Meet The Pro-Syria Palestinians That Electronic “Intifada” Will Never Tell You About

by Jonathan Azaziah

The courageous pro-Syria Palestinians inside the Syrian Arab Republic as well as occupied Palestine itself have been all but excommunicated from mainstream “Palestine Solidarity Movement” discourse. And truth be told, it is the apogee of sickening.

While Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek hideously act like they just witnessed a miracle and damn near cry tears of joy about Zionist Jew Bernie Sanders acknowledging Palestinians are human beings, as if this kibbutznik who defended the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and Zionist Al-Saud’s butchery of Yemenis will somehow bring forth an earth-shattering change in American policy vis-a-vis Palestine–and as if our Palestinian brothers needed Zionist Jew Bernie Sanders’ comments as a solidification that they do indeed possess humanity–there are REAL Palestinian heroes fighting and dying on Syria’s battlefields as they wage a REAL struggle against Zionism and its Takfiri tools. And they absolutely have support inside their Sahyouni-occupied homeland.

Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek won’t write about these Palestinians however, nor have they written about them, nor will they ever write about them, because the very existence of these particular Palestinians contradicts the mainstream narrative that Electronic “Intifada”, Jewish supremacist Mondoweiss and their cohorts have attempted to ram down our throats about Syria from the start of this dark, barbaric conspiracy. That is, Palestinians are in lockstep with the NATO-Zionist “Syrian revolution”… Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a blatantly gross distortion of the proverbial facts on the ground and the following examples, ALL deliberately ignored by Electronic “Intifada” and the rest of its colonized constituents, prove just how large this coordinated distortion is:

~ Anwar Hadi, the spokesman of the PLO, who said from day one of the ungodly crisis in Yarmouk that the blame lies squarely at the feet of the Takfiri rebels, who entered the once-vibrant Syrian-Palestinian camp in massive numbers and committed massacres, chased out civilians and looted homes along with businesses. Electronic “Intifada” and company wrote numerous articles attacking the Syrian government for the humanitarian disaster, like Jabhat al-Nusra, the FSA and ISIS were/are mere daydream-constructs “the regime” and its “Shabiha” brought forth from thin air.

~ The Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), the Syrian Arab Army’s Palestinian branch, which has fought on numerous fronts throughout Syria and offered countless martyrs in the struggle against Daesh and its ideological counterparts.

~ Fatah al-Intifada, a Palestinian Resistance group which has been ultra-active in the ongoing fight to liberate Yarmouk. Many volunteers, like Tayseer Mousa and Waleed Suleiman, left their homes in the Damascus countryside city of Jaramana to defend their brethren. Portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah can be found all over their offices.

~ Liwa Al-Quds, the third most powerful Syrian military force after the Syrian Arab Army and the Hizbullah-trained NDF according to Al-Masdar News. Liwa Al-Quds has been a tremendously key part of the battle for the liberation of Aleppo, particularly the camps of Handarat and Nayrab.

~ The PFLP-GC, led by the indefatigable Ahmad Jibril and known for their strong support of the democratically elected government in Damascus, these warriors have also been fighting in multiple arenas, from the capital to Aleppo to Latakia and elsewhere. They played an important role in the historic liberation of the besieged Shi’a towns Nubl and Al-Zahra, showing that there is a united Syrian-Palestinian-Lebanese-Iraqi-Iranian, Sunni-Shi’a, Muslim-Christian front against the usurping Zionist regime’s Wahhabi vassals.

~ Hizbullah moujahid Ali Fawzi Taha ( Haydar al-Hajj Jawad) from Bourj el-Barajneh. Born to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother, Ali was martyred during the liberation of the strategic, ancient city of Al-Quryatayn. He participated in many victories across Syria, including game-changers like Al-Qusayr and Al-Qalamoun. Considering he was a member of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, the only Arab force to ever drive ‘Israel’ out from sovereign Arab lands, is it not significantly newsworthy that this hero had a Palestinian background?! If only he had been a BDS activist or an Amnesty International “researcher”, then Electronic “Intifada” would’ve assuredly profiled him.

~ Muhammad Rafeh, a beloved Palestinian-Syrian actor from the popular TV show Bab al-Hara and outspoken supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Muhammad had lost family members a year before in the Zionist entity’s massacre of protesters in the occupied Golan Heights on Naksa Day and was also known for his strong stance against the ‘Israeli’ enemy. The FSA kidnapped Muhammad and slaughtered him for standing with the Syrian government; very “revolutionary”, wouldn’t you say?

~ Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Palestine’s highest-ranking Orthodox Christian authority and a fiery, BLISTERING vocal backer of the Syrian Arab Republic. Not only has Theodosios of Sebastia spoken in no uncertain terms about the aggression against Syria being a Zionist plot, but he’s also defended Islam and the importance of Muslim-Christian unity in the face of Takfirism at length. The Archbishop is a true Arab hero and is undoubtedly on the path to sainthood.

~ Samer al-Issawi, Palestine’s most epic hunger striker (277 days) and a living legend in every sense of the phrase; the man’s will is of such an unbreakable nature that it will forever echo in history and forever haunt the Zionist enemy. Samer, whose fam goes way back with both the PFLP and the DFLP, supports the Syrian Arab Republic and stands firmly against the war on this sovereign nation. His steadfast anti-Imperialism only adds to his larger-than-life character. Yet, apart from PFLP and DFLP affiliated media, this fact remains largely unknown.

~ Palestinians across occupied Falasteen, not to mention Syrians throughout the Golan Heights, have protested in full support of the Syrian Arab Republic and Hizbullah on too many occasions to make mention of here. And we’re not talking about minuscule rallies but bright, rowdy, militant, BIG demonstrations with seas of Syrian Arab Republic flags waving and portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad standing tall. Not even one of these events was covered by “Palestine Solidarity Movement” mainstreamers.

The evidence presented here is only the tip of the iceberg. No doubt that some Palestinians, like some traitorous Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese, joined the destabilization scheme, but when we get down to the nitty gritty, like most Syrians, most of Syria’s Palestinian citizens back the Syrian Arab Republic, the only Arab nation that has given them a home, supported their righteous cause and treated them as equals. It is shameful beyond shameful that these truths and more were not only ignored but deceptively covered up by “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists to push a cookie-cutter propaganda line that meshed with the increasingly toothless nature of “solidarity” speak and praxis, not to mention the worldview of their Jewish and Khaleeji “colleagues”. To their credit, Electronic “Intifada” did drop a few pieces on ‘Israeli’ connections to Al-Qaeda, but these articles were released long after the Zionist-Takfiri alliance had been established and documented by pro-Syria sites, and, to add typical insult to injury, every last one of the posts included the Zionist-media-mandated condemnations of the baby-eating, puppy-killing, kitten-stomping “Assad regime”, thus rendering them worthless and disingenuous. Simply put, to defend Palestine today is to defend Syria and vice versa, for as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared years ago, the Syrian Arab Republic is the backbone of the Mouqawamah and only a fool or a traitor would sit idly by as his backbone is being broken. So what category do the “activists” of the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” fall under? Fools? Traitors? Or a lil’ bit of both?

Nevertheless, the above-discussed Palestinian groups and individuals who have safeguarded Syria and who are all heroes, should be saluted for their bravery, their anti-Zionist vision and their sacrifices. Let Ali Abunimah, Rania Khalek, Phil Weiss and such gatekeepers keep getting goo-goo-eyed over the fraudulent Zionist liar Bernie Sanders and other like-similar persons who are in fact devils out to hurt Palestine and preserve the ‘Israeli’ tumor. Just one more confirmation of their treachery that goes back to the launch of the US-Zionist PSYOP known as the “Arab Spring”. Again, let them do their dirt. We in the Resistance camp will continue telling the true story of our Palestinian brethren and keep standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them on both the military and political front lines, until all of Syria is purged of the Takfiri virus and every single centimeter of Palestine is cleansed of Zionist pollution. Insha’ALLAH. ‪#‎LongLiveSyria‬ ‪#‎Ta7yaFalasteen‬

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  1. Please have a little respect for all the effort it takes to find Palestinians able to pass through the filters of political acceptability.

    1. No, I will not respect anyone who betrays their own cause and sells out their own people to gain acceptance from their oppressors. Electronic “Intifada”, Mondoweiss and every major group of the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” betrayed Syria and threw it under the bus, thus making them complicit in this Zionist aggression, all for the sake of not offending mainstream media personalities they’re so desperate to impress as well as the Jews and Khaleejis that run with them and fund them. They deserve nothing but contempt.

      1. I totally agree, and these people are not only betraying Syria, but also betraying the Palestinians, as Syria has always been Palestine’s most loyal friend.

        Thanks in part to the editor of Electronic Intifada, I now have a handy checklist, or rather a seemingly inseparable group of characteristics: should any ostensibly pro-Palestine individual or organisation obsess about anti-antisemitism, I know they are also going to vilify ‘truthers’ or conspiracy theorists (covering everything from 9/11 to the Gouta sarin attack), and INEVITABLY they are going to support the illicit and immoral war on Syria and furthermore claim that most Palestinians support the ‘rebels’.

