Meet Robert F.X. Sillerman: The “Chosenite” Parasite Who Owns Muhammad Ali’s Name

by Jonathan Azaziah

I thoroughly abhorred and was even more thoroughly infuriated by Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali (R.A.) getting eulogized in an internationally publicized sideshow by rabbis, a sickeningly unfunny Jewish comedian, a Mormon neocon and Imperialist-In-Chief Bill Clinton, and now I know the reason for my rage. But before I go any further, it has to be said that this is why I always say that “Jew” is a MUCH MORE applicable term for the globe-holders than “Zionist” and also why the “leftists”, no matter how much they whine like quims about “Nazi” this and “Hitler” that, “fascist” bla bla and “anti-Semite” bla bla bla, simply do not go far enough when they bitch and moan about the ever-nebulous White Supremacy. Humanity’s central problem is Jewish Supremacy, i.e. Jewish wealth, power and influence, over and above every secondary, subordinate power structure. And the following example demonstrates this point EXCEEDINGLY well. Enter Robert F.X. Sillerman. Creepy, pedophile-looking demon, ain’t he?

This filthy, parasitic, reprehensible maggot of an individual is the actual 80% owner–yes, you read that right, the OWNER–of Muhammad Ali’s (R.A.) name, image and likeness. Sillerman’s company, SFX Entertainment Inc., is responsible for producing that abomination with Rabbi Lerner, Billy Crystal, Orin Hatch, etc. and the entire point of it wasn’t to pay homage to the Champ of Champs but to raise the profile of Crystal, Sillerman’s client, and basically render Muhammad Ali (R.A.) into nothing more than a once-politically-active-though-now-docile celebrity instead of one of the greatest Black revolutionaries of all-time. And this is just the surface-level depravity and iniquity. As one looks further into Sillerman’s connections to the Jewish Power Configuration, one will find that he is the founder of the Sillerman Center for the Advancement Of Philantrophy at B’nai B’rith (Jewish Freemasonry) haven Brandeis University, where he is an alumnist. He’s also worked side-by-side for years with Haim Saban, Irwin Jacobs and Jeffrey Katzenberg in bankrolling the Democratic Party. So he’s not some random Yahoudling who happened to do some random shady thing , he’s one of The Monsters™ who strategically purchased Muhammad Ali’s (R.A.) name, image and likeness for a particularly demonic purpose.

Muhammad and Ali are, without a question, the two greatest names known to man, and when put together, they are the personification of perfection. So what exactly does it say that a Jew, and a globe-holding Jew at that, “OWNS” these two names and is exploiting them for his own nefarious purposes? Considering that the Jewish supremacists always think in transhistorical terms–from their overall portrayal of all “Goyim” who oppose their schemes, and Arab/Muslim “Goyim” especially, as Amalekites, to the Saudi-Zionist war on Yemen being nothing but an extension of their “vengeance” for the overthrow of the Jewish Himyarite Kingdom, to the 9/11 false flag attack, which ominously occurred on the Jewish “holiday” of Tisha B’av, being an extension of their “vengeance” for Rome (and what else is America but the New Rome?) destroying the “Second Temple”–taking control of the names Muhammad and Ali and casting dirt upon them are their way of “avenging” their ancestors who were defeated on the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) orders and at Imam Ali’s (A.S.) hands in the Battle of the Trench and the Battle of Khaybar. Instead of the name “Muhammad Ali” being utilized in financial terms by the Black and Muslim communities as a means of uplifting the downtrodden, it is being used by an “elite” Jew to fatten his pockets, make a mockery of Islam and further Organized Jewry’s agenda.

In the final analysis, Sillerman’s deviousness also represents the pinnacle of Jewish hatred of Blacks. It’s not Jonathan Azaziah’s “anti-Semitic” opinion that Jews hate Blacks and view them as subhuman. It’s a fact. In Judaism, as ordained by the Babylonian Talmud, Blacks are seen as eternally cursed through the channel known as “The Curse of Ham.” Though the curse originated in Chapter 9 of Genesis in the Bible, no racial identity was applied to Ham, son of the prophet Noah, and there was certainly no anti-Black prejudice. The racist origins of The Curse of Ham originated within the ‘wise’ rabbinic pages of the Talmud, which damned Blacks to an infinite existence of enslavement. Stated the rabbis, “Ham is told by his outraged father that, because you have abused me in the darkness of night, your children shall be born black and ugly; because you have twisted your head to cause me embarrassment, they shall have kinky hair and red eyes; because your lips jested at my expense theirs shall swell; and because you neglected my nakedness, they shall go naked.”

