Now 38 Years On, Iran And Its Islamic Revolution Kowtow To No One! Not Obama, Not Trump!

by Jonathan Azaziah


Donald Trump’s incessant barking against Iran has put him on the map as something equivalent to a whiny, rabid and diseased dog. And all around President Supercilious Orange are chicken-hawks itching to see the collapse of the Islamic Republic. Yes. A dog and some chicken-hawks. But in Iran, MIGHTY Iran, there were tens of millions of lions and lionesses on the streets today across 1,000 Iranian cities to commemorate 38 years of defiance; 38 years of independence; 38 years of RESISTANCE AGAINST THE GREAT SATAN. And what is the name of the group that these big cats travel in? PRIDE. The Iranian people have immovable, magnificent PRIDE in their Islamic Revolution and there is no threat from the American regime, whether the figurehead of Empire Judaica’s name is Trump or Obama, Bush Jr. or Clinton, Bush Sr. or Reagan or Carter, that will alter their identity which was forged with blood, martyrdom and the screams of “Ya Hussein (A.S.)!” Officials in the Trump regime, especially the war criminal trifecta of Mattis, Kelly and Flynn, along with MEK shills like Chao and Giuliani, and the murderous, Jewish supremacist sanctions czar Adam Szubin, actually thought the new economic terrorism imposed on Iran, which includes bans on medicines and medical equipment, would get the Iranian people to “fall in line”. Guess again, Zio-Imperialist scum!

Iranians will never answer to the Washington ZOG. They answer to ALLAH (SWT). They answer to Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) They answer to Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) And they answer to Imam Khomeini (R.A.) by carrying on his legacy of heaven-sent Anti-Zionist fire through their steadfast commitment to that very same Mouqawamism day-in and day-out, despite ongoing aggressions from Earth’s Most Evil. To say “long live the Islamic Republic” would be redundant at this point because living long is clearly what the Iranian Revolution intends to do. So here’s to 38 more years and then 38 more after that, o’ Mighty Iran. May you continue to inspire us. And may you continue to be a dagger in the hearts and eyes of World Arrogance until there’s no ‘Israel’, no Western ZOGs and no “kings” in the Gulf left to speak of.

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