Like Obama Before Him, Trump Is Now Bathing In The Blood Of The Zakzaky Family

by Jonathan Azaziah

Obama was smooth. A soothsayer on steroids. The sonnets of demagoguery that he spewed had large swathes of “the left” — including the so-called “radical” left — in an epizootic stupor. I say epizootic because Barack, or better still, BARUCH had liberals and their allies running around like animals with a brain malfunction. Well, a specific animal actually: The lemming. And off the cliff “the left” has gone and continues to go for Obama. Thankfully however, in the waning years of this deceiver’s reign as World Zionism’s Goy Golem, the voices of the underground began to make it to the surface and expose both the Obama-led and Obama-backed crimes. The devastation of Libya. The destabilization of Syria. The unleashing of (Mossad)Daesh on Iraq. The ‘Israeli’ massacres in Gaza. Saudi Arabia’s genocide in Yemen. The push to overthrow Bolivarianism across Latin America. The spying. The deportations. The psychotic militarization of the blue bacon (police). The crackdown on journalists and whistleblowers. But there is still one crime that never really made it out in the open although its barbarity is immense, multi-pronged and ongoing: The eliminationist scheme against Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and his Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

Zio-Baruch Obama presided over TWO massacres of IMN members and threw his weight behind each of the corrupt regimes which carried out the killings–that of Goodluck Jonathan and that of Muhammadu Buhari. Jonathan butchered the IMN on Al-Quds Day 2014–among the martyrs were three of Zakzaky’s sons, Mahmoud (18), Hameed (20) and Ahmad (22). And Buhari committed genocide against Nigeria’s Shi’a in the now-infamous Zaria Massacre of December 12th-14th, 2015–among those martyrs were three of Zakzaky’s other sons, Hammad (17), Ali (15) and Humaid (13). Sahyou-Baruch also POURED military advisors into Nigeria to oversee the growth of Boko Haram alongside the murderous Nigerian army and heaped praise on Buhari whenever he got the chance.

Now the Orange Oaf Donald Trump is picking up where Obama left off and doing it even bigger. Under the radar with very little coverage in alternative media and only a mention here and there from the Zionist-run mainstream media — which isn’t surprising by any means as it has covered up the Nigerian regime’s atrocities against the Zakzaky family from the start on orders from the illegitimate, serpentine entity occupying Palestine — the Tangerine Terrorist sold the “democratic” despot Muhammadu Buhari 12 Super Tucano A-29 light attack planes for a whopping $600 million. Trump has idiotically boasted that this will assist in the battle against ISIS and its affiliates, i.e. Boko Haram. But if you’ve listened to Sheikh Zakzaky and have done the kind of research that will soon be forbidden in the increasingly Judaized West, you would know that Boko Haram is not what it seems. As Yusuf Abdul Mateen said on “Silence On The Sheikh” off my record “Eternally Husseini”, “… No joke, it’s on/’cause the [Nigerian] government no different than Boko Haram/”

Indeed, It is one-part PSYOP, one-part ZOG auxiliary force, one-part Takfiri-Wahhabi gang of fanatics, one-part smokescreen for the Nigerian regime to crack down on its opposition and one-part pretext for the US and ‘Israel’ to invoke in perpetuity as a means of continuing imperial expansion in one of Africa’s most critical regions. Buhari, for his part, who has shown over the last three years in his newest stint as Nigerian head of state that he has no dignity whatsoever, licking the boots not only of the American ZOG but of ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia even more so, fawned over Trump so obscenely… Even after “Shitholegate” in which Nigerians were insulted in the most vulgar way possible–as if having their country ravaged by manufactured terrorism and subverted by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire wasn’t insulting enough by itself–it was like he couldn’t stop himself. Not the behavior of a leader. Not the actions of a Muslim. Just a traitor. From top to bottom.

By cementing this mega-sized arms deal with the Nigerian regime and promising additional like-similar transactions in the future, Trump is giving a white card to Buhari to do whatever the hell he wants in the name of “anti-terrorism”. Furthermore, considering the Nigerian ZOG has falsely accused Sheikh Zakzaky of everything from subversion to conspiracy, murder to terrorism, undermining the character of the state and numerous other baseless, Orwellian charges, it must certainly feel emboldened to oppress the Lion of Zaria and his partisans in even harsher ways because the American ZOG’s backing is clearly absolute. This threat is real. It may have been birthed on Baruch Uncle O’Toma’s watch, but like Yemen, the war on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the Zakzaky family is currently on Trump’s head. And if la samah ALLAH (God forbid) anything happens to the Sheikh, the responsibility will be the Mango Megalomaniac’s crime as much as it is Buhari’s, Saudi Arabia’s and the usurping Zionist entity’s. Every day in fact that the IMN leader wrongfully languishes in a dungeon, Trump sinks deeper and deeper into a pool of innocent blood. Pray for Zakzaky. Pray for his wife, Sayyeda Zeenat. Pray for Mouqawamist Shi’a of Nigeria and their allies. May all the plots against the African Khomeini fail and may all his enemies, from Washington to Abuja, Riyadh to “Tel Aviv”, fumble, tumble and crumble. Ameen.

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