Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag

by Jonathan Azaziah

Shlomo is at it again, huh? Six-pointed-star marks the spot in Manchester!

As the White and European group of lemmings will reactively and idiotically blame Islam, the Brown and Muslim group of lemmings will pathetically and vomit-inducingly beg their oppressors and colonizers to stop being so mean and racist and use classic liberal meme-methodologies like “Muslims are people too”, or “Islam is peace and love”, or my personal favorite, “Muslim lives matter”. Like Western ZOGs and the imperial-enthuiast supporters of Western ZOGs give anything even remotely resembling a damn or a hoot about Muslims when they continue rampaging through our homelands and will undoubtedly use this particular event as yet another pretext to up the ante of that rampage. And as they go back-and-forth in this pointless game of Musical Chairs for “Goyim”, the aforementioned Shlomo lurks in the shadows, counting his shekels and cackling like the blood-drinking ghoul that he is because the “clash of civilizations” rolls onward like a Palestinian baby’s head in besieged Gaza decapitated by an ‘Israeli’ flechette bomb.

Meanwhile, both gatherings of foolish Gentiles completely miss the pattern that reveals the REAL culprit behind the Manchester carnage and all like-similar false flag attacks: the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad, which has been planning and executing these events with increased frequency since 9/11 due to the Yahoudling stratagem on the table to wage a 100-year war against Islam that will ultimately burn the West and the East to the ground. In this delusional, messianic Jewish supremacist scenario, ‘Israel’ will be all that’s left to pick up the pieces and transfer its hegemony from its current covert state to overt rule. And make no mistake, the ‘Israeli’ hand has indeed already been exposed in Manchester thanks to MEMRI and the arrogant troll-wench-creature Rita Katz. This “former” Mossadnik and IOF officer runs SITE (Search International Terrorist Entities) Intelligence Group, which has been the preeminent “source” for “Jihadi chatter” in mainstream media for well over a decade. MEMRI of course was founded by Zionist intelligence operatives and is the premier outlet for mistranslating Arabic, Farsi and Urdu excerpts to further World Jewry’s anti-Islam agenda. Both SITE and MEMRI have gone on record–before the blood of the Manchester victims has even dried, I might add–to say that ISIS supporters are celebrating the attack, thus linking “radical Islam” to the violence prior to any investigation even commencing and ensuring movement on the cycle mentioned above.

What happened to those kids in Manchester is a terrible tragedy. What happens to kids in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, occupied Afghanistan and Pakistan every single day because of the British ZOG is an even more terrible tragedy. And the MOST terrible tragedy of all is that both sides of the aisle don’t even see how they’re being manipulated to destroy each other by the Serpent Behind The Curtain. This must change. It must change now too. Because Shlomo, with his “chosenite” mindset and 500+ nukes sitting in the illegal Dimona facility on occupied land in Al-Naqab, must be stopped. The interlinked futures of both the Global South and the Global North depend on it.

4 thoughts on “Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag”

  1. Muslim nations, especially those in the ME, are a clear threat to Western civilization. With ruthless selfishness and indifference to the needs of others they insist on occupying some of the choicest pieces of real estate endowed with huge energy and other natural resources, also thwarting the tender millenary dream of achieving Greater Israel.
    By contrast, the Western world is very sensitive to the needs of others, particularly to those of the people who suffered like no others throughout history, a stain on humanity which the Western nations can never fully remove, only repent for. This is why they nobly place the needs of this special group of people above their own.
    Furthermore, the afore-mentioned long-suffering people also happen to be –although “happen” is not the right word when we are dealing with a divine decree — the best qualified to lead the world.
    At least that’s my informed opinion, which I acquired by reading wikipedia, a necessary and sufficient source of knowledge.

  2. yes this was a mostsad operation but most sad is the governments and populations of the west are oblivious to it.

  3. It goes back well before 911 by the way, look at the Kingt David Massacre in 1946, they dressed as Arab Muslims and blew up 91 UK soldiers. Maybe a coincidnce but why are they fixated with numbers like 22 and 9’s 1’s together? Kind David Hotel July 22, Norway July 22, Woolwich attack May 22, Brussels March 22,Munich July 22 London March 22, Manchester May 22

    anyway I am rambling now but it is bizarre!

    All countries and peoples need to quesztion like Cicero did –Who benefits from this carnage? Certainly not Muslims. I am Christian but I see what is going on here! Wake up world!

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