Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Of course the House of Saud, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Persian Gulf, would increase ties with the Indian regime, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Southeast Asia Subcontinent. And of course Narendra Modi, the Muslim-hating, Hindutvadi demon responsible for atrocious oppression in occupied Kashmir and the mass murder of thousands in Gujarat, would welcome closer relations with the head-chopping, woman-despising, genocidal, “royal” occupiers of the Hijaz, all in the name of “the largest democracy in the world”. The butcher of Yemenis and the butcher of Kashmiris and Gujaratis… A more perfect combination than shish taouk and toum on Arabic bread, isn’t it?

Just as Zionism meshes perfectly with Wahhabism, so does Hindutva indeed, as they are both despicable ideologies rooted in sectarianism, chauvinism, bigotry, elitism, terrorism and the perversion of Divine teachings. This newfound Indian-Saudi coziness will have major reverberations throughout the region, most especially on occupied Kashmir, where an ‘Israeli’-Hindutvadi-Wahhabi nexus is already active in subverting the Azadi struggle of the Kashmiri people as per the Zionist-designed Dragon Policy. As much as it hurts say it, reality is reality, and it will only get worse for Srinagar’s Stone Pelters with New Delhi and Riyadh signing five bilateral agreements that focus on intelligence sharing on terrorism financing, increasing private investment and enhancing defense cooperation.

Basically, this coded gobbledygook means that Modi and “King” Salman now see themselves in a singular front against “terror”, the same terror mind you, that India’s RAW, the Jewish occupation regime’s Mossad, the CIA and Saudi intelligence have been arming, training, bankrolling and facilitating for years. In other words, it’s all a front to double down on all those opposing them, be it Yemenis, Bahrainis, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis and the people of Al-Saud’s Eastern Province on the Saudi side, and the Kashmiris, Pakistanis as well as the Naxalites of the Red Corridor on the Indian side.

Additionally, what this also exposes is that contrary to Saudi Arabia’s “Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques” rhetoric, it is in fact the living embodiment of anti-Islam, as it would align itself with someone as hateful, Islamophobic and murderous as Modi, the Hindutvadi extension of ‘Israel’. It also confirms that India, regardless of some Global-South-solidarity-oriented platitudes uttered here and there, is firmly on the side of the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s plots against the world’s oppressed people, Muslims most especially. No different than our calls for the end of the Zionist entity’s putrefying existence and the overthrow of the Saudi dynasty of bloodthirsty lunatics, it’s high-time we add the dissolution of Hindutva to the mix. For ending this supremacist ideology and the reign of its avatar Modi are not only vital for finishing the seven-decade occupation of Kashmir and giving the Kashmiri people the freedom they so rightfully deserve, but also for peace and security to finally return to the entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent. ‪#‎DeathToHindutva‬ ‪#‎DownWithModi‬ ‪#‎FreeKashmir‬

2 thoughts on “Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!”

    1. You’re beyond delusional to think that anything but more death, chaos and destruction for Kashmir, Pakistan and India itself is going to come out of Modi increasing ties with the Saudi regime. It’s actually damn near funny, you know? Hindutvadis spend just about their entire demented lives bitching and moaning about “Islamic extremism” and then their leader, Narendra “Gujarat’s Butcher” Modi, hops into bed with the father of Wahhabi-Takfirism! The hypocrisy!

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