        This willingness by certain Palestine activists to adopt the NATO/Zionist narrative with such consistency must be discussed and exposed.

      2. Amen to Dr. Azaziah. This is not some academic exercise. Innocent people are dying, and those who are not being killed are forced to live a daily life of SHEER TERROR that inevitably ends with losing loved ones in the most horrific ways imaginable. The only reason there are people in this ‘movement’ who take a ‘tolerant’ positon towards those who bought into the lie that resisting Assad was cut from the same cloth as resisting the Israeli occupation is because they do not grasp how horrific the situation is. Were they on the ground, living in Syria, experiencing the terror and the loss, the only emotions they would muster with regards for Palestinian support for the uprising against Assad would be those of rage and betrayal.

      3. Dear Brother,
        Truth is still solitary, but our numbers are growing rapidly.
        I happen to share your positions and fully approve and agree with your brilliant articles and irrefragable comments.
        With highest regards, wa Salam

  2. it’s unfortunate the good information here – about palestinians who have supported syrian resistance – is undermined by subjective and semi-racist attacks on “zionist jew bernie sanders” and “jewish supremacist mondoweiss”.

    1. If you’re going to come into a forum where the mantra is “Liberate The Discourse”, you should most certainly check your sensibilities/sensitivities at the door. There is nothing “subjective” or “semi-racist” about my language. What kinda bullshit is this? Calling things as they are is “semi-racist” now?! Bernie Sanders, a deceiver and a hypocrite who was totally cool with the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and who backs the Saudis’ annihilation of Yemen, is an admitted Zionist kibbutznik and a Jew, thus making him a Zionist Jew. And Mondoweiss, via its despicable editor Philip Weiss, believes in the concept of Jewish supremacy/exceptionalism, thus making it Jewish supremacist Mondoweiss. These are the words of Mr. Weiss: “Jews are superior; for whatever reason Jewish culture is superior in areas of modern civilized achievement. In discussing My Jewish Problem on this blog, that’s a core Jewish value I would point to: Jewish exceptionalism. Belief in that idea underlies so much of Jewish social attitudes and achievement.” Disgusting. This is perfectly okay with you but my criticism of this ugliness is “semi-racist”? Get a grip.

      1. no need to get hostile (subjective).
        1) regarding bernie sanders, if he is as zionist as you claim, why is he being denounced by true zionists such as house foreign affairs cttee chair eliot engel?

        2) what is the source for your quotation from phil weiss? i looked and only found evidence which is the opposite of your accusation.

        the world is not black and white.

        1. As I claim? What kinda fantasy world do you live in? Bernie Sanders hysterically backed the Zionist slaughter of more than 2,200 Palestinians in Gaza during Operation Mighty Cliff (Hebrew name for the op), including more than 500 children. Watch for yourself: He also believes that ‘Israel’, the filthy, artificial, Arab-hating, Black-hating, cancerous tumor-thing, has a bullshit “right to exist” AND “right to defend itself against terror”. What terror? The Resistance in whatever form it may take of the Palestinian people? Get the hell outta here. He says he’s committed to the two-state solution which gives Palestinians 10% of their ancestral land and preserves the fake existence of the Zionist regime. He gleefully stayed on a hideous kibbutz in his youth. He says all options are on table against Iran and thinks the Islamic Republic should keep being sanctioned. He backs the Zionist-Saudi war on the anti-Zionist Yemeni people. And to top it all off, he thinks Hizbullah, the righteous, liberationist Lebanese Islamic Resistance, is a terrorist organization. If that’s not a Zionist, you tell me what is.

          As for the filthy anti-Gentile bigotry of Jewish supremacist Phil Weiss, it’s right here:

          And as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to Palestine, the world ABSOLUTELY is black and white. You stand with the Palestinian people and you support the removal of the virus in their land called ‘Israel’, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re no friend of our cause. Period. Point blank. End of story.

          1. i think your comments and style are unnecessarily hostile. you exaggerate the shortcomings of both sanders and weiss and ignore the positive that has been done by both. most of the public does not care whether sanders is jewish; it’s too bad you do. he is educating a lot of people around the economy, criticising ‘regime change’ foreign policy and saying the US should start considering the palestinian side. as for weiss, you take his quote out of context and reverse the meaning. the theme of the whole post (from ten years ago) was to critically question jewish presumptions.
            yes, there is need to discuss and criticize the widespread progressive failure to support the syrian government. throwing around attack labels is not persuasive and may be counterproductive.

