Meet The Jewish-Zionist, Father-Daughter Coupmonger Duo Out To Destroy Venezuela: Ricardo and Joanna Hausmann

by Jonathan Azaziah

The media — in both the alternative and mainstream spheres — has been astir over the last month due to the New York Times allowing a “Venezuelan” woman named Joanna Hausmann to spew anti-Bolivarian regime change hasbara in a completely one-sided video story. The Sulzberger-owned, ever-Zionist “paper of record” failed to disclose the fact that Hausmann is the daughter of Ricardo Hausmann, economic advisor of coupmonger-in-chief Juan Guaido and the architect of the neoliberal shock therapy that ravaged Venezuela in the pre-Chavismo 1980s and 1990s. The producer of the vid, Adam Ellick, defended the omission, and Ricardo Hausmann accused his kid’s critics of sexism. An army of trolls popped up–suspicious in and of itself–to come to Joanna’s defense too. As of this moment, the hasbara-filled, YouTube-sanctioned rant, which calls Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a “brutal dictator” and blames the Bolivarian Republic’s economic woes on “socialism”, not a steady, two-decade campaign of Zio-Amreeki financial warfare, remains up.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual in the “Venezuelan” shadow coup regime propped up by the US and ‘Israel’ viler and more despicable than Ricardo Hausmann–a neoliberal fanatic through and through who derived his economic and political ideologies from Zionist Jew and godfather of neoliberalism, Milton Friedman. Hausmann is also the mentor of Leopoldo Lopez, who has been a fixture of the Trump ZOG’s assault on Chavismo from the opening days of its tenure in the (Blue-and-)White House. The “Latin American Friedman” wants Venezuela invaded Panama-style and then raided by the IMF. Because of this out-and-out pro-Zio-Imperialist stance, Maduro has referred to Hausmann as a “financial hitman” and an “academic hitman” because he uses his Cornell and Harvard degrees as covers for his regime-change-extremism. This persona was honed at a private uni in Caracas called the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA). Hausmann and his cohorts were referred to as “the IESA Boys” and paved the way for the IMF austerity package that–and we choose this word deliberately–RAPED the poor of Venezuela.

Now with Hausmann back at the forefront of Venezuelan politics as Guaido’s representative at the Inter-American Development Bank, the “pillaging of the poor” platform of the Chief IESA Boy is back too. His neoliberal monstrosities paved the way for what came to be known as “the Caracazo” in February 1989–a massive uprising on the streets of Caracas that resulted in massacres of protesters by the Venezuelan Armed Forces on the orders of huckster Carlos Andrés Pérez. El Comandante Hugo Chavez (rip), by the grace of God, didn’t partake in the military operations that led to the Caracazo because he had come down with a fever from the chickenpox. What was perpetrated in the name of neoliberalism horrified him beyond description and ultimately became, in his own words, the “catalyst” for the Bolivarian movement (“Hugo!: The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution” by Bart Jones, pages 122-126). An unintended consequence of Hausmann’s madness.

Hausmann would go on to serve in the Pérez regime as a Central Bank board member and Planning and Finance Minister from 1992 to 1993. Hausmann opened the doors for multinational corporations to pilfer Venezuela like fat kids with carte blanche in a potato chip factory and then bounced in 1994 before he could pay for his crimes by taking the chief economist position at Washington’s Inter-American Development Bank–the same place Guaido has installed him today.

It ain’t just Daddy Hausmann in on the anti-Bolivarian gravy train. It’s Mommy Hausmann too. Yes, Joanna’s mother, Ana Julia Jatar, was the executive director of Súmate, a US-backed putschist group founded by none other than Maria Corina Machado, a notorious coupmonger who once plotted to assassinate Nicolas Maduro. Súmate, for the record, took tens of thousands from the NED, a CIA front founded by Zionist Jew Allen Weinstein, and Jatar also worked as a Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue, bankrolled by Chevron, the CIA-linked Ford Foundation and USAID, which is overrun with Zionist intriguers and directly connected to subversive ‘Israeli’ group MASHAV. Also to be entered into the record is the haqq about Jatar’s father, Braulio Jatar Dotti, who quite literally wrote the book on eliminating armed revolutionaries who challenged the colonialist-enforced order of the state. Her brother, Braulio Jr., is a shady businessman and extortionist currently imprisoned for fraud. This is the gang of criminals, murderers, interventionists, vultures and neo-capitalists who swear they’re going to bring “freedom” and “democracy” to Venezuela. The gall of these duplicitous gusanos.

And then there is Joanna and the very basis for the title of this essay. In a revealing November 8th, 2015 Times of ‘Israel’ article entitled, “She’s a ‘Jewtina’ and proud of it”, the unfunny and totally repugnant Joanna Hausmann explains her German-Belgian-Ashkenazi stock and demands sympathy from Gentiledom over her grandparents [allegedly] surviving the Holofraud. She then attacks Fidel Castro (rip) and details her family’s academic “achievements” in an exhaustive diatribe. Then comes the Jewcy–we mean, juicy–stuff. She talks of her bat mitzvah and brags about how she read the “Torah” and haftarah before stating matter-of-factly, “I’m the only half-Jewish Hausmann, but I am the most Jewishly accomplished.” Predictably, she goes into a rant about El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s (rip) “anti-Semitism” and how Venezuela became unsafe for its Jews–who now operate as an open fifth column for ‘Israel’— because of the “authoritarian regime” with “no quality of life”. The kicker is the Jewtina regime changer waxing lyrical about visiting the Zio-Tumor twice and “how safe she felt” on stolen Palestinian land.

These bombshells about the Hausmanns’ true identity–i.e. Judaic and Zionist–put a whole new spin on their obsession with toppling Chavismo. Beyond the mere fact that this current unrest is being orchestrated by Zionist bigwigs like Netanyahu, Abrams, Mandelker, Bolton and Mnuchin, the war on Bolivarianism has been Zionist at the root from jump street. This could explain the aforementioned NYT producer Adam Ellick’s staunch and, frankly, odd defense of Hausmann in the face of such a blatant and unambiguous violation of journalistic ethics. It’s all about the Mishpucka, baby! Coreligionist and inter-tribal solidarity, BAY-BEE! Indeed, Ellick is also Jewish and, no less, an “ex”-member of the CFR. His career sheet reads like the very worst Zionist/Orientalist cliche and he was once accused by a Pakistani news anchor of being an American intelligence agent who participated in a terrorist attack on Pakistani civilians in Peshawar. Make of that what you will. But the Jewish-Zionist connection between Ellick and the Hausmanns can’t be denied.

As the IMF withholds $400 million in special drawing rights (SDRs) from the Venezuelan people, thanks to none other than Ricardo Hausmann who says the monies will only be made available when the Maduro government “ends”, we see that the economic assault on the House That Chavez Built isn’t going to halt soon. And knowing who is responsible for it in every aspect makes it all the more infuriating. Turn over a rock, look in a nook, dig in the dirt, peek around a corner, and you find the same gang again… And again… AND AGAIN. Zionist Jews. The Hausmanns are the latest edition to this world-spanning phenomenon. Stop letting them get away with murder. Stop letting them smear YOU as a “bigot” for simply pointing out the FACTS about who THEY are. If you want to defend Chavismo… Name the J. Then do it again… And again… AND AGAIN. Both the Barinas Bull (rip) and Maduro have called out the Pharisees. It’s only proper that we do the same. To hell with the Jewish-Zionist Hausmanns and to hell with their Jewish-Zionist lies. May the Bolivarian Revolution triumph over their conspiracy.

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