled pork grease in Dallas–in fact, I’ll probably drink a delicious organic Black Cherry Cream Soda in celebration of it, because again, fuck the pigs–let’s not kid ourselves y’all. This was not an act of Black Resistance carried out in retribution for the brutal killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; this looks, smells and feels like a false flag attack designed by the system to in fact UNDERMINE Black Resistance and redirect the narrative to “outrage” over dead swine and “empathy” with the families of the dead swine instead of focusing on wanton, hyper-militarized police violence against Communities of Color and the Zionization of these very same cops who view Black and Brown Folk as “enemy populations” that must be occupied–yeah, we’re ALL Falasteeni now, Black brothers and sisters especially. The alleged shooter was ex-military (and the other uncaught shooters were too, most certainly) and more than likely being run by the FBI, the CIA, the ADL or all of the above in one capacity or another with a single strategic objective in mind: incite a race war and trigger martial law countrywide, specifically in the “dark” areas. We know the game and we know the devils who write the rules of the game as they go along. Pitting Black and White “Goyim” against each other in a monstrous bloodletting has long been a goal of the Jewish Power Configuration and though it remains to be seen, this tremendously fishy event, which is eerily reminiscent of that other horror in Dallas, Mossad’s assassination of JFK, could be the catalyst. The Nation of Islam has been warning people about this for decades; don’t fall for the okey-doke.

And don’t fall into the trap of the hegemonic discourse (which includes fake, de-radicalized, nonviolent “counter” narratives) either. Don’t let the Zionist media and the Judaized White Liberal “social justice warriors” who can’t stop quoting MLK at his most Judeophilic run this shit when it should be the sons and daughters of Malcolm X (R.A.), Muhammad Ali (R.A.) in his heyday, Kwame Ture and Queen Assata Shakur doing the talking and the educating. Every time this happens, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the narrative switches from killer cops to “Black on Black Crime”. The racist crackers shriek hysterically about Blacks killing each other, and the Judaized White Liberals along with the colonized Persons of Color deflect, or attempt to justify it, or perhaps are clever enough to ask “What about White on White Crime?” and proceed with a diatribe about how crime is based on demographics and proximity, but ultimately, all these discussions are bullshit. Gigantic, steaming, fly-and-roach-and-rat-infested piles of bullshit. Know why? Because they’re going ’round and ’round the mulberry bush without anyone getting surgical with it and cutting right into the heart of matters, regardless of who might get offended. What is the heart of matters you ask? THAT SO-CALLED “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” FALLS ON THE HEADS OF THE JEWS AND THEIR CRACKER PARTNERS TOO.

Just as we condemn the crimes of the Takfiri terrorist scourge across our region as the crimes of ‘Israel’ for it was indeed ‘Israel’ that created ISIS and its ilk, the killing, chaos and destabilization throughout Black communities that come in the form of gang wars over territory, drugs and guns, along with rampant abortion and fatherlessness, is a malicious, genocidal, horrifically supremacist scheme going back to the “end” of Jim Crow. Black folk ain’t just wake up one morning and say, “YO B! LET’S BE ON SOME TOTAL FUCKSHIT AND DESTROY OUR COMMUNITIES ENTIRELY FROM THE INSIDE OUT”. No. The systematic evisceration of African-Americans has been ENGINEERED by the same evil men that have turned the Arab-Islamic world into a nightmare. You see, “Jimmy C” ain’t die with Black folk getting the right to vote, “Jimmy C” simply became COINTELPRO, and COINTELPRO slowly but surely became the New Jim Crow via the inauguration of the Prison Industrial Complex, but it too, never died. Who brought drugs, specifically cocaine (and even more specifically crack) and heroin, into Black slums all over the USA? Who pumped guns into these areas? Folk in the projects have no damn ports and air fields. Indeed, it was the CIA, CIA, CIA, CIA again and in recent years, the Russian-Jewish mafia has filled the void left by the American-Jewish and Italian mafias which were, for the record, also partnered with the CIA in drug distribution and gat-running throughout poor areas of Color. These various degrees of poison didn’t just fall out of the sky although the Jewish-controlled MSM and all of its cracker talking-heads would certainly like you to believe that this is the case. Gary Webb, an actual White Knight, was murdered by the CIA for bringing these devastating truths about The Company’s abyssal role in drug trafficking to light.

Going a step further, this savage, racist conspiracy needs to be seen in a historical context. Black people went from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, a Jewish enterprise from soup to nuts, to the plantations, to Jim Crow, with the one bright spot in between being the establishment of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma which was burned to the ground by White supremacist terrorists egged on and financed by Organized Jewish Interests–see “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2” for a full overview–to the COINTELPRO regime which wiped out Malcolm X (R.A.), the Black Panthers and MLK as he was abandoning his Judeophilia and becoming more militant and geopolitical, to the New Jim Crow. There never was a healing process. It’s just been a B-LINE from one hell to another for the last half millennia.