Moses Maimonides, Judaism’s most celebrated rabbinic ‘sage,’ has written that Blacks are “irrational animals” who are “below mankind but above monkeys.” Maimonides’ views are central to the overall Jewish view of Black people, as his name among Jews is an infallible and holy one. Talmudic rabbis have deepened The Curse of Ham over time, attributing bestiality as a regular engagement among Blacks, concocting depraved sexual fantasies of Ham fornicating with dogs and ravens and thus, having his skin damned with even more blackness for his perversion. See Michael A. Hoffman II’s “Judaism Discovered” and check the footnotes too for even more Judaic anti-Black lunacy. Oh, and “culturally” speaking–and I put “culturally” in inverted commas because Jewish culture is mostly a hodgepodge of various acts of thievery over the centuries–you can’t find an Ashkenazi Jew on Earth that hasn’t, at one point or another, called Black Folk “schvartzes”, the Yiddish word for “nigger”. The Mizrahim prefer the Hebrew term, “Kushi”.

Let’s see the “leftists” and “socialists”, who have have no damn problem railing all day and all night against the batshit-craziness of Takfiri-Wahhabism, call those who expose this devilry “Nazis”. Let’s see the “leftists” and “socialists” tell Black and Brown folks who speak out about suffering under the jackboots of Jewish slumlords and Jewish liquor store owners in the ghettos of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Baltimore, DC, Philly and it literally goes on forever, that they’re “anti-Semitic”. Let’s see the “leftists” and “socialists” call the Nation of Islam, which has done more to lift Black youth out of poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism and numerous other ills than any other Black organization on the planet, “fascist” for compiling mountains on top of mountains of indisputable evidence against the Yahoudlings and their genocidal treatment of the Black Race. Let’s f****** see it.

Jews dominated the Transatlantic Slave Trade, they ruined Marcus Garvey, they hijacked Jazz, they hijacked R&B/Soul, they hijacked the Civil Rights Movement–Malcolm X (R.A.) told y’all this in no uncertain terms but y’all ain’t listen nor did you really process what he wrote in his autobiography–they hijacked the Black Power Movement, they hijacked and destroyed Hip-Hop and now they’ve hijacked Muhammad Ali’s (R.A.) very name too. “White Man” ain’t do all that, Jews did. So no, I’m not going to condemn Robert F.X. Sillerman’s aggression against Muhammad Ali (R.A.) and Islam in general as a “White Man” crime just for the sake of placating a bunch of crypto-supremacist Jews who, in an utterly gargantuan display of hypocrisy, have ZERO interest in eradicating the wanton bigotry that beats in the blackened hearts of their “culture” and “religion”, but still want everyone to believe that they’re “progressive, anti-racist” activists.

What I’m going to do instead is call a Jew a Jew and condemn Robert F.X. Sillerman’s aggression against Muhammad Ali (R.A.) and Islam in general as a Jew Man crime that has been executed in line with what the Jew Man has been engaging in against the Black Man for centuries: religiously-sanctioned, culturally-approved oppression. Muhammad Ali (R.A.) feared not a thing but ALLAH (SWT) and spoke truth to power even when it threatened his livelihood. I’m simply following in the legend’s footsteps. Jews and “leftists” don’t like it? I couldn’t give anything even remotely close to the same UNIVERSE that f**** happen to exist in.

11 thoughts on “Meet Robert F.X. Sillerman: The “Chosenite” Parasite Who Owns Muhammad Ali’s Name”

  1. Woooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.
    This is why.
    You know, i wondered why the heck they would have a comedian speaking at a FUNERAL. I wondered if Crystal was great pals with Ali and most of us had just never heard it. I also wondered why that slob, Lerner, was speaking at Ali’s funeral, and had been told, “Ali left specific instructions regarding who would eulogize him.” Well, it seems he had signed a deal with the (literal) devil, probably at the time when he was forced out of the USA, because he refused to fight for these freaks when they wanted to steal Vietnam. Now it all comes into view. How despicable they are; every time I think they couldn’t get much worse, they prove me wrong.
    And this is why I’d never want to be famous… These jews do force those who wish fame upon themselves to do these deals; OFTEN (always, most likely.)
    Thanks for investigating this and posting the truth. Given Ali’s feelings about Palestine and Palestinians, I would never have thought he’d fallen prey to them, but he obviously did.
    How sad and how completely maddening!

  2. Btw; I have no problem calling a jew a jew when talking about them, or to them. Why others do have a problem with this is beyond me. It’s a very odd thing; why jews don’t like being called jews. Weird.

    1. They like it if being praised or if they need to condemn whites for something they don’t wanna be condemned along with.

    Humanity’s central problem is Jewish Supremacy, i.e. Jewish wealth, power and influence, over and above every secondary, subordinate power structure.

    Hear! Hear!

    BTW, my false-Christian relative was reading a “child’s story book” to her 2 year old daughter the other day. I had no idea that Billy Crystal wrote child’s story books. It scared me.

