Modi and Hindutva Want To Repeal Article 35A And Start Ethnic-Communal Cleansing In Occupied Kashmir

by Jonathan Azaziah

Modi the Murderer has really done it this time. He’s on a mission to get Article 35A of the Indian Constitution – which empowers Kashmir to define who is and isn’t a permanent resident and also provides special rights and privileges to those permanent residents – repealed. Of all his crimes, aggressions and acts of corruption, this very well might be the very worst of them as what will come next if the revocation goes through is a truly and immensely horrifying thought. Since the Babri Masjid was demolished by VHP, BJP and RSS fanatics with RAW and Mossad assistance on December 6th, 1992, Hindutva-pushing extremists across the Indian state have been gaining more and more influence. The kar sevaks of Hindutva have long sought to establish Hindu settlements on the banks of the Indus River and push Muslims and other non-Hindus out wherever they find them. The Hindu supremacists within the Indian Army have two strategic doctrines – Cold Start and Kurukshetra – centered around implementing ethnic-communal cleansing in Kashmir. All of Kashmir. Not just that which is Indian-occupied but Azad Kashmir in Pakistan too. And with Modi the Mongrel at the helm now, this Hindutvadi “activism” has peaked as it has taken the highest office in the land.

Ever since the Butcher of Gujarat became PM in fact, he has openly aligned himself with these elements, expressed his ideological solidarity with them and championed their causes. BJP front group We the Citizens got the ball rolling with its legal challenge of 35A in 2014 in the middle of Modi-hysteria. Following Zion’s favorite Indian attaining the premiership, one of the first things his regime announced it was going to do was build Hindu “townships” (read: colonies) in occupied Kashmir for Hindu migrants–this sparked Kashmiri Resistance leaders going on hunger strike and a wave of protesters and young stone-pelters getting arrested by the brutal Indian occupation army. In the summer of ’16, the Hindutvadi usurpers carried out a massacre of Kashmiri innocents throughout the Vale in hopes of provoking a reaction that would justify this settlement plan getting enacted. Kashmiris didn’t give the Modi the satisfaction though and tensions calmed. But by February ’17, the plan was back on the table as the Modi-aligned state legislative assembly unanimously passed a resolution to return Hindus who had migrated. It wasn’t just Sunni, Shi’a and Sufi Muslims protesting this time either but the Jammu-Srinagar Diocese which spoke out loudly and proudly against the scheme. This isn’t paranoia. It’s not heightened fear. The threat of 35A’s repealment coupled with ‘Israeli’-style Hindu outposts is as real as the sun that’s shining.

Any further movement on Article 35A has been delayed until August 27th. A massive shutdown observed by 100,000+ Kashmiris over the last 24 hours put pressure on all relevant legal bodies to contemplate the matter further. Not to be considered a victory but rather just a temporary reprieve. No doubt that this isn’t the first time Article 35A has been challenged in the Supreme Court. 1956, 1961 and 1970 all saw challenges and each of them went down in flames. But the Hindutvadis aren’t the fringe anymore. They’re the majority. They’re “society”. They’re the media. They’re the GOVERNMENT. And if Modi’s proven anything in his time as India’s commander-in-chief, it’s that he is ready, willing and able to give his cow-urine-guzzling, Muslim-hating, Hindu supremacist constituents exactly what they want. Just as we categorically reject any Zionist presence in Palestine, we must categorically reject Hindu settlements in occupied Kashmir. We must also demand that the 800,000 Indian troops occupying the Vale be kicked out immediately. Raise your voice in support of upholding Article 35A. It’s a stance not just for Kashmir but everything that is good and decent in this world. May ALLAH (SWT) give patience and strength to the ever-steadfast Kashmiri people in this most trying time.

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