          2. I’m not exaggerating the “shortcomings” of the Zionist liar Bernie Sanders at all. I’m merely highlighting the truth of his deplorable positions. You on the other hand are attempting to deflect the facts at hand. His criticisms of “regime change” are total bullshit because this devil VOTED for “regime change” in Libya, AND, has said that Bashar al-Assad is mainly responsible for the horrors in Syria and should be “phased out”, i.e. overthrown, which is, you guessed it, “REGIME CHANGE”. His hasbara is right here on his damn site: It seems that you and people like you ignore the evidence smacking you in the face because he’s a “socialist” and it’s in your “leftist” programming to back anything that appears as such. And as for Weiss, I’m not even remotely close to taking his comments out of context. He says Jews are superior, thus making him an admitted Jewish supremacist. I’m supposed to be okay with that? Fuck no. And on top of that, he’s ultra-Orwellian as he has blocked numerous Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs on his site for criticizing the idea that we are supposed to live in peace with the cancerous thing called ‘Israel’, including Palestinian poet Nahida Izzat. His objective is to preserve the Zionist entity in a one-state solution, not achieve real justice for the Palestinian people and our region. If you wanna heap praises on such subversives, go right ahead… But we at Mouqawamah Music ain’t buying his nonsense for a second.

          3. You have problem with this comment? That’s why this is a public issue: this elite has conducted itself at times in Jewish ways that deserve discussion. Specifically, the neoconservative promotion of a deluded disastrous war out of some degree of love for Israel, and the degree to which their agenda has been afforded political cover by the larger, liberal Jewish community—that is the heart of my interest. When you consider the overall failure of the Jewish intelligentsia and of Democratic politicians to even look at the way religious zealots on the West Bank are affecting American foreign policy, you have to ask, What does secular Judaism mean? Does it also have its faith-based ideologies? – See more at: Your anger gets in way of your good support for Syria. Really, it’s too much.

          4. Who are you to tell me my anger is “too much”? Seriously. Who are the hell are you? Our region is burning because of Takfiri terrorists that this Jewish supremacist asshole and his website have propagated for, writing too many articles to count which call what’s taking place in Syria a “feminist, democratic, moderate, secular, free, liberal, Marxist-Leninist, hippy revolution”. And we’re supposed to hold our tongue because he’s a Jew? As if Jews with despicable, deceptive politics are above criticism and anyone who does criticize them will be called “anti-Semitic”? Sorry lady, I don’t subscribe to this cowardly, atrocious line of thought. This devil who poses as our friend has banned several of my comrades and teachers from commenting on his site, PALESTINIANS, ARABS and MUSLIMS, people who actually have a stake in what happens in Palestine, unlike his Ashkenazi ass who is part of a growing number of Jews who want to control our discourse and transform it from one of liberation to one of “civil rights” so the occupying, thieving, usurping, raping, murdering Jews squatting on the land get to stay. I will give Weiss credit for one thing though: At least he admits his central interest is the Jewish community’s wealth and influence coming under scrutiny and threat because of ‘Israeli’ behavior and not Palestine. More than I can say for the rest of ’em. This however is antithetical to the goals of REAL, TRUE liberation for the Palestinian people and our region, as the concerns of the oppressors and their wealthy, seemingly more liberal counterparts in the West DO NOT transcend the grievances of those harmed by the Zionist enemy. No matter how much Jews want to insist that this isn’t the case.

        2. Try reading The Israel Lobby. Why would zionists attack Sanders if he is “basically” agreeing with them? Why don’t you ask Howard Dean, a hawkish pro-israeli politicians, who was furiously attacked by AIPAC and the lobby simply for saying that the U.S. should “have an evenhanded role in the israel/palestine conflict” despite his otherwise hawkish pro-israel stance. These zionists are knee-jerkers. They will latch onto and maul anyone who says ANYTHING that does not adhere to zio-jewish-supremacists rhetoric, regardless of who or what their stances are otherwise on the subject.

          Also, yes, Phil Weiss is a hypocrite.

    2. But Rick, isn’t it “semi-racist” of you to object to the identification “Jew/Jewish” and thus imply that it an inherent slur? Should an euphemism be used instead, say, Aleutian? Except when used in praise, d’you think?

    3. Why hide the truth? It’s only good for zionist scum to call the truth “subjective and semi-racist”. Shalom!

  3. Sometimes social media is a huge time suck. And sometimes it tells me about a guy named Azaziah who has no fucks to give. I’m ending this day on a high note.

