Nutty Netty Be Lying: Criminal ‘Israeli’ Regime Laughably Denies Role In Suleimani (R.A.) Assassination

by Jonathan Azaziah

Getting indicted on fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes as well as fighting for his political life [to quote his fellow “chosenites” in the Zionist media] and failing to form a new “government” within the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity, has apparently made Nefarious Netanyahu one hell of a comedian. Seems a little late in the game for a career change after spending his entire life serving the cause of World Jewry, waging war on Gentiledom and murdering Palestinians, but alas, here we are! How did we come to such a deduction? Because Benjamin Mileikowsky jocularly, laughably, HILARIOUSLY said that the cold-blooded murder of Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani (R.A.) by drone strike at a Baghdad civilian airport was, and I’m quoting directly here, “a US event, not an ‘Israeli’ event, and we should stay out of it.” If it wasn’t as obvious as Brooklyn is gentrified, we will say it out loud: Hot damn, Nutty Netty be lying! Hot damn twice, he be lying like a muhf****!

Let’s go beyond the fact that his own ‘Israeli’ press has already revealed that ‘Israel’ was in fact very much involved in the killing, thus making him look like a bumbling, babbling buffoon right off the cuff. Let’s also temporarily look past that ‘Israel’ was undoubtedly the culprit behind another raid on Iraq that was targeting senior officials from Kata’ib Imam Ali, but killed Iraqi medics instead. And let’s, again, just for the moment, set aside that the killing of the Resistance Axis Martyrs Chief (R.A.) was very much an ‘Israeli’-style operation and Israel, for its part, is the assassinations king within the family of colonialist constructs by far–having executed more than 2,700 assassinations since its genocidal founding. All of it–just put it in your pipe but don’t light the match to spark up yet. Because the kicker is coming.

The Dajjalic Zionist cancer JUST tried to assassinate Suleimani (R.A.) four months ago in September ’19!! One year before that, there was also an ‘Israeli’-led slaughter-attempt on the General of Generals’ (R.A.), this time in Iraq’s Salahuddine. And in January of ’18, a joint American-‘Israeli’ decision was taken to pull the trigger on the Kindhearted Father of Resistance (R.A.), which came on the heels of Mossad trying to kill Suleimani (R.A.) near Damascus not even a couple years earlier. Then of course there is the Mossad-CIA killing of Hizbullah’s Architect of Triumphs, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.), which was supposed to include Suleimani’s (R.A.) scalp as well because, in the words of Zion’s Ynet, the Quds Force Superhero was “Israel’s most dangerous enemy”. Case in point: There wasn’t a second that passed by while Hajj Qassem (R.A.) walked among the physically living that ‘Israel’ wasn’t trying to murder him. The Mossad, Aman and their allies failed time and time again for decades to get to the General, with an increased focus on malign anti-Iranian activity, including outright war, under Netanyahu.

Furthermore, lest we forget that this is the same Zionist terrorist who has been lying about nonexistent nuclear weapons in Iran for nearly 30 years; the same Zionist terrorist who stood before the US Congress and lied through his teeth about invading Iraq being a “good choice”; the same Zionist terrorist who helped bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11, told you he thought it was “very good” but then proceeded to spew that a bunch of cave-dwelling Bin Ladenites in Afghanistan were the actual culprits; and the same Zionist terrorist who worked inside an ‘Israeli’ intelligence smuggling ring that robbed nuclear triggers from America. If you think even half a vowel sound that comes out of this demon’s piehole has any truth to it, I have bubblegum cocaine to sell you at just 50 bucks a kilo.

Lest we also forget, prior to concluding, that Netanyahu once described America in rather stark, hideously arrogant terms, “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.” Moreover, he labeled “Christian” Zionists — you know, the types who worship ‘Israel’ more than the figure their religion is centered around — as, “scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” It’s as plain as vanilla yogurt: Baneful, Batshit Benny wants to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran down to the last drop of American blood. So believe not his words of wanting ‘Israel’ to “stay out of it”. The murder of Hajj Qassem (R.A.) was his plot. It was done on his order. All with the goal in mind of kicking off the American-led war on the Iranian nation that he has wanted since he became a political force inside the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime.

He’s got a willing –albeit selfishly motivated — tool in Trump, who has already “given” him Al-Quds, Syria’s Golan Heights, a wave of anti-BDS legislation across Amreeka, and the long-desired coup against Anti-Zionist hero Evo Morales in Bolivia… Along with a gaggle of neocons equally willing to do his bidding. Chief among them Mike Pompeo. Gelatin on top of the gefilte fish is that whilst the rest of the planet — including, interestingly enough, the sector that opposes Iran and the Resistance Axis — sits on pins and needles, fearful of what may come next, especially following the Islamic Republic of Iran’s precise, decisive and devastating response yesterday… ‘Israelis’, the psychotic supremacists that they are and have always been, are actually celebrating Suleimani’s (R.A.) murder.

Thus, when it’s all said and done, if the world finds itself destabilized from a hot war in the months ahead God forbid, know that the storm of death, bloodshed and displacement was fomented by the Halakhic-Talmudic scourge. And it was this shaytanic entity’s premier, the bloodthirsty, beastly Nutty Netty, who personally lied humanity right into the monsoon of tragedy. May he join so many of his Judaic brethren in the hellfire soon while Qassem Suleimani (R.A.) and Abou Mahdi al-Mohandes (R.A.) smile down in victory from the Undying Heavens. Ameen.

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  1. At the very center of the web, sits this venomous, multi-fanged trickster. The star of dovid appears on its black abdomen. Its eight eyes darting in every direction for ‘prey’. Its insatiable appetite demands blood, tears and suffering . NuttyYahoo is one of its broodlings.

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