    When I pointed out to her that Billy Crystal is a Jew- she just shrugged he shoulders and said “so what?” I explained and she said that I was a “racist.” I said, “but I thought Jews were a religion,” then she asked for me to leave.

    The brain-washing is getting extremely intense- with the digital “telescreens” in the false-Christian churches, digitalmovie theater screens, digitalTV screens, the digital spi-Phone screens, etc. etc.

    You can really pack a lot of subliminal background imagery into digital displays (way more so than you ever could have with analogue) without anyone ever being able to prove it- it’s heavy stuff man…

    Jonathan, got a question for you my man…

    I’ve got a new neighbor (identifies as a “Christian”- false BTW, DNA-wise looks to be non-Jewish) that is totally freaked out about Muslims and the religion of Islam. I’m needing your help with this one- and I knew that you’d be the Man to go to on this one…

    My neighbor loaned me a book that he wished for me to read titled: Mohammed: Prophet of Doom by an author supposedly named Craig Winn. The title/cover alone raised my brow- if you know what I mean…

    After a quick glance at the inside jacket, my discernment (which amazes me cause it’s getting better and better from listening to intelligent guys like you) told me to find out if this author was a Jew or not- cause it sure had the look and feel of Jewry at work…

    I asked my neighbor (locally speaking- not religiously), “is this a Craig Winn character a Jew?” He acted somewhat confused- didn’t know the answer (apparently he didn’t see the relevancy). But he did however generously offer to buy me a copy (as a gift) if I liked the book.

    Got home and didn’t read one single page before first determining whether or not “Craig Winn” was a Jew, Crypto-Jew, or a Judeo-Masonic Freemason. Here’s what I have discovered thus far…

    I ran into a brick-wall (search engine wise) in my country!

    As far as I could ascertain, there was some Israeli-Jew living in the USA named “Daniel Greenfield” that used a cover name of “Craig Winn” when he would write anti-Islam “hit pieces” online. Here’s a small taste of that particular Jew’s filthy lies and false-propaganda…

    Daniel Greenfield (Jew) = Craig Winn (his pseudonym)

    Craig Winn (Israeli Jew born Daniel Greenfield)

    My question to you (Jonathan or Khanverse or Mark Dankof) is this:

    Is Craig Winn, the author of the book titled Mohammed: Prophet of Doom the same “Craig Winn” mentioned up above whose real name is “Daniel Greenfield”- an Israeli-born Jew?

    The search engines here have me totally confused in regards to this matter. It almost looks intentional. If you guys at MM aren’t sure- how about ask a few Jew-wise Brothers “in-the-know” about it- perhaps Dankof might even know something about this “Craig Winn” author not blogger in case they are two different physical personages.

    Any clarification on this topic would be greatly welcomed, and much appreciated. If the book author and the online blogger both turn out to be one and the same Jew boy- it sure would make a great Podcast! If so, perhaps you and Dankof? You two are great together!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hello, I became interested in your coment after reading the first paragraph about your family member kicking you out for being a “racist”, i.e. identifing Jews. I am constantly geting into arguments with a particular family member for the very same reason!!

      Anyway… I did a quick Google search of this Craig Winn character and read that his longest book is entitled “Yada Yahweh” Now, if such a title doesn’t scream Jewish authorship, I don’t know what does!

      Good luck with your Jew- brainwashed, exceedingly paranoid neighbor! Cheers!

      1. Oh, and one more thing… Google “Craig Winn”. You will find a YouTube video of a man (I’m assuming is Craig Winn) speaking about what he calls “Islam”. The video is entitled “Craig Winn Speaks About Islam For More Info Visit prophetofdoom net”. He is sitting in a room with the Israeli flag in the background. It was staged deliberately. Is there any question now? ??
        Peace 🙂


        Thank you for your reply.

        Please keep in mind that there are many men upon this huge Earth that just so happen to have the same exact name in life. Yes, such things do in fact happen. Especially if your name is “John Smith” LOL.

        Let us say that a woman is married to a man named “John Smith” (John Smith1) who writes books about Dolphins.

        Let us also say that there is also another “John Smith” (John Smith2), unmarried, who lives 500 kilometers away, that is completely unrelated by blood to her husband (John Smith1). The 2nd “John Smith” that lives 500 kilometers away just-so-happens to also love dolphins too (just like her husband), however he is not a book author- but he does however run a website about dolphins! How confusing!

        Many strangers might naturally assume that:
        John Smith1 (married) = John Smith2 (unmarried)

        When in fact that is not the case.

        John Smith1 is NOT the same man as John Smith2.

        They are two different physical personages, both with the same exact last names, who both write about dolphins- one writes paper books, the other writes on a website.


        Pseudonyms (“cover names”) though can create/add even more confusion…

        There is a man that goes by the name “Craig Winn” (Craig Winn1) that writes anti-Islam books. Craig Winn may, or may not, be a “cover name.”

