Not A Joke: Zionist Jews Protest Aleppo’s Liberation From Al-Qaeda, Call For Donations To White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

G’head and bust out the “anti-Semite” smear, the damns I give are somewhere between zero and negative three quadrillion. There is just too much sugary-sweet irony oozing off this bizarre development not to rip into it with the thunder of a Yemeni monsoon. Jews the world over, from the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity to New York City (or as some prefer to call it, Jew York City) to London, are organizing rallies to protest the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Aleppo and the city’s historic liberation. Under the fraudulent “Save Aleppo” banner, these Zionist “humanitarians” are raising their supremacist voices to defend “the Syrian people” against “butchery” and “massacres”. No, this is not meant to be comedic or satirical in any way, shape or form. This is an actual thing that is actually happening. And yes, I would agree with you in totality: These Jews are completely insane.

In occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem), where ‘Israeli’ occupiers routinely bulldoze homes, burn olive trees, shoot peacefully-protesting Palestinian youth dead, build settlements and desecrate Muslim and Christian sanctities, an organizer named Roni Slonim calls Syrians her “fellow human beings”–apparently they’re not “Goyim” anymore, a miracle in and of itself, or perhaps they’ve merely ceased to be subhumans temporarily for this publicity stunt–and says, “We want to unite as an active force for human rights and against the terror taking place in Aleppo.” Meanwhile in the occupied Golan Heights, Jewish settlers are staging protests called “The world is silent again” and “Stop the Holocaust of Syrian children.”

In NYC, where Jews run Wall Street, the diamond district, the garment business, the mayor’s office (through AIPAC) and control a network of rabbinical child-rape across Brooklyn protected by their stooge, D.A. Charles Hynes, a French-colonialist-flag-waving ‘Israeli’ businessman named Moti Kahana is crying out “Never Again!” and staging Hanukkah rallies on December 24th as well as January 1st. This filthy squatter–who has had a hand in anti-Syria #FakeNews for some time now and claims that Syrians and Zionist land thieves aren’t enemies–runs an organization called Amaliah which delivers “humanitarian aid” to “the people” of Southern Syria. Make no mistake here, this is a front for Mossad activity on the Syrian Arab Republic’s southernmost border. “Humanitarian aid” means weapons, ammo and logistics and “the people” means Jabhat al-Nusra, the FSA Southern Command and other Takfiri terrorist groups.

Elsewhere in the US, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), two of the biggest muzzlers of Anti-Zionist activism in the world, are foaming at the mouth over Aleppo, shouting “Never Again!”, slamming Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran and calling on “the international community”, i.e. the American ZOG and its marionettes, to intervene. The Jews protesting in London though take the cake for the most absurd and sickening. In Britain’s capital, where the uppermost upper echelon of the Jewish-Zionist Imperium resides, namely the globe-holding, multi-trillionaire Rothschild family, the Union of Jewish Students is holding an “emergency rally” and also chanting “Never Again!”

Shamelessly, these Jewish deception-masters, in their condemnations of the Syrian government, declared, “Indifference – to human suffering, to hatred and to genocide – contradicts everything that Judaism holds sacred.” Then, in the cherry on top of this festival of frolicking hypocrisy and Jewish chameleonism, the “activist” students called for donations to none other than the White Helmets, Al-Qaeda’s clean-up crew fronting like the “Syrian Civil Defense”. Despicableness aside, it’s rather fitting that Jewish liberal interventionists would call for money to be given to a terrorist organization funded by the US ZOG, the UK ZOG and “leftist” Zio-billionaire George Soros, isn’t it?

The question is – Do these Jews really have that much cognitive dissonance swirling around in their Halakhic-Talmudic brains that they can claim that they (and the Zionist tumor) have been “INDIFFERENT” towards Syria? Or are they just trying to pull a fast one on the Gentile world by using a “humanitarian” mask (of Zion) to cover up their beloved usurping entity’s architectural role in the terrorist-fueled destruction of Aleppo and all of Syria? The answer, undoubtedly, is the latter. The parasites who used the “6 Million Jewish WW2 Victims” myth and the “Never Again!” slogan as ideological, intellectual and political battering rams against anyone who rejected the criminal existence of ‘Israel’ are now at work again, saying Western powers must hit Syria to stop an impending “holocaust”. But here’s the thing: All their “kvetching” is doing nothing but exposing their own duplicity. How can the Yahoudlings believe that Syrians are woefully oblivious to the fact that the plot against Bilad al-Sham is Jewish-Zionist at the root? Verily, this isn’t even remotely close to reality.

