Latest Reason For DTI: Another Palestinian Child, 16-Year Old Ahmad Misbah Abou Tyour, Snuffed Out In Gaza

by Jonathan Azaziah

He was just 16 years old. He was participating in the Great March of Return. Billowing clouds of smoke from tear gas fired by the ‘Israeli’ enemy had engulfed what seemed to be the whole of the besieged Gaza Strip’s Rafah City. His friends and family were threatened. So he did what any sane human being would do in such dire circumstances: He fought back. Not with bullets–he didn’t have those. Not with rockets, missiles, grenades or any other such weaponry. He didn’t have those either. What he had was the enduring symbol of the children of the Palestinian Resistance, immortalized in so many of Naji al-Ali’s (R.A.) drawings of the eternal refugee kid, Handala–the stone. He threw a few. Right over the fence from where the Zionist occupation terrorists were firing canisters, rubber bullets and live ammo. After he would sling his rocks, he’d throw his hands up to display he had nothing else at his disposal. He was protesting 70 years of Nakba. Just… Protesting.

So what did the Jewish land thieves do? They shot him in the chest. He was rushed to Khan Younis European Hospital where medical workers frantically tried to save his life… But they couldn’t. Wound from the bullet was too severe. ‘Israel’ murdered him… Not for the stones. Not for the protest. Not for the march itself. ‘Israel’ murdered him simply because he was Palestinian and according to this psychopathic Judaic entity, his very existence posed a threat to its illegitimate, expansionist project. The truth is, ‘Israel’ can’t reconcile itself with Palestinian life; indeed it is categorically antithetical to Palestinian life–Arab and Muslim life specifically and Gentile life in general, really.

His name was Ahmad Misbah Abou Tyour (R.A.) He’ll never know the loving embrace of a wife. The joy of watching his very own children play on the beach. The exhilaration of praying in Al-Aqsa. Seeing the Resistance Museum in Mleeta. Making Hajj. Visiting milestones of Mouqawamah the world over. Knowing that all of humanity stands with Palestine. He can’t ever… Because the usurping Zionist tumor snuffed him out. And now those who mourn him… Ache for him… Cry for him… And seek vengeance in the wake of his martyrdom… Are asked by the disingenuous “‘Palestine Solidarity Activists” to have a “one-state solution” with Ahmad’s killers? To have “reconciliation” with such child-butchers? No… No… Absolutely not.

Above and beyond an innocent life whose story should be screamed from the proverbial and literal rooftops of the globe so everyone knows it and feels the fury, Ahmad Misbah Abou Tyour’s death is the latest reason for DTI–death to ‘Israel’. As an enterprise of ethnic cleansing, terrorism, mass murder, artificiality and Jewish supremacy from day one–and we don’t mean 1948 either but the decades and decades if not centuries previously–it is impossible to allow ‘Israel’ to continue. Completely and utterly impossible.

Genocidal colonialism was trampled upon in Algeria. Crushed in Indonesia. Removed from the equation in Mozambique. The French, the Dutch and the Portuguese–all aided by Global Zionism, mind you–packed their bags and bounced. If there is to be a halt in the unspeakable crimes against Palestinian children and all of Palestine’s people… ‘Israel’ has to be erased. No ifs. No ands. No buts. No hooting. No hollering. No oy veys. No invocations of the “6 million”, the lampshades, the soap and the shrunken heads. ‘Israel’… Must… Go. All so the Ahmad Misbah Abou Tyours of the world can live. If your heart’s beating and your soul’s blinging, that’s a trade that any humanitarian would and should make each and every day of the week. May the young hero sleep deeply in Jannah. Fighting with his blood on our mind and his spirit on our sleeves, our restless battle rages on. Rages on. RAGES…. Right on.

One thought on “Latest Reason For DTI: Another Palestinian Child, 16-Year Old Ahmad Misbah Abou Tyour, Snuffed Out In Gaza”

  1. Death to “Israel”, absolutely! Don’t let the criminal Zionist entity moan about “Death to the Jews”. It’s not what we say, as there are many Jews with a conscience, who do not claim they have more brains than the Goyim. Let’s use every means possible to defeat that band of robbers who only know the gun.

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