Let’s Talk About The Poisonous Symbiosis Between Zionist-Spawned Islamophobia And Wahhabism

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the wake of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah being murdered by a Wahhabi fanatic for wishing his neighbors a Happy Easter in Glasgow, the time is long overdue to have a serious chat about the poisonous symbiosis between Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi-Takfirism and Islamophobia. Yes, it’s well-known that Zionist Jews are the originators, financiers and disseminators of hateful anti-Islamic discourse in the West. The names should be familiar: Nina Rosenwald, the Chernicks, Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes, Sheldon Adelson, Ba’at Yeor (lunatic witch who concocted the insane ‘Eurabia’ theory), Raphael Patai (demented bigot behind ‘The Arab Mind’), Seth Klarman and so on. But the hasbara of these Jewish supremacists cannot thrive without incidents occurring worldwide which reinforce and magnify anti-Muslim sentiments among brainwashed American, Canadian, Australian and European Gentiles. Enter the shaytanic House of Saud.

The monstrous tyrants occupying the Hijaz have spent an estimated $100 billion, yes you read that right, ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS over the last 30 years alone, spreading their perverted interpretation of Islam throughout Sunni communities across the globe. Yes, the Sunni community is being Wahhabiized right before our eyes. What we’re talking about here is Al-Saud’s never-ending stream of petro-cash converting thousands upon thousands of Sunni mosques, youth schools, universities and outreach centers into centers of anti-Shi’a, anti-Ahmadi, anti-Alawi, anti-Sufi and anti-Christian hatred and millions upon millions of young, impressionable Sunni Muslims getting indoctrinated with this toxicity. And it is toxified, brainwashed youths such as these who are RIPE for the Mossad, CIA and MI6 to recruit for their devilish false flag operations and PSYOPs; with their fanatical, cartoonish statements immediately picked up and “translated” of course by the likes of ‘Israeli’ spies Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group and Ben Venzke’s Intel Center to be broadcasted to the (Zionist-controlled) mainstream media, thus reinforcing Islamophobia at every turn and keeping the neocon “clash of civilizations” between the Islamic East and the Christian West going indefinitely.

Imagine, Sayyed Abdul Majid al-Houthi, Deputy Chief of the Association of Yemeni Ulema and one of Yemen’s most respected Zaydi Shi’a Muslim authorities, has said that the Saudi regime has spent tens of billions in just Yemen since the 1960s for the sole purpose of creating divisions among Yemenis. Now simply take this equation and multiply it on a global scale; it’s a game of geopolitical Ring-Around-The Rosie played day in and day out by the Zionist-Wahhabi Axis Of Malevolence. Saudi Arabia plants and triggers strife among Muslims, sowing the seeds of chaos, and the Zionists capitalize on it so their “War On Terror” continues to be relevant. This is how ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, et al exist. Al-Saud schools and funds the terrorists and then the Empire trains, arms and unleashes them on our homelands. This is THE problem facing the Ummah today and NOBODY wants to talk about it. Sunnis stay silent because they don’t want to upset their Sheikhs at the masjids who are on Al-Saud’s payroll. Shi’a and other “minority” schools of thought stay silent because they don’t want to upset the Sunnis. It’s cowardice. It’s madness. It’s DANGEROUS.

GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE! The Wahhabi-Takfiri disease is spreading like an aggressive cancer. Which brings us back to where we began: Ahmadi Muslim Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah. He was loved by everyone, Muslims and Christians alike. He was a good man with a big heart who gave countless amounts to charity and the poor. And if he could be STABBED TO DEATH in the streets of Glasgow, like anti-ISIS Sunnis were butchered in Fallujah and Deir Ezzor, like Alawis and Christians were massacred in Homs, like Shi’a are butchered daily with Takfiri suicide blasts in Iraq, like Ahmadis are killed and dehumanized daily in Pakistan, then this can happen to ANY ONE OF US AT ANYPLACE AND ANYTIME. All the man did was give felicitations to his neighbors on a day dedicated to Jesus Christ (A.S.), who, NEWSFLASH WAHHABI FILTH, is a Prophet of Islam and adored and venerated by all Muslims apart from you idiots apparently. There’s only one “Abrahamic” religion that hates ‘Isa (A.S.) enough to kill someone for an Easter greeting and it ain’t Islam, but Judaism… Check its Talmud, which raises the point of frightening similarity between Wahhabi-Takfiris and the “chosenites” but that is indeed another story. Bottom line is, the killing of Asad Shah shows how serious Al-Saud’s infiltration of our Sunni brothers and sisters’ spaces are; it shows how deviant, destructive and murderously violent towards Ahmadis and Shi’a especially, but all non-Wahhabis (including Sunnis!) generally, Al-Saud’s Wahhabi-Takfirism is.

In the final analysis, the question must be asked: If Asad Shah was murdered by a white British man, would the coverage among Muslim/“Anti-Imperialist”/“Anti-Zionist” “activists”, namely the “Palestine Solidarity” and CAIR types, be so lackadaisical? Not. Even. Close. If he had been killed by a cracker-ass cracker doped up on Islamophobia, the “Palestine Solidarity” and CAIR activists would rush to his aid and condemn the crime and run their mouths amuck about how Islamophobia is on the rise and “anti-racists” of the world must unite to stem the tide, blah, blah, blah. But as we’ve seen with the “Palestine Solidarity” and CAIR activists’ failure on Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and ISIS in general, nay, THEIR WILLFUL SILENCE AND COMPLICITY in the Zionist entity’s schemes and Takfiri ‘Goy’ Golem’s crimes, they’re not interested in actually solving the issue of Islamophobia.

Just like they’re not interesting in solving the issue of Zionism, i.e. death and nothing but death to the ‘Israeli’ entity and the removal of its settler population. Because to combat Islamophobia, you must cut out the heart pumping blood to the rest of the beastly body, and that blackened, demonic heart is Al-Saud. And if the “Palestine Solidarity” and CAIR activists, who have been thoroughly Judaized and co-opted to the point that they spout as much victimhood nonsense as the Zionist occupiers do, attempt to fight Al-Saud and its Wahhabi marionettes in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, well… let’s just say the funding of their toothless little BDS activities might just dry up. Al-Saud and its Wahhabi venom don’t represent Islam in the slightest and nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, Muslim or non-Muslim, should be apprehensive about being called “Islamophobic” for slamming these filthy despots and their filthy ideology. This is a tactic used to silence Saudi Arabia’s enemies that reeks of ADL influence.

Concluding, it is clear that to fight and ultimately defeat Islamophobia, a three-pronged approach is needed: Expose the Zionist Jews funding it, expose the Saudi regime all day, everyday for exporting it and purge it from all Islamic spaces–this task is on our Sunni brothers first and foremost as it is their community which is being infected–and call out the two-faced hypocrites in the “Palestine Solidarity” and CAIR circles who refuse to condemn, point out or even admit that a symbiosis exists between Wahhabi-Takfirism and Islamophobia. This, THE TRUTH, and only this, will lead to justice for Asad Shah and all the victims of Al-Saud across the globe, from Nicaragua to occupied Palestine, Lebanon to Syria, Iraq to Bahrain, Iran to Pakistan, Afghanistan to Indonesia and all the way back to beloved, heroic Yemen, devastated Libya, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s Nigeria and beyond. ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬ ‪#‎DeathToIsrael‬ ‪#‎RIPAsadShah‬ ‪#‎StopWahhabiTakfiriTerror‬

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Poisonous Symbiosis Between Zionist-Spawned Islamophobia And Wahhabism”

    1. Good, very good article, but you forget the money of Qatar, the permissively of Turkia to pase all Wahabies coming from another countries, and the worst think is the BAN OF US to attack ISIS in some regions in Iraq and Syria.

