Naksa Day 2017: Never Forget Syria’s Occupied Golan Heights And Never Lose Hope That It Will Be Liberated

by Jonathan Azaziah

It is completely ballistic that the entire Arab-Islamic world isn’t on fire today to mark 50 years since the Naksa. Beyond that, it’s shameful. The Zionist enemy still exists and is actively attempting to destroy us all, you know! But I digress! Anyway! We have now gone 5 decades since the usurping Jewish entity stole the rest of Palestine–the West Bank, eastern Al-Quds and Gaza–as well as Egypt’s Sinai and Syria’s Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan). While Sinai was returned to Egypt via the traitorous Camp David Accords, Gaza was liberated and there is a good amount (though not enough) of international attention on the ongoing struggle against the Yahoudlings’ land theft in occupied Al-Quds and the occupied West Bank, what is taking place in the occupied Golan Heights has largely fallen to the wayside and isn’t on the radar of barely any Arab, Muslim or “antiwar” organization despite the very real ‘Israeli’ expansionism that is devouring one of the most beautiful, serene and picturesque places on Earth, along with the very real (and very fierce) resistance that is being put up by the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah, the IRGC and most especially, Iraq’s Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN).

A brief history lesson is needed. During the course of the Naksa, the usurping, ravenous, serpentine ‘Israelis’ destroyed 134 of the Golan Heights’ 139 official Syrian villages and drove out more than 124,000 Syrians from their homes. Nearly 100 other unofficial villages were also razed to the ground, driving out tens of thousands more. It was (and remains) wanton ethnic cleansing. The artificial Jewish regime would illegally annex Al-Jaulan in 1981, sparking the Syrian Intifada, the uprising that would inspire and give strength to the Palestinian people’s very own First Intifada. Since then, some 21,000 Jewish settlers across hundreds of settlements, outposts and occupation businesses have established their presence on this ancient and gorgeous Syrian soil. The 6,000+ (predominantly Druze) Syrians who remain are routinely and ruthlessly repressed by the Zionist occupation, with restrictions on everything from how they can make a living to their very movement. Like they annexed the land itself, the ‘Israelis’ have tried and continue trying to annex the identity of the Syrians who are left, launching campaign after campaign to get them to drop their Souri-Arabi nationality for an ‘Israeli’ one and ultimately absorb them into the Yahoudling occupation army like certain Palestinian collaborators in the ’48 Lands. The residents of the Golan Heights have rejected these overtures however and continue to rep the Resistance Axis full-stop.

What is particularly stunning is that while the Golan Heights has fallen down the Memory Hole and not many in “The Ummah” are paying it any mind, even the ‘Israeli’ Jews themselves, in all of their arrogance, “chosenness” and hatred, admit the Syrian essence of Al-Jaulan. A recent piece in Haaretz entitled, “The Forgotten Syrian Secrets of the Golan Heights”, lays it all out in surprisingly (albeit habasara-laced) graphic detail. Over 1 million Syrian mines, rich in resources–which the article conveniently forgets to mention–remain and the usurping Zionist entity seeks to destroy them all and ultimately extract the wealth beneath. Many Syrian water towers, mosques, schools and hospitals built by the indigenous people of Bilad al-Sham also still stand. Even some military bases of the Syrian Arab Army and pools once used by Syrian officers have yet to be torn down. Instead the ‘Israelis’ have putrefied them with their Jewish supremacist toxicity. The Zionists revel in what they conquered but they’re far too supercilious to realize that all of their “chosenite” joy is as temporary as their entity itself.

For since the ‘Israeli’-led international conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic began, a conspiracy that was designed primarily to break up the Resistance Axis and keep the greatest opposition to World Zionism–Hizbullah, Iran and Syria–in turmoil, what has taken place is that the Resistance Axis, with Syria’s armed forces and militant, resilient people at the forefront, has expedited the Mouqawamist project in the occupied Golan Heights. All of the Hizbullah commanders who have been martyred inside Syria over the last several years were targeted by ‘Israel’ for this reason. Thanks to the likes of Shahid Samir Quntar (R.A.) and Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.), there are scores upon scores of Popular Committees that are trained, armed and already moving inside the ‘Israeli’-colonized, ‘Israeli’-occupied zones. Syrian generals, senior Hizbullah fighters and IRGC guides are all advising. And the tips of these Resistance spears and blades are the aforementioned moujahideen of Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba of Iraq. HHN formed the Golan Liberation Brigade earlier this year and sent the cancerous Zionist entity into an uncontrollable freak-out. Like the dreams of our people but the worst fears of our tormentors come to fruition, a solid and efficient Mouqawamist infrastructure now exists in Al-Jaulan and it is only a matter of time–not if, but when–the war of liberation begins.

This inevitable battle also puts a gigantic damper on ‘Israeli’ ambitions for Golani black gold. Yes, there are billions of barrels of crude oil buried in Al-Jaulan and the Jewish terrorists want to get their hands on every drop of it. Exploratory drilling has already begun and it’s being led by a shadowy and extra-devilish company known as Genie Energy, led by Chabadnik-linked, hardcore-Zionist Jew Howard Jonas.  His deputies include ‘Israeli’ settlers Avi Goldin, Michael Stein and Geoffrey Rochwarger. The chief of his ‘Israeli’ division is Effie Eitam, an illegal Golan Heights colonizer, Jewish extremist and Shayetet 13 commando. Sitting on Genie Energy’s board are Jacob Rothschild, Cerberus Investments bigwig and war criminal Michael Steinhardt, Goldman Sachs financial terrorist Lawrence Summers, Rupert Murdoch, James Woolsey and Dick Cheney–the putrid  cream of the rotten crop of Jewish-Zionist globe-holders and their Shabbos Goyim. Rochwarger says “energy independence” (read: energy theft) is the “new Zionism”. Same as the “old” Zionism, really. Efforts in Syria’s Golan are to be fused with ongoing ‘Israeli’ operations to steal Gaza’s gas and jack Lebanon’s massive energy reserves too–which Hizbullah has already warned the Zio-Tumor to back off of. Thus, ANY resistance to this ‘Israeli’ scheme — let alone the Mouqawamist stratagem to retake the whole of the Jaulan — will CRIPPLE the Entity monetarily.

So on this 50th Naksa Day, as we pray for the total freedom of every inch of Al-Quds and the West Bank, not to mention all of occupied Falasteen, and as we continue to strive for the complete dismantlement of ‘Israel’ and the removal of every last Jewish land-thief, let us not forget Syria’s occupied Golan Heights. And let us never, EVER lose hope that it will be liberated and liberated SOON at that. For Souri-Jaulani political prisoners like Sedki al-Maket, Amal Abou Saleh and Bashira Mahmoud, who have all exposed the Jewish terrorists’ working military relationship with Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS. For all of the villagers who have stayed on their lands in spite of the expansionist aggressions. For all of the moujahideen who have taken up arms and ready for martyrdom in the face of this shaytanic enemy. And for all of the martyrs. Mouqawamists the world over are with you. With our hearts, our souls, our writings, our rhymes, our art, our du’a and if need be… Our blood. FREE THE GOLAN HEIGHTS! THE SYRIAN REFUGEES WILL HAVE THEIR RIGHT OF RETURN! DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL’! The struggle won’t rest let alone end until you have your Hizbullah moment and know the nectar-like taste of victory! #‎Naksa50 ‪#‎NextYearInAlJaulan‬

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