        There is also an anti-Islam online blogger that goes by the name of “Craig Winn” (Craig Winn2). However “Craig Winn” is only a pseudonym (cover name). His secret real name is “Daniel Greenfield,” and he is a secret Israeli-born Jew. He “hides” behind the name of “Craig Winn” (Craig Winn2) while blogging online.

        This could of course simply be a coincidence– meaning there is no connection between the two men above, other than the fact that they both happen to dislike Islam, and like to publicly voice their opinions about it.

        Again, what I am trying to ascertain in my comment up above, is this…

        Does . . . .

        Craig Winn1 (book guy) = Craig Winn2/Daniel Greenfield (website/blogger guy) ?

        If the answer is yes, then . . . .

        Craig Winn1 (book author) = Jew, Daniel Greenfield


        My hands are tied here with these Jewish controlled Internet search engines!

        I sure wish we could get Jonathan, Dankof, or somebody like either of them, in on this quagmire/discussion! LOL

        They would make the perfect team to expose Winn (if in fact both Winns are the same man).


        This aught to help clarify a few things…

        The “Craig Winn” book that my “concerned” neighbor owns looks exactly like this book:

        Muhammad – Prophet of Doom : Islam’s Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad’s Own Words by Craig Winn

        ISBN: 0971448124 9780971448124

        It pops up underneath different titles and ISBN numbers in different countries- not sure why. Confusing.

        We will call that book’s author: Craig Winn1

        Here’s a debate about that book:

        And another debate about that book:

        Craig Winn2 operates this website (amongst many others):

        An Overview of “Craig Winn”:

        The overview above actually says the following:

        After the events of September 11th, [2001 Craig Winn1] began a research project with colleague Ken Power [Jewish?] to “uncover the roots of terrorism”. They visited 120 countries and interviewed members of al-Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Force 17, the Palestinian Authority, the Knesset, IDF, and US generals, as well as Israeli secret service agents in the Mossad and Shin Bet. The two published their findings in the novel “Tea With Terrorists.”

        But somehow they [Craig Winn1 and Ken Power] did not discover that the Jews did 9/11 in order to create a pretense for creating/expanding an un-
        American domestic spy organization/surveillance network throughout the USA, similar to the Jewish-Russian-Bolshevik Cheka Police/NKVD/KGB (to identify American/Christian patriots within the USA to be harassed/eventually killed) and to use the United State’s Government’s military might to help spread “Greater Israel” throughout the entire Middle East! ! !
        LOL LOL LOL

        Yeah, “that old chestnut”. . .

        I [Craig Winn1], along with a small but great team of people [“Good” Jews?], built a large and innovative retail company []. But the [“Good” Jewish?] founders turned the firm over to “professionals” [“Bad” Jews?] after taking it public in harmony with prevailing wisdom. They [“Bad” Jews] promptly ran it into the ground while lining their pockets [Hmmmmm]. To cover their crime, they blamed it on me [Craig Winn1].

        “Good Cop – Bad Cop” Technique?
        “Good Jew – Bad Jew” Technique?

        Poor “Victim”

        LOL LOL LOL

        Again, “that old chestnut” !

        Watch how Main Stream Media II (MSMII) “Managed Opposition” agents (most of which are Jew grovelling Fabian Socialists) then “play” the “role” of the “other side”…

        My [Journalist, Tim King’s] impression was that they [Craig Winn’s website and his employees/financial backers –] are powered by a couple of former Muslims who are now profiteering from their inside knowledge; a handful of Zionist Jews, and surely a few “Christians” who want to scare the hell out of people by filling them with information that their group has no business peddling.
           – Tim King, 6/19/2012

        Did you catch the mere “handful” of Zionists? LOL
        Minor role, Jews? What Jews? Where? LOL

        Oh yeah, gotta’ always blame those Christians.
        Did you get that? Yes Sir, Check – We blamed the Christians!

        All true Christians know what a “Good” Jew is.

        …And they quickly, and Righteously, Answer “The Call of the Sword.”

        Leila, you’re correct, Craig Winn1 has written a new book (2015) titled: Yada Yahweh

        Craig Winn1 Explains Why He Wrote Yada Yahweh:–setting-the-stage-for-genesis–part-1.mp3–setting-the-stage-for-genesis–part-2.mp3–setting-the-stage-for-genesis–part-3.mp3

        So basically, right after 9/11, Craig Winn1 (an alleged atheist by the way) releases his Muhammad – Prophet of Doom : Islam’s Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad’s Own Words book that essentially attempts to get Muslims to leave their faith. Oh yeah, and to get false-Christian “Zionists” to strongly dislike all followers of Islam (who then subsequently refused to leave their life-long faith) LOL.