      1. Thank you for reading my brother and the best of blessings to you. For the record, I didn’t “forget” Qatar, nor the Neo-Ottoman nutjobs in Turkey. I simply didn’t mention them because they are afterthoughts and their involvement in the GLOBAL spreading of Takfiri-Wahhabism, despite their deep, deep roles in the horrible conspiracy against Syria, is minuscule compared to that of Al-Saud. Zionist Al-Saud is the source of this poison, the biggest manufacturer of this poison, the roots of this poison and the founder of this poison. Hence why my piece was solely directed at the tyrants in Riyadh.

    2. This article is a lot a bull and lack substance. The killer admitted himself and I quote what he said ” Ahmed is accused of killing Asad, 40, outside his shop in Shawlands, Glasgow, on March 24.
      Hours earlier, the Muslim shopkeeper had posted a Facebook message wishing all Christians a Happy Easter.
      Tanveer Ahmed sat at a bus stop on the night Asad was killed
      But Ahmed said his actions had nothing to do with Christianity – and claimed he acted to avoid more bloodshed.
      The statement, read by lawyer John Rafferty, said: “This all happened for one reason and no other issues and no other intentions.
      “It is mentioned in the Quran that there is no doubt in this book no one has the right to disrespect the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And no one has the right to disrespect the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, Peace be upon him.
      “If I had not done this, others would and there would have been more killing and violence in the world.
      “I wish to make it clear that the incident was nothing at all to do with Christianity or any other religious beliefs. Even although I am a follower of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, I also love and respect Jesus Christ.”
      The statement added: “1,400 years ago, the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, peace be upon him, has clearly said: ‘I am the final messenger of Allah. There is no more prophets or messengers from God, Allah, after me.
      outside his shop
      “‘I am leaving you the final Quran. There is no changes. It is the final book of Allah and this is the final completion of Islam.
      “‘There is no more changes to it and no one has the right to claim to be a Prophet or to change the Quran or change Islam.’”
      A lot is said in this article without any real proof . Example the article link Judaism to the killer just by the hatred Jews has for Jesus (AS ). and I quote from article above. ” There’s only one “Abrahamic” religion that hates ‘Isa (A.S.) enough to kill someone for an Easter greeting and it ain’t Islam, but Judaism… ” I mean seriously. So any Muslim or other that killed a person for that reason cant just be a mad messed up muslim . He has to link this person to Judiasim with this kind of thinking / thought . This article is not worth anything.

      1. LMAO. The killer didn’t “admit” anything… he was merely covering his tracks and attempting to make himself look pseudo-rational instead of the demented, bigoted, sectarian, Wahhabi-Takfiri psychopath that he is. He most certainly DID kill Asad Shah because he was Ahmadi and he most certainly DID kill Asad Shah because of the man’s felicitations to his Christian brothers on one of their holiest days because such hatred is ingrained in Wahhabi thought. What he said after the fact is irrelevant. And yes, you absolutely have that correct. Any Wahhabi who would kill a Christian is in fact following an ideology which is rooted in Judaism. Such actions have absolutely, positively nothing to do Islam. And if you have to actually be told that, you need to get right with God and your Deen. You need proof about Jews hating Christ (A.S.)? No problem: http://mouqawamahmusic.net/a-lesson-for-pope-francis-false-flag-flop-in-italy-and-judaic-hatred-of-christians/ You need links about Wahhabi-Takfirism being crypto-Judaism? No problem: http://mouqawamahmusic.net/the-takfiri-goy-golem-isis-jabhat-al-nusra-their-israeli-masters-and-the-repackaged-zionist-war-on-islam/ And again, no problem: http://mouqawamahmusic.net/the-isis-deception-false-popularity-the-myth-of-organic-development-and-more-zionist-connections/ I didn’t provide links in the particular piece you asininely commented on because my reputation as a truth-teller committed 100% to accuracy is well-known. If you don’t know, ask someone and do your research. The only thing not worth anything here is people like you who attempt to obfuscate the destructiveness of Wahhabism and whitewash the crimes of its murderous adherents. Take a hike b.

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