“Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)”, 3rd Single Off “Eternally Husseini”, Is Officially Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Syria is, as I once described it on a previous song, “The heaven on earth that every man imagines/Graveyard of empires, land of jasmine/Genesis of civilization and the patron of resistance/Hallowed ground of the ancients and the scriptures/More than just a state, it is the basis of existence/Mother of the East, Father of the West/To the martyr, it is the harnesser of breath and to the invader it is the harbinger of death/” In short, Syria is EVERYTHING. It is for this reason that I wrote “Long Live Syria” almost four years ago. Then, because of the hideous failure of so-called “Anti-Imperialists” to expose the Zionist-Saudi chemical weapons false flag in Eastern Ghouta in August 2013 for what it was, I wrote the infinitely more vicious and enraged follow-up, “Long Live Syria II (Stay Silent O’ Cowards)” – of which the aforementioned lyrics are taken from. And yet here we are, three years after that, and the Western-Zionist-GCC media’s propaganda war on Syria continues unabated, as does the complicity of many segments of the “activist” population, Muslims and non-Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs alike. This comes in spite of the fact that the Syrian Arab Republic has defended Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine and supported the resistance movements in the latter two with arms and blood.

So since Hip-Hop as a whole has failed to come to the aid of Syria, its beautiful people, its steadfast army, its non-submissive government and its righteous president–most especially those so-called “revolutionary” MCs from both sides of the aisle–even after the American ZOG’s horrific massacre of over 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Deir Ezzor, I decided to pen a third installment, “Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)”, a nod to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s famous description of Damascus as the “backbone” of the Resistance Axis. The joint is fast-paced, it’s furious and it is, if I do say so my damn self, ferociously FIRE! Iron Galaxy came through with absolute MURDER on the beat. Mohammad Hamza (founder of Intifada Street) brought the brilliance on the artwork. And your favorite Iraqi iconoclast went bananas on the lyrical front. Let it knock for Dimashq! Let it knock for Aleppo, where the conspiracy is being buried once and for all as we speak! Let it knock for Al-Foua’a and Kefraya! Let it knock for all of Syria and all our most resistant Syrian brethren! Long Live Syria, our backbone! #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon

“Long Live Syria III (Our Backbone)” Lyrics

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

Some may swear and call/for a moment of silence to remember the, 100 martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army massacred in cold blood by America, in Deir Ezzor/But I’d rather us scream with fearless force/So the Empire of Zion can hear us roar/ROAR! You can kill our men but you can’t kill our spirit/You can spill our friends but you can’t spill a lyric/You could put Cold in a casket/And from beyond the grave y’all know that, I would still flow with a hatchet/Foaming and blasting like Issam Zahreddine possessed my soul, and he’d only let me go if I put fifty holes in the rats quick/Stood against Operation Oranim 2.0 and we ripped out its Zionist throat and collapsed it/

HOOK (2x)
No matter the money and the arms that flow
No matter the terror neocons have sown
We won’t submit in the combat zone
Long Live Syria, Our Backbone

Sayyed Abou Hadi said the most phenomenal and the most precise rockets of the Resistance came from Syria/It was the baddest tech from Damascus, that sent the settlers running into their shelters, hence why they inflicted pain on Syria/And since the ‘Israeli’ tumor cannot be sustained in any age or future, these parasitic nitwits aimed for Syria/But they were too arrogant to see, that the people of Bilad al-Sham weren’t cowering and bowing to the Heeb, so the Yidling scheme got clipped and slain and Syria/No “regime change” and there ain’t no break in the links of our family/We’re still all together and we’re strong as ever and we’re draped in the Armor of God, no kinks or chinks in our panoply/


Even in the midst of sanctions and invasion/Syrian bullets and missiles ain’t stop heading to the Gaza Mouqawamah and it’s this that the Jews were banking on degrading/But instead those beauties brethren, I’m talking ‘bout those Souri weapons, left IOF creeps in heaps, their planes maimed and tanks eviscerated/Mossad murdered General Muhammad Suleiman (R.A.) and now he is ranking with the ancients/S.A.A. gave its soul to make Palestine free/While the “rebels” sold their souls to the devils to make Palestine bleed/Six-pointed stars on their domes expose what this muck clearly is, I’m sparking a reprisal/If you dare call ‘em moderates, I will punch you in your esophagus, Takfiri pigs be Takfiri pigs regardless of their titles/


From Iraq with love, I salute you Sham/Struggle and fight are the same, us and you, what we share is a crucial bond/Kazimiyeh to Sadr City to Dimashq, our hearts are catching fire/ Najaf to Karbala, Samarra to Mosul, over to Homs we are your testifiers/Kufa to Halab, Al-Jaulan to Daraa and blessed Darayya/Basra and Fallujah be hard, though we keep singing these eulogy songs, but ain’t nobody mo’ steadfast than the people of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya/Hellishness of siege don’t break ‘em, starvation, shelling and disease don’t take ‘em, we’re in awe and yes, inspired/When the US ZOR annihilated our nation/Sending families running, it was you who gave us a haven/And now since you need the aiding and saving/We will wage liberation until our blood runs dry and we meet the One Who Does All The Making and Shaping/This ain’t Game of Thrones but Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, is the real Castle Black/Cannot stand up and walk on the path of freedom, if Our Backbone’s cracked/


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