And just like the Arab-Islamic World which has been colonized, raped, pillaged and destabilized by Zio-Imperialism, the Black community in America is then chastised by the very same forces who committed the most egregious acts of inhumanity against their people to “get over it”, or “get it together”, or “do better, slavery ended a while ago”, or “stop complaining”, or “stop being so backwards”, or, my personal favorite, “we’re post-race now”. Let White Folks of all different ethnicities and tribal affiliations be put in chains, get their ancestral identities erased, not tainted, but ERASED and replaced with something intrinsically anti-Black and completely alien, sold at auctions and worked on plantations for a few hundred years before being corralled into ghettos that are policed by trigger-happy bigots trained to think the people they’re supposed to be “serving and protecting” are animals and then pumped full of narcotics, sterilizers, alcohol and plenty of guns. Let that happen and see how they like it when someone tells them to “get over it”.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile weren’t exceptions to the rule but reflections of an ongoing 500-year tragedy. I think of my own friends who were murdered in cold blood by the pigs from the 81st precinct (Bedstuy); I think of another of my homies who was gang-raped by Blue Bacon from the 79th precinct (also in Bedstuy); I think of Akai Gurley, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Sean Bell and little Gavin Cato, who was slaughtered by an Orthodox Jew that the pigs protected and then the Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes, a degenerate and pedophile-defender long in the pay of Chabad Lubavitch, helped exonerate. The problem is White Supremacy, yes, but also the Jewish Supremacy that it is now subordinate to; run your mouth as much as you want about the crackers and bathe in the massive mainstream coverage you receive, but as soon as you talk about religious/cultural Jewish hatred of Black Folk, or Jewish wealth and influence and how it negatively affects the Black community, or Jewish crimes against Black Folk, ‘Israeli’ false flags, ‘Israeli’ ties to US cops, or ‘Israeli’ crimes against too many peoples of Africa to count, watch how quickly your “radical White allies” turn their Jewishness on and start reprimanding you for “anti-Semitism”. Malcolm X (R.A.) could smell a Jew concerned solely about Jewish interests posing as a “White liberal concerned about Black struggles” from a mile away, it’s time all of us, Black, Arab, Muslim and otherwise learn to do the same.

The problem is that whether Blacks are grown men or children, whether they’re armed or unarmed, whether they’re with their families or chilling by themselves, they get treated as “inherently dangerous” and gunned down brutally, while demented White killers like the KKK/Apartheid South Africa-enthusiast Dylan Roof get taken to Burger King after massacring Black Folk in a church. The problem is the police who operate like a secret club in which members hurt ALL TYPES of civilians, especially those of Color, and stick together no matter what, especially when crimes are committed, not a law enforcement agency seeking to preserve order for all people, regardless of race. The problem is that rightist Whites think that there is absolutely nothing political about the current plight of Black folks–as well as Arabs/Muslims for that matter–and it’s all based on “biological inferiority”, which is ripped right from a hodgepodge of warped, atrocious, Judaic-developed pseudo-sciences, that leftist Whites think Blacks are just their stooges to implement whatever idiotic colonial-feminist agenda is on deck at the moment, and that Jews don’t want Black Folk to achieve the Anti-Parasitic Consciousness held by Ture and Malcolm (R.A.) because then all their efforts to prevent Black Autonomy from coming to fruition will go up in smoke. Hence why there can be no “unity” with any of these people.

No doubt all of this is uncomfortable. It’s meant to be. Awakenings always are. But it isn’t even the least bit as uncomfortable as it is for the grieving families of Black men and women gunned down and assailed all over the country either by racist, genocidal, ‘Israeli’-trained pigs in Louisiana and Minnesota, or in saddening intra-communal violence plotted, orchestrated, designed and exacerbated by the gleeful descendants of slave traders on Chicago’s South Side. Solidarity, love and salaams to all my brothers, their Queens and their seeds across AmeriKKKa. Death to White Supremacy. Death to Jewish Supremacy. And fuck the Blue Bacon every day of the week.

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  1. Saw a video recently of guys in New York, black and white, who were sitting around openly smoking something called K2, which is synthetic marijuana. Most were zombified, out of their minds. Many were violent, and were terrorizing their neighbourhoods..

    This ploy, of using drugs to subvert people, has also been used in the ME, even in Gaza..

    It isn`t as though the parasitic shit hole is a shining example, since tel aviv is a hotbed of corruption..

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