  4. As I have said elsewhere, there are Palestine activists who support the war on Syria, and justify this by claiming that Palestinians oppose and are oppressed by the Syrian government. Thanks so much for providing so much useful information on the subject!

  5. At a recent forum on ‘Palestine in the media’ I attended, which featured Ali Abunimah as a speaker, the failure of these dedicated supporters of Palestine to understand the nature of the war on Syria was glaring. If I hadn’t asked the question it would have gone unmentioned – ‘what is your position on the war on Syria, as the Zionists give assistance to terrorist groups in the Golan and fight with Hezbollah, your natural ally?’
    The answer, including from Abunimah, was that ‘Assad, who has killed his own people, has to go’.
    While we may beat about the bush, it does seem that NO compromise is possible with the Zionist entity, and more than it is possible with Jaish al Islam or the Saudis or the Turks. And if you can’t win them over by being diplomatic and fair-minded, perhaps it’s time to ‘not give a fuck’…

      1. Great article, Barbara.
        “Abunimah interjected, declaring that it was not in his power to purge anyone.” [He lies like a rug: he launched a call to “give no quarter” to Gilad so it’s not for lack of trying]
        “These people were all bigots and white supremacists.. Abunimah was not going to debate with someone who supported racist bigots.”[He lies again. He CANOT debate. In an environment he controls he tries to shut people up. He made an ass of himself trying to berate “The Wandering Who” and only showed he hadn’t even read it.]

  6. I bet the “Palestinian” activists with all their hidden agendas acquired their social media skills from the same source that taught the “Syrian Revolution” rebels how to spread their propaganda

  7. Nancy Hammond ‘Your anger gets in way of …’

    The world is not angry enough about Palestine.

    Moderation, compromise and negotiation has achieved nothing for Palestine, just more anguish.

    People like Jonathan Azaziah and Nahida Izzat make it harder for the rest of us to continue compromising with truth, justice and the hard facts.

    Keep on being angry Jonathan.

    1. Sometimes I think, when I listen to Jonathan, that his great heart is going to explode he gets so worked up.

      And that, ladies and gents, would be a tragedy.

      Inside I am thinking, “calm breaths, Jonathan, calm breaths” while still sucking up his words irregardless.

  8. Philip Weiss is a Supremacist tribalist, he described what it means to be Jewish to him using the very unsettling words:

    “Tribalism“, “Jewish Self-interest“, “Us-ness“, “Distinction to them“, “Sense of Difference“, and an “Elite Identity”

    Philip Weiss also admitted that his anti-zionist stance is “concerned with a Jewish self-interest”. Then he elaborated: “A theory of political life based on altruism or concern for victims purely is doomed to fail.”

    Shamelessly, he writes: “We’re just smarter, that’s why“.

    1. Thank you for driving my point even further home with even more damning evidence Nahida. Sadly however, Mr. Sterling and Ms. Hammond seem perfectly fine with such expressions of Jewish supremacy. Beyond that, they actually seem to welcome it despicably enough and think we, as Arabs and Muslims (and you especially as a Palestinian), should welcome it too and be totally fine with this cancerous entity in the heart of our region like it’s benign and not aggressively expansionist. I assure you though, swap out “Jewish” for “white” and they’ll be barking as mad as a dog with rabies.

  9. I suppose you are not interested in reaching anyone who is not as radicalized and well informed as you are. Sadly, the way this piece is written, I cannot circulate it among those who really need to know the truth because instead of letting the truth stand on its own, you have specifically attacked those they are used to hearing from. You have closed their minds to the very truth that would undermine those sources who make you so angry. The truth about the Palestinians in Syria can stand on its own. Your insistence on a frontal attack on your enemies makes this article useless as an educational tool in any but the narrowest venue. You frustrate me.