        But it doesn’t just end there…

        Craig Winn1 goes on to write even more disinfo book garbage, such as his book An Introduction to God:

        Craig Winn1 then, in 2015, publishes his above mentioned book: Yada Yahweh, where he essentially then tries to walk it back even further from there- that is, he attempts to get any Muslims who may have converted over to Christianity (from his earlier books), along with all false-Christians, to leave their faith of Christianity! Further, he disinfos about Judaism a little and takes a few small pecks at the “phony version of Judaism” (Straw Man) that he has created all-along-the-way, in order to give it all some cover- so no one notices The Jew behind the curtain. You dig?

        Good. So what we have here is this: Now nobody is left sitting in the “Spiritual/Religious Boat” so to speak- but only Jews. And everybody else is out in the water being encircled by (all Jew-created) crypto-Jewish “Fundamentalist” Radicalized Kosher Sharks like: Wahhabis, Al Qaeda phantomists (created by the jew-controlled CIA to arm the Mujahideen rebels battling the Soviet Union for control of Afghanistan’s poppy fields- can we say Opium?), El-Kharij-ists, La Raza-ists, false-Christian Identity White Nationalists, Black Panthers, ISISers, the modern-day version KKKers, dazed and confused Rastafarians, the other miscellaneous colored jew-run Hebrew Roots Movement nut jobbers/”religious fanatic cooks,” blah blah blah… LOL LOL LOL

        It’s really not all that funny though, because…

        End Result?
        Death. Destruction.
        Destabilization everywhere– across the board.

        The Golden Triangle?
        Further in the hands of the Kabal.

        Who Benefits?
        The Jews.

        Note: Craig Winn2 / Greenfield might actually be a Jewish Collective- and not just one single person.

        One thing is for sure: both Craig Winn1 and Craig Winn2 characters are Royally hooked-up (both financially and socially via the jewish-controlled online social media networks) and are definitely taking the Fabian Socialist approach to the destruction of traditional America, traditional Europe, and the traditional Middle East…

        Leila, I cannot get in contact with this Gregbell77 character (see link below). He might just be a Hasbarat Troll honey-potting or slinging mud in the water (obfuscating)- but you never know. If not, perhaps he could contribute to this discussion:

        Gregbell77 4/17/2015 3:16:52 PM (Page 2 of 4)

        Other Interesting Links:

        Craig Winn Liar Exposed (ProphetOfDoom) Exposed 1 of 3

        Re: Exposing Craig Winn

        Debate: Craig Winn EXPOSED! Part 1 of 2

        Open Debate Challenge to Craig Winn1:

        Why is Craig Winn1’s book listed?

        Both Loonwatch and the American Muslim also claim that TROP [] “belongs to Daniel Greenfield”, a [n alleged Israeli-born Jewish] New York writer with whom I [Glen Roberts, supposed editor of TROP] have never knowingly communicated [with]. Neither of these two paragons of journalistic integrity [Loonwatch or The American Muslim (TAM)] are responding to inquiry [as of August 5th 2012], so I [Glen Roberts] cannot actually tell which one is making up the fiction for the other to [then] reference.

        Source of Quote Above:
        Responding to Loonwatch’s
        Attack on TROP

        Related Links:

        This article originally referred to the Religion of Peace [(TROP) web] site as belonging to Daniel Greenfield. That reference has been removed because only one source [who?] could be found for that information, and it could not be verified.

        Source of Quote Above:


        Loonwatch[.com]’s Danios, for example, wrote a book (The J Word: Jihad, Between Hype and Reality) which tells us that jihad really and truly is all about peace, love, and cuddles. He’s also written many articles defending all things Islamic. So why isn’t he [Danios] a Muslim? If he’s a revolutionary International Socialist, perhaps he’s doing what many Leftists are doing: attempting to “tap into the revolutionary potential of Muslims” (as the the UK’s Socialist Workers Party puts it). In addition, perhaps “the worse it is, the better it is” ([that was Jew] Leon Trotsky’s mantra) for revolutionaries in that the more violence and conflict Islam brings to the West (along with mass[ive] immigration), the more they [the judeo-socialists/communists] can make use of such “revolutionary situations” [as Trotsky put it] to further their own non-Islamic causes.

        …Actually, one Loonwatch[.com] writer, Danios, did appear to come clean about who he is [perhaps really was] when he wrote the following in 2010: “…. I [Danios] am currently a post-doctoral fellow at an Ivy League university and instructor at a state university. Coming out of the closet at the present time would pose some logistical problems for me, which is why I have chosen to do it at a later date. Does this answer your question, Spencer?”

