Never, EVER Will You See Mouqawamah Music Say “We Are London!”

by Jonathan Azaziah

“WE ARE LONDON!”, huh? LOL! It’ll be right around the time Hell freezes over and ice cream sundaes with extra sprinkles become an everyday meal for the Hell-dwellers that you’re gonna see me shout, “WE ARE LONDON!” Have you lost your damn minds?! HELL NO WE AIN’T LONDON. Do you know what London even ***IS***?!?!?! London is one of the four capitals of Al-Shaytan on Earth, with the other three being Washington DC, “Tel Aviv” and Herzliya. Within London is the CITY OF LONDON, a state within a state that houses every parasitic, globe-holding Jewish-Zionist banking dynasty and corporate conglomerate monstrosity which rule over humanity with demonic, blood-dripping, serpent-skinned fists. The Rothschilds included. London houses Westminster and Buckingham Palace, the faces of British aggressions abroad. It is from London where the colonization of more than 90% of the entire planet at the hands of the Yiddish Empire was commandeered. It is London where pedophiles in every branch of the regime and the Blue Bacon (pigs/police) run amuck. It is London which oversaw the destruction and destabilization of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as well as Syria, Libya and Yemen today.

It is the devils of London who gave away that which never belonged to their sulfur-encrusted hands–Palestine–to the Zionist Jews. London is 1/6 of the Six Eyes Alliance. And it is London which is the headquarters of MI5 and MI6, two of the founders of Gladio, top buddy-buddies of Mossad and among the greatest perpetrators of false flag terrorism there are. London (and its ‘Israeli’ partners) did the London Bridge attack. So am I, a third-generation Iraqi immigrant whose ancestral village was destroyed by London in the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920 and whose family was forced by London to leave our homeland, STANDING IN SUPPORT OF LONDON? Get. The hell. REAL.

My only concerns in London, this Zio-Imperialist city of evil, are the Muslims and GENUINE allies of Muslims (and there are very few) who are going to suffer unspeakably from the increased surveillance and increased tyrannical oppression that are sure to ensue as a result of this Mossad-MI5 operation. The bumpiest of bumpy roads are indeed yet to come. Dajjal ain’t done yet. So arm yourselves, in every sense of the word, politically, spiritually, physically and financially, and brace for impact. And a final thought: DEATH TO BRITISH IMPERIALISM.

One thought on “Never, EVER Will You See Mouqawamah Music Say “We Are London!””

  1. Yes Mouqawamah, keep going, keep shouting at the ugly warmongers who accuse their own victims of the crimes they are themselves committing. Theresa the hawk might go a step too far and break her beak, not realising that she’ll be helping.

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