The West

Ruled by the criminal, corrupt, imperialist regimes and their Jewish-Zionist banker overlords in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Ottawa and Canberra, the assorted territories of the West have been ruling over the “Third World” for far too long. Their crimes and exploits, along with the many cracks within their system, will be covered here.

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  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Been following your stuff for sometime now. I joined the battle years ago, and contributing where I can. I keep a low profile, as my #1 goal is to stay in the game and be able to be in the game tomorrow. As you are aware, nothing changes overnight, and It is my belief that this war will be a multi-generational war. I decided a few years ago, to focus my efforts on teaching any of the younger crowd about Zionism, and how they need to stop being afraid to name the Jew.

    There is huge effort of disinformation being thrust into truth movement by them, they fear the truth, and they fear the unity of the Christians and Muslims, that much is clear to me. The disinformation about who is the enemy is enormous. Many of the younger crowd does not have years and years of experience to draw upon, they don’t understand geo politics, they have not yet really grasped their country was in the hands of the Jews and what their country has been doing was done for jewish interests.

    This younger crown thirsts for the truth, but they are being hit with so much information, so quickly, they are having difficulties knowing what is disinformation, and what is factual, and they seldom have time for read a full web article, or listen to a podcast. They mostly assimilate information from memes. Simple straight and direct to the point memes that each one tackles one truth, or kills one lie. This is a very effective method to disseminate information. It also is easy to share, and spreads.

    If you have any interest in working together, on a small meme campaign with me, let me know. I will do the work, and I am not looking for any compensation. I will do it to help win this war against them. I do however, need your knowledge to make sure the memes are factual, and sourced and referenced so that if they need to prove to themselves its true, they can. Give them the key bits of information, and let them dig into it themselves to prove it. Just get back to me and let me know your interest level in this idea.

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