        …Take Danios [of] again. He cites various examples of counter-jihad writers who use pseudonyms; as in the following: “Nonie Darwish and Nahid Hyde are the same person. ‘Sultan Knish’ is actually Daniel Greenfield. ‘Baron Bodissey’ of Gates of Vienna is actually Edward May. ‘Bonni’ of Bare Naked Islam is actually Bonni Benstock-Intall. Fjordman is actually Peder Jensen.”

        Source of Quote Above:

        Again, all I’m getting from web searches on my end is a circle of masked-jew garbage: a typical “OODA Loop.”



    What the Jews appear to be doing with Muhammad Ali…

    Your article above reminded me of a psychotic book titled Changing Images of Man published in 1982 by Pergamon Press and put out by the following staff of, and consultants to, The Center for the Study of Social Policy/SRI International:

    Joseph Cambell
    Duane Elgin
    Willis W. Harman, Project Supervisor, Co-editor
    Arthur Hastings,
    O. W. Markley, Project Director, Editor
    Floyd Matson
    Brendan O’Regan
    Leslie Schneider

    ISBN 0-08-024314-2 Hard cover
    ISBN 0-08-024313-4 Flexicover

    Wildly Judaic scary stuff man!

    You’re haulin’ Brother!

    Keep-on bustin’ gears, and keep
    C-R-U-S-H  Z-I-O-N  ! ! !
    on your mind!

    Dear MM,

    Speaking of “ownership of names” and the (comment above regarding) “Islamic Critic” Craig Winn possibly being a crypto-Jew originally being born Daniel Greenfield. . .

    Who is this “Mustafa / Mark A. Gabriel” book-author guy?

    Is Mark Gabriel a Jew, a Crypto-Jew, a Judeo-Masonic Freemason, a non-existent “Judeo-Paper-Maché LOL,” or just one really (and I mean really) careful dude?

    Is there anybody out there that may could help out with this most bodacious inquiry? . . .

    Real Name: Unknown

    Pseudonym #1: Mustafa [Egypt]
    Pseudonym #2: Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D. [USA]

    Comment Continued in Part2 Down Below. . .
    (original was apparently too long to post)

    Note to MM and to all readers of this comment:

    Figured out that it was not the fact that the length of the original comment (Part1 of which is up above) was too long, but that the comment had URL links in it like some of the other commenters’ replies up above, also there was issue with links that pointed to PHP file types, and Forward Slashes (/) in certain areas…

    Apparently, since I am new here, I am not allowed to include URL links inside my reply because I am not yet trusted etc.

    MM webmaster, the problem though is this: After the new commenter (like me) hits the green colored “Post Comment” button, he sees a blank screen (presumably issued by Jewish-controlled WordPress) that simply says quote:

    “Not Found: It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?”

    Such a vague/uninformative “warning/rejection” message does not inform the commenter of what is actually going on- that is, the commenter has no way of knowing how to go back and correct his comment in such a way that his comment will successfully be submitted on future attempts.

    This proves frustrating, as the “would-be” commenter then has to inefficiently go “back” and use multiple “trial and error” type scenarios to investigate for himself what might be causing the issue (for me, I first assumed that it was the length of my comment).

    In the end, this leaves the new commenter with a “negative feel” for the “quirky” website. Likewise, he does not know if it is intentional, or not- ex. Is he (or others similar to him) the only one being discriminated against, etc etc. You see how it could play out in the mind of different types of people- you get the drift. Point is…

    Commenters need to see a specific reason as to why their comment was refused- so they can then easily, and quickly, go “back” in order to correct whatever the problem was.

    Hope this “URL links (including PHP resources) Not Allowed for New Commenters” explanation will save others here from wasting a lot of time- like it did to me LOL…

    Oh yeah, in an effort to get around this URL link issue, I intentionally “broke” each URL link listed in my comment down below. What this means is this- the URL will not be underlined, nor will it be “lit up” in the color green like other (frequent/trusted) commenter’s links are here. Likewise, the link will be dead- inactive, so when you click on it, it will not take you anywhere…

    In order to visit any of the links in my comment below, you must unfortunately have to “highlight, copy, and then paste” each “dead link” into the “URL/address bar window” up above in your web browser. Then…

    Once you get the URL pasted up in the URL address bar window in your web browser, you will need to physically remove each part of the URL that says HTTPCOLON and retype over it http: For example, HTTPCOLON should always become http: See? (note: careful, sometimes in a few of the very long URL strings the HTTPCOLON part might be repeated again twice- so watch out for that).

    You will also have to use the same technique for FSLASH (forward slashes). Meaning, FSLASH should always become /

    Likewise, you will also have to use the same technique for DOTPHP. Meaning, DOTPHP should always become .php

    Then put/click your pointer/cursor at the very end of the link so that the cursor flashes there, and hit the “Enter” key, and your browser will take you there.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but remember- it’s not me, it’s either WordPress or MM’s policy for new commenters, or MM’s technical staff needs to hunt down the glitch…

    OK, here goes my original comment…

    Dear MM,

    Speaking of “ownership of names” and the (comment above regarding) “Islamic Critic” Craig Winn possibly being a crypto-Jew originally being born Daniel Greenfield. . .

