Medieval ‘Israeli’ Terrorism: Palestinian Mother Of 8 Aisha al-Rabi (R.A.) Stoned To Death By Hateful Jewish Settlers

by Jonathan Azaziah

In case you needed a reminder that ‘Israel’ is a scourge on humanity that should be dismantled and dropped in the dump of human history as quickly as possible, here’s the latest one: Aisha Muhammad Talal al-Rabi (R.A.), a 47-year old mother of 8 (6 sons and 2 daughters), was driving south of Nablus on her way home to Biddya in Salfit with her husband Yaqoub after visiting their married daughter to discuss their other daughter’s upcoming wedding, when she was viciously attacked by a bloodthirsty horde of Gentile-hating Jewish settlers. They repeatedly stoned the car until they smashed the windows. Yaqoub was hurt and teetered on losing consciousness. Aisha was severely wounded as she was struck in the forehead and the ear. She bled out in minutes. Aisha is now the second martyr from her family. Her brother Fawzat Mohammad Bolad was murdered on September 12th, 1999 by ‘Israeli’ occupation forces in Kharbatha just hours before his own wedding.

The usurping Zionist entity’s methods of slaughter have become so mechanized due to its massive arms industry that sometimes we lose sight of just how medievally barbaric it is (and has always been). It was only four years ago when Jewish terrorists abducted 16-year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, tortured him and then burnt him alive. In the Sabra and Shatilah as well as Deir Yassin massacres, pregnant Palestinian women had their babies cut out of them before they (and their infants) were executed. Then there is Dueima, where many of the more than 100 martyrs had their heads savagely beaten and caved in with sticks by the Haganah. Lest we forget the “break their bones” policy implemented by the accursed, genocidal war criminal Yitzhak Rabin (real name: Rubitzov) against stone-throwing Palestinian youth during the First Intifada. Remember Goyim, Palestinians who chuck stones to resist the monstrous occupation, butchery of their families and theft of their land are “terrorists”. But Jews who do the same are as spotless as the pure driven snow. Indeed, Aisha al-Rabi (R.A.) isn’t the first victim of ‘Israeli’ colonizer stoning.

Stoning Palestinians is common practice by Jewish colonialist thugs seen across the occupied West Bank. It happened just earlier this year in February, when a Palestinian man was hospitalized after being hit in the face by ‘Israeli’ stones. In Al-Bweireh and At-Touwani, Palestinian children are routinely pelted with rocks by the illegal Jewish squatters. Last October, two Palestinian children just 7 years old were in need of medical treatment after being stoned in Al-Khalil. Christian Peacemaker Teams have been violently assaulted with the same tactics–whether it’s because they’re Christians, and, Jewish settlers, as Judaism teaches, hate Jesus Christ (A.S.), or because they’re documenting Zionist criminality, or both. It’s also confirmed by the ‘Israeli’ occupation army itself that Palestinians are stoned to prevent them from treading on Jewish-only roads. Sometimes, the most extreme among the extremist Jewish settlers even stone IOF itself! Yet these ‘Israeli’ terrorists rarely get so much as a slap on the wrist. Why? Because in a Jewish “state”, what’s good for the Jew isn’t good for the Gentile. The Jew can do what he wants, regardless of how murderous, to the Gentile, especially when the Gentiles are “Amalekite” Palestinians, and get away with it. It’s Halakhic-Talmudic law. You dig?

While the Rabi family mourns, shattered beyond shattered over the loss of their matriarch, the wheels of the usurping Zionist entity’s machine of death–both “modern” and medieval–keep on spinning. No matter if it’s stones being used to slaughter Palestinians, high-tech weapons produced in ‘Israeli’ arms labs or US-provided warplanes, the illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime has one purpose: Murdering, tormenting and oppressing Arabs, be they Muslim, Christian or Druze, until felonious Judaic rule is accepted. We don’t say that the martyrdom of Aisha Muhammad Talal al-Rabi (R.A.) is a reminder of why ‘Israel’ needs to stop existing YESTERDAY for the sake of mere bombastic rhetoric. We say it because it is a matter of life and death. ‘Israel’ has no interest in peace, nor did it ever. Which is why there will be more and more Aishas until ‘Israel’ ceases to be. It’s simple mathematics. One Zio-Tumor plus millions of Palestinians and billions of Gentiles equals pain and suffering for everyone and everything but the malignant growth. So the Jewish “state” must go. Period. Rest in serenity Aisha. May your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren be blessed to live in a time in which your killers are brought to justice and the Holy Land of Palestine is liberated from the River to the Sea.

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