The Pnaci people of the United States, the First Nations of Canada, the Aboriginal people of Australia, the plight of these indigenous people and others have long been forgotten by most of the world. Mouqawamah Music however, refuses to forget.

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2 thoughts on “Indigenous”

  1. Greetings! Glad to see you are using the proper term for the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere! Will let others know you are here in support! Many Thanks!

    1. The Indigenous people of the world be they First Nations people of Canada or the Aboriginal people of Australia even the isolated native people of the Amazon rainforest and let’s not forget the few people of the America’s that are left, lets add Polynesian cultures into the mix this is only a small Fraction of the people of the world that have had their land stolen and genocidal massacres committed on its people…even today we can still see this happening still in places like Palestine and the subhuman race who are responsible for these atrocities now, had their fingers of death in all the crimes of the past

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