    Who is this “Mustafa / Mark A. Gabriel” book-author guy?

    Is Mark Gabriel a Jew, a Crypto-Jew, a Judeo-Masonic Freemason, a non-existent “Judeo-Paper-Maché LOL,” or just one really (and I mean really) careful dude?

    Is there anybody out there that may could help out with this most bodacious inquiry? . . .

    Real Name: Unknown

    Pseudonym #1: Mustafa [Egypt]
    Pseudonym #2: Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D. [USA]



    Can any Egyptian Readers Here Confirm that the Man Interviewed Above (Mustafa / Mark A. Gabriel) is Real?

    Perhaps he and Alex Jones went to High School together over in Egypt LOL!

    Supposedly December 30th, 1957 in upper Egypt (Al Saeed)
    (date according to the unknown author)

    Supposedly a son named Andrew
    (again, according to the author- possibly more children or none)

    Sunni-Muslim Mother, Father, 6 Brothers, 1 Sister [all in Egypt]
    A Sunni-Muslim Uncle who was a member of the Egyptian Parliament in the early 1990s (again, per the author)


    Egyptian “Ghost Author” Mustafa aka Mark A. Gabriel (real name unknown) is a writer on Islamic affairs, who purportedly now lives in the USA under “religious asylum.” Supposedly, he was born, raised, and educated in Egypt- where he allegedly was a lecturer (professor?) of Islamic History at the Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

    According to Gabriel, His ( pen? ) name back then was “Mustafa.” His parents (wealthy owners of a clothing factory) as well as his six brothers and one sister, were all devout Sunni Muslims.

    Early fears by relatives that Mustafa would grow up as a Christian (because he had been nursed [breastfed] by a Christian woman) resulted in him being given a thorough Islamic education.

    Mustafa grew up immersed in Islamic culture and was sent to Al Azhar school at the age of six. By the time he was 12 years old, he had completely memorized the entire Qur’an!

    After supposedly graduating from Al-Azhar University with a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate degree in Islamic History and Culture in 1990, with a graduation thesis on The Reign of the Heir over the Islamic Kingdom in the Period of Ammaweya he was subsequently offered a position to be a lecturer at the University. During his Islamic research, which involved travel to Eastern and Western countries, he began to study the roots of Islam further and further. Mustafa, a supposedly gifted intellectual, gradually and quietly grew further away from Islam as his inquiries grew deeper and deeper- causing him, as one could possibly imagine, great spiritual/intellectual internal strife and turmoil.

    On hearing that Mustafa had “forsaken Islamic teachings,” the authorities of Al Azhar University expelled him from the school on December 17th 1991, and asked that he be released from the post of Imam in the mosque of Anas Ebn Malek in the city of Giza [Egypt].

    The Egyptian secret police ( ? ) then seized Mustafa and placed him in a cell without food and water for three days, after which he was tortured and interrogated for four more days before being transferred to the Khalifa prison in Cairo. He was eventually released a week later (without charge)- thanks to the intervention of his Muslim uncle, who was then a member of the Egyptian Parliament.

    Following those events, Mustafa lost his original faith in Allah and went to work as a Sales Director in his father’s factory. However, after a year of reflection on religious texts, discussions, study, and kindhearted/helpful guidance from a local Christian woman, he gave his Heart to Jesus Christ.

    On August 4th 1994, Mustafa’s father sent him to South Africa in order to establish trade connections for their family’s textile business. In Durban [South Africa], he met a Christian family from India with whom he stayed for three days and lived/experienced a Christian life for the first time. More on that topic:


    After returning to Cairo [Egypt], Mustafa quietly wore a Christian crucifix [cross necklace] (given to him by the South African Christian Indian family as a parting gift) around his neck for ten days before his father noticed it and demanded an explanation (Muslim men typically wear no jewelry).

    Mustafa explained: “I received Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour, and I pray for you and the rest of my family to also accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour.” Mustafa writes that his father collapsed (as one would with a sudden faint/heart attack after experiencing many shocking emotions all at once), but on recovering cried out to his other sons saying: “Your brother is a convert! I must kill him today!” Mustafa escaped [his father’s subsequent gunfire/bullets] and fled to his sister’s house. On August 28th 1994, he further fled/traveled through Northern Egypt, Libya, Chad and Cameroon, finally stopping in the Congo [Africa], where he was struck down by malaria. Following a “miraculous recovery from certain death,” Mustafa left the hospital five days later “to tell the people everywhere what Jesus did” for him in Africa.