The Syrian traitors here and there in the ranks of this or that Takfiri terrorist group, those scoundrels who have offered to sell ‘Israel’ the Golan Heights and who have shouted “God is great!” after ‘Israeli’ warplanes raided Syrian territory, are a microscopic minority. Syrians as an overwhelming (99.9%) whole have a fierce Anti-Zionist identity. That’s why the ‘Israeli’ flag is burned and “Death To ‘Israel’!” is roared in all pro-government rallies going back to the very beginning; why Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari condemns the ‘Israeli’ occupation of the Golan Heights (and Palestine) every week at the UN; why the Syrian government has risked everything to provide weapons to the Palestinian Resistance; and why the Syrian Arab Army’s heroic soldiers curse the Zionist entity in every breath after launching mop-up operations, including most recently in Aleppo, because they find ‘Israeli’ weapons, satellite phones, bullets, rockets, medicine and other Mossad-provided equipment in the stashes of former terrorist hideouts.

But it gets thicker still. Because at the most base level, Jews protesting to “Save Aleppo” and “Save Syria” takes hypocrisy to lengths yet to even be discovered by mankind. It was the Jews who stole the Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan) in 1967, destroying 134 villages and driving 124,000 Syrians from their ancestral soil. It was the Jews who annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 and have been building settlement monstrosities on the lush, archaic land ever since. Over 20,000 illegal Jewish settlers currently reside in Al-Jaulan. It was the Jews who launched Operation Oranim after invading Lebanon in ’82 to pave the way to steal Syria’s water and liquidate the Syrian Arab Army. It was the Jews who drew up “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” and “A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm”, policy papers that featured the ruination of Syria as a cornerstone of the Zionist entity’s regional policy.

It was the Jews whose Mossad has been funding “Syrian opposition” groups since 2004. It was the Jews who murdered Syrian General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.), the key link on the Syrian side in the chain which sends arms to the Palestinian Resistance. And it ***IS*** the Jews who activated Operation Oranim 2.0 to depose Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who treat Nusra and ISIS terrorists in their military hospitals, who have killed Syrian engineers based on intelligence acquired from their “rebel proxies”, who carry out air strikes on the Syrian Arab Army for their Wahhabi allies, who have used the fake “revolution” to steal Syrian oil in the Golan as well as more land and who have assassinated high-level Hizbullah commanders fighting against this horrible scheme. The “Syrian revolution” is, from A to Z, a Jewish-‘Israeli’-Zionist destabilization operation.

Considering all of this, how can the Jews “save Aleppo” when they’re the ones who birthed the conspiracy against Syria in pursuit of establishing unchallenged Zionist hegemony in our region to begin with? Simply put, they can’t. And the fact of the matter is, contrary to the foolishness spewed by the Jewish anti-Assad demonstrators in London, Judaism holds nothing sacred–and MOST CERTAINLY not the Syrian Arab Republic’s people–but Jews and Jewish interests. Judaism opposes Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), with vileness. Judaism opposes Christ (A.S.), with even more vileness. Judaism opposes Arabs, Blacks and Persians, with bigotry on top of bigotry. Judaism opposes Gentiles generally. And Judaism has been cited over and over again by rabbis throughout the globe to justify the atrocities and crimes of the ‘Israeli’ regime and Jewish felons. It’s Judaism that has driven the entity’s leadership into pursuing the current course vis-a-vis Syria.

Lest we forget that it is not only ‘Israeli’ Jews in the upper ninetieth percentile who have enthusiastically supported the illegitimate, cancerous “Tel Aviv” regime’s wars on the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon, but Jews at large across the West. These Jews speak of nonexistent “massacres” committed by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo when their entity has been committing very real massacres, very real aggressions and very real genocide against Gaza, Lebanon, Syria itself and all of Palestine going back to the Nakba in 1947-1948. Not to mention playing a role in the horrors inflicted on Algerians by the French, Iraqis by the Americans, and Yemenis by Al-Saud. They may claim “chosenness” but the Jews have about as much “moral authority” on the issues of mass killing and brutality as the aforementioned Saudi tyrants–their homeboys, not-so-coincidentally enough–do when it comes to condemning terrorism, like they’re not the biggest funders of terrorism across the planet.

So at the end of the day, all of these Jews didn’t get together to protest because they’re outraged over human suffering in Aleppo–human suffering mind you that, again, their Jewish “state” facilitated in the first place. They’re protesting because things didn’t go according to plan. Their Al-Qaeda proxies were supposed to win. They were supposed to hold on to Halab and use it as a springboard to unleash the final march onto Damascus, topple the government, break the Resistance Axis, sign a surrender treaty with ‘Israel’ and impose Saudi-style rule on the secular, pluralistic Syrian people. What occurred in place of this demented scenario is the triumph of the Resistance Axis, with Syria sitting in the driver’s seat, over International Zionism and the global Jewish-controlled media.

Maybe after everything noted, it doesn’t need to be said. Or maybe it does and should be so there isn’t even the slightest scintilla of discrepancy: Jews aren’t friends of Syria. Jews aren’t friends of Palestine. Jews aren’t the friends of anyone other than Jews and those traitorous Gentiles who do the bidding of Organized Jewish Interests. And the sooner that Arabs, Muslims and Gentiles as a whole realize this uncomfortable but nevertheless unequivocal truth, the sooner that we will liberate our people from Palestine to Syria and even beyond that, and ultimately, expedite the end of Zionism’s stranglehold on this magnificent place we call Earth.

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