    1. I couldn’t care less if I frustrate you “Judith Bello”, if I made you uncomfortable and question your beliefs or the way you’re doing things, then alhamdulillah, I did my job. And you’re DAMN RIGHT I specifically attacked the people I mentioned in the piece because they are NOT telling the truth, they’re obfuscating and outright covering the truth up! There are pro-Syria Palestinians across the board, why are Electronic “Intifada” and Jewish supremacist Mondoweiss (and don’t tell me it ain’t Jewish supremacist, the links to back up my assertion have been shared throughout this thread), who have infinitely more resources than myself and my team, not reporting on it? Should I not ask those questions? Should I just swallow the garbage they churn out about Syria and keep my mouth closed because if I open my yap, one of these fools might get offended? Hell no. Electronic “Intifada” and Mondoweiss aren’t Jonathan Azaziah’s enemies, they’re enemies of the Palestinian cause and they made themselves such when they signed on to the criminal conspiracy against Syria, not to mention their aggressive push to get all Arabs and Muslims to accept a “one state solution” where Palestinians (and every Arab and Muslim by extension) have to accept the occupying Zionists’ presence indefinitely. Instead of remaining neutral and seeing how things played out, they backed the fake “revolution” from jump street. Instead of accepting people who have the view of “Death To’Israel'”, i.e. the Algeria-Hizbullah option, they’ve made us out to be extremists who have no place in their kosher discourse. I’m simply calling them out for it. You don’t like it? Tough shit. I’m going to keep doing it until more and more people see their subversiveness and come over to the Mouqawamah Music way of thinking.

      1. Thank you MaddColdSonofKufa, Noor, nahida, Barbara McKenzie, Mark Glenn and Jonathan!

        The so-called friends of Palestine like Phillip Weiss, Rick Sterling, Ali Abunimah and Judith Bello et al make me sick. For the last, 40 years, they’ve infiltrated the movement to neutralise and divert. Instead of pushing for the uncompromising return of Palestinian lands, they want to steer it to protect the oppressor from hurt feelings.

        Fuck the lot of them if the truth is too sensitive for them to post on ‘pro-Palestinian sites.

        And please, Rick, wake up! What are the odds that a tiny minority group (and those who represent its interests) can dominate the entire political spectrum of the US (as well dozens of other country’s)?

        Let’s see: Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton (all Zionists); Trump (due to visit Israel after he’s been voted in)…

    2. I was fairly loosely involved in the local pro-Palestine movement for some years, before it withered away. I don’t know whether we ever had an official position on the future of Palestine but our main speaker always talked of ‘going back to the 1967 borders’. I myself used to bleat about the 1947 borders, having slightly more legitimacy. But they don’t actually have any legitimacy of course, and looking at the partition plan, anyone can see it was never intended to work, just be a staging post on the way to Greater Israel.

      I find it a great relief that I am now in contact with pro-Palestine activists who speak a language I understand, ie they are totally uncompromising when it comes to the specific rights of Palestinians, and the rights of all of us to question power, and to question the dominant discourse on issues such as 9/11 and the holocaust.

      I will continue to support activists such as Jonathan Azaziah as far as I possibly can.

    3. “radicalized”…. you drank deeply from the Kool Aid, it seems. You, as a superior intellect, can decide what “those who really need to know the truth” should read and what you should ‘herem’ …
      Oy, a “frontal attack” on enemies frustrates you.
      Are you embarrassable? Test yourself: re-read what you wrote and see if it makes you at least vaguely uncomfortable. If it does, there’s hope.

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    Can’t find a way to contact you outside this comments function. I wish to request permission to publish an edited version of your article with direct links to the original at My reasons for the editing are to convey as quickly as possible to the reader the info on Palestinian supporters of Syrian Gov. I have extracted an intro and a conclusion that assist this purpose I believe. I’m aiming at an Australian and international readership that need the basic facts re Palestine and Syria. You have my email address so please contact me via that. Regards, Sheila N

    1. Peace and blessings Sheila. Thank you for your comment. Not sure why you can’t find a way to contact me, my email is right here on the site but that’s neither here nor there really. No, you do not have my permission to edit my piece. Publish as is or don’t publish it at all. I didn’t write it to be edited or cut down, I wrote it to be read from A to Z so the overview is clear. This isn’t a massive piece, it’s barely a page and a half. There’s absolutely no reason to slice it up. So feel free to share it in its current form but only in its current form. Again, thank you for stopping by.

    1. You change the minds of people by being honest with them, not by mammy-coddling them and pussyfooting around the issue. You also speak to people according to their understanding and considering the harshness of what all of us are out here doing, brutal honesty is indeed the best policy… ESPECIALLY in the face of gatekeepers. I’m sorry to see that the concept of raw, unequivocal truth is lost on you.

  11. I resent your hostility towards EI, specifically Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek. They do not need to agree with you on Syria in order to be good Palestinians. These two have done a brilliant job in promoting Palestnian civil right in the media than anyone else of this generation.
    Your language could have been more engaging to allow sharing of opinions but your approach is identical to that of the Syrian mou3arada. This is the wrong way to influence public opinion and is precisely what Sayyed Hasan steers away from. There is much wisdom he has to offer.