    After the above incidences, Mustafa decided to change his name, because it was painful for him- it reminded him of his old life, family, etc to which he could no longer safely return/visit. Thus, he then took on the new name of “Mark Gabriel” which he supposedly still uses to this day (which also supposedly serves to make life safer for him).

    In addition to what he claims about his qualifications from Al-Azhar University, Mark Gabriel also claims to have a Doctorate degree in Christian Education and a Master’s Degree in World Religion from Florida Christian University in Orlando Florida USA (an unaccredited school).

    Gabriel describes himself as founder and president of Hope for the Nations, a “missions organization dedicated to bringing the Good News to the entire world, including Muslims.” Gabriel prays “for the entire world, including Muslims, to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

    Gabriel’s original website was run by Bradlee Sargent, an American-born computer programmer who “saw the vital need of evangelizing Muslims in 1983, when he lived in Saudi Arabia.” Sargent is a member of the Arabic Evangelical Church, organized by Syrian-born Christian Peter Shadid, which aims to guide the Muslims of Central Florida “away from the teachings of Mohammed and toward Christianity” :


    Mark Gabriel however is listed as the actual owner of the newest website which was established on July 24th 2006.

    The books published by Mark A. Gabriel are promoted by Stephen Strang’s Strang Communications. Strang believes that “Y’eshua is getting us ready for his return.” He believes that “Y’eshua is getting us ready, all of us, the Gentile [non-Jewish] church included, for the great influx of believers. Of Jewish people whose eyes are finally opened to their need for a Messiah”:


    Some critics, who are Muslim, believe that Mark Gabriel does not [or no longer] actually exist(s) and that a “body-double” is being used in his videos [this writer is also leaning toward that same conclusion].

    Among such skeptics are Basim Ghozlan [originally from Jordan], a former imam for the Islamic Association of Oslo [Norway] (Det islamske forbundet i Oslo) and editor of the Norwegian website: , who denounced Mark Gabriel and Gabriel’s 2003/2015 book: Islam and Terrorism:






    However Gabriel responded to Basim Ghozlan’s critique above (note: both the and the archived versions have since been expunged by Ghozlan and the Jew-controlled website), providing more facts and information, (to explain his side of the story better) here:


    –   –   –   –   –   –
    Other Critics: In the spring of 2006, Islam-scholar Oddbjørn Leirvik, of the University of Oslo in Norway, initiated a passionate campaign in the columns of Vårt Land (the largest Christian daily newspaper in Norway), aimed at discrediting Mark Gabriel as an authoritative source of knowledge on Islam. According to Leirvik, Mark Gabriel’s contention that something in the order of 4 million Egyptians were killed under the Arab, Muslim invasion, was inflated.
    –   –   –   –   –   –

    Note: Mustafa/Gabriel’s life story is retold with a number of alleged discrepancies (for example, that he was awarded a Doctorate degree by Al Azhar University in Cairo) and various alleged additions, including accounts of miraculous events, in his various books, such as: Islam and Terrorism; Islam and the Jews, and Jesus and Muhammad (see next).

    Speaking of Books…

    Dr. Mark A. Gabriel is now the author of many pamphlets and books- all of which are very critical (in a scholarly/respectful/tasteful way) of Islam. Some of his most popular works include, but are not limited to:

    The Falling of Islam (written under the name “Mustafa”)

    Beyond the Grave (written under the name “Mustafa”)
    (a comparative study of eternal life as taught by Islam and Christianity)

    Against the Tides in the Middle East ©1997
    (written under the name “Mustafa”)
    International Academic Centre for Muslim Evangelism in South Africa
    (Mustafa’s biography)

    Islam and Terrorism: What the Quran really teaches about Christianity, violence and the goals of the Islamic jihad ©2003 (Later Expanded/Updated in 2015)
    ISBN 0-88419-884-7

    Islam and the Jews: The Unfinished Battle ©2003
    ISBN 0-88419-956-8

    Jesus and Muhammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities ©2004
    ISBN 1-59185-291-9

    Journey into the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist ©2006
    ISBN 1-59185-713-9

    Culture Clash

    Coffee with the Prophet: 21st Century Conversations with Muhammad

    In the summer of 2004, David R. Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries conducted two television interviews with Mark Gabriel. In 2006 the two televised interviews were edited/combined together and Lamb & Lion Ministries produced a new DVD called The Mark Gabriel Story. The new DVD covers Mark Gabriel’s life and experiences and draws heavily on his 2003/2015 book: Islam and Terrorism:



    Anybody out there got any further info on this Mark A. Gabriel guy? I’m trying to ascertain if he is in fact real and not a Judeo-Masonic “straw man.” And if so, who or for what purpose?

    If so, please reply below. . .

    All scholarly replies/evidence welcomed.

    Please, no hearsay (unless properly contextualized).

    This dude intrigues me.


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