    1. Like I’m supposed to shake with fear and change my truth-rooted opinion because you resent the fact I’m hostile. Damn right I’m hostile! Syria and Iraq are burning and these people are providing a political blanket for the Takfiri arsonists! And I didn’t say anyone needs to agree with me on anything to be “good Palestinians”. I’m simply pointing out a fact. Ali Abunimah, Rania Khalek and the entire Electronic “Intifada” squad have propagated against Syria from jump street and haven’t written even a single story depicting pro-Assad Palestinians. Not one. That’s not objectivity. That’s not neutrality. That’s slanted. That’s agenda-driven. That’s collaborationist. That’s DISGUSTING. And considering the amount of influence they have, we have every right to criticize them for their bullshit. And you’re comparing my “approach” to the filthy, Zionist-bought opposition? Seriously? You’re way off-base and way outta line sister. I am not blocking out opinions. Read all the comments on this thread, I’ve approved everything that is critical of my (factual) analysis. But not one of them, including yours, refutes my argument. All y’all are just madd aggy because your precious heroes are being torn down and exposed for the opposition-backing, NATO-covering, obfuscating Judeophiles they really are. Sounds like you need a realignment. And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, unlike the clowns at “Intifada”, has taken the right stance from the very beginning and hasn’t held his tongue for anyone, despite all the Saudi backlash that has been unleashed on Lebanon. I’m merely following that same unequivocally veracious path. You know what they say: Can’t stand the heat, get the hell outta the kitchen.

    2. Many of us resent your lack of hostility toward these anti-zionist zionists. Have you READ the article carefully?

      1. Probably not sister. All of these people seemingly grow illiterate right before our very eyes when we take their sacred cows out to slaughter. All of them become incapable of processing even a single intellectual thought when the Jews are exposed for their hideous supremacy and their shabbos goyim are exposed for carrying the water of that reprehensible exceptionalism. Replace Yahoud with “White” though and “shabbos goyim” with “imperialist stooges” and watch them agree with every single last word that we say… to the letter. S’all gravy though! Keep the hate comin’ and we’ll keep truckin’!

  12. Jonathon, pay the not-so-sophisticated hasbarats no mind. This is precisely how the discourse–and thus, by extension, the liberation itself–winds up in handcuffs. They set the rules for ‘free and open debate’ that excludes the most important topic that needs to be understood and discussed, which is the INHERENT AND UNDENIABLE leaven of supremacism of Judaic thought/behavior that functions as the fuel for the very fire against which these ‘liberationists’ claim to be fighting. In pushing forward the butchery of Communist Marxism, Lenin advocated a strategy of ‘2 steps forward, one step back’–the ‘one step back’ obviously in this case being the manner by which ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups are allowed to criticize Zionism, thus allowing for the venting of pent-up political rage while at the same time, making sure the discourse does not stray too far into problematic territories, similar in some respects to a crook who knows the cops are about to serve a search warrant on his house and therefore moves everything of an incriminating nature to another locale beforehand and then welcomes the cops with a friendly smile, saying ‘go ahead officers, search the place, you’ll see I am an innocent man’.

  13. I still think we all have common ground against the zionists. Although we may disagree on stuff ultimately we share the same other pro-Palestinian groups do

    1. Syria isn’t “stuff”, this is a struggle for existence and these people took the side of ‘Israel’, the American ZOG, the NATO ZOGs, the GCC, and the Takfiris. And no, we don’t even share common ground against the Zionists vis-a-vis Palestine. We want the usurping, occupying Jews to leave so Palestine can be TRULY free, whereas the Electronic “Intifada” crew wants the colonizing, land-stealing Jews to stay. It’s clear that we’re diametrically opposed on everything and after 5 years of “Arab Spring” madness with these clowns either remaining silent or whitewashing the crimes of the Zionist entity’s Takfiri Goy Golem, enough is enough and the gloves are off. If you act like shills, you’ll get called out like shills. If you act like comrades, I’ll unleash hell on your behalf against our common enemy. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    2. Blake, your comment makes no sense. Very early on EI etc declared war on activists like Jonathan and Gilad Atzmon. I’m sure you will be familiar with Abunimah’s campaign to ‘disavow’ Atzmon. (there have been many replies to this)

      Many of these ‘undesirables’ would once have been prepared to work with the EI crowd. I doubt that it would work now, given the huge differences regarding Palestine, their immoral support of the NATO line on Syria, and the adoption of the Zionist narrative when in comes to shutting down debate by crying antisemitism at the drop of a hat, and condemning those who search for historical truth.

  14. anger, hostility, aggression serving justice, truth ok by me.
    kick em, stomp em, make em bleed.

    the pc people serve to hide truth

  15. Asalam mu alaikum ,Brother Jonathan.

    May Allah be well pleased with you in your efforts against the Zio Devils.
    You carry with you true passion of the resistance.
    To be silent would be shamefull.
    The deaf cant hear abd the dumb cant speak.Allah has given you/us the right to speak out…the pulse,the truth the resistance.
    The nay say’ers are hench men of these devils pushing for destruction.We hear and see you very clearly.
    They plan but Allah is the best of planners.

  16. I came here following a link published by Ziad at . Congratulations Jonathan, MaddColdSonofKufa, Barbara and others of a similar mind and attitude. The rest, ….

  17. Respect as always to you Jonathan and to Mark of TUT
    I try daily to spread the Truth on Twitter, blaspheming all of the enemies with the Truth

  18. I think you are on the wrong side of history when you defended the most ruthless dictator of our time. Bashar Assad killed half a million Syrians and destroyed the entire country. Hizbollah is a terrorist, sectarian and an agent of the mullahs of Iran. Iran and Russia are occupying Syria today. Most Palestinians are with the Syrian revolution including the Palestinian-Syrians. Also, ISIS is not part of the Syrian revolution and it is an Assad product since 2004 when it was called Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
    Ali Abu Nimah is the best Palestinian on earth. Mondoweiss is the best Jewish organization in America today.
    You sound like a paid agent of Bashar Assad!

    1. I think you are on the wrong side of sanity bruv. You might wanna get yourself checked out… I believe the disease you have is called “mental colonization”. LOL, “most ruthless dictator of our time”, huh? Hahahahaha. Hilarious. Ever heard of the Shah? Or Efraín Ríos Montt? Or Al-Saud? Or Pinochet? Or America’s darling Saddam Hussein? Plus, Dr. Bashar al-Assad was elected in a landslide. Can’t be a dictator when you’re democratically chosen by, you know, YOUR OWN PEOPLE, now can you? “Killed half a million Syrians and destroyed the entire country”, huh? How can that be when more than half of the dead are from the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF? How can that be when the Takfiri rebels you shill for have been responsible for every major massacre blamed on the government by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media? Sorry, this hasbara has been stale since 2012. Syria was perfectly fine before the destabilization began over five years ago; the Wahhabi gangs backed by ‘Israel’, NATO and the Khaleejis destroyed Syria, not Assad. “Hizbullah is a terrorist, sectarian and an agent of the mullahs of Iran”, huh? Anyone who uses the phrase “mullahs of Iran” is taking their talking points from Zionist Jews. Period. And you think the liberators of Lebanon are terrorists, huh? Well, that Saudi-GCC position would go along with your Iranophobia. And “sectarian”? Nah man, that ain’t gon’ fly. Hizbullah has been the staunchest backer of the predominantly SUNNI Palestinian people and has given martyrs for the predominantly SUNNI Palestinian people and their cause since its inception and while it is indeed a Shi’a organization, as homogeneity protects the intellectual organization of the group–which is the case for any ideological organization, religious or otherwise–Hizbullah set up Saraya al-Mouqawamah to incorporate all the ethno-communal groups and sub-groups of Lebanon into a unified Resistance front. Get your facts straight. And no, most Palestinians are not with your bullshit “Syrian revolution”, hence the article above. And no, ISIS is not an Assad product, but a US-Zionist creation: And no, Ali Abunimah is not the best Palestinian on earth (talk about unhinged, huh?!). He’s a Judaized, colonized, Westoxified sellout who abandoned his own liberation so he can please some Jews in the MSM. And Mondoweiss? God help you if you’re down with those Jewish supremacist bigots. And lastly, I assure you, my totally brainwashed, utterly idiotic detractor, I’d rather be a paid agent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a “shabih” as you clowns like to refer to anyone who rejects Zioganda against Syria, then a paid agent of Al-Saud, the US State Dept and the ‘Israeli’ Foreign Ministry, which is EXACTLY what you sound like word for word. Take your filth back to one of the tyrants’ palaces in Jeddah or Riyadh where you belong.

    2. History has already proved you wrong. The resistance comprising majority-Sunni SAA, Syrian Alawi’s, Christians, Kurds and Palestinians, Iraqi Shia and Sunni, Lebanese and Iranian Shia and orthodox Russians proved you wrong.

      Either you are deluded fool or more likely a paid hasbara rat. May you rot in hell together with your fukus ‘christians’, wahabi ‘muslim’ and jewish bretheren.

      The conspiracy against Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya and the other resistance countries will never succeed.

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