Kurdish Regime Gave Weapons to ISIS ‘Cause The Kurdish Regime Works For ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

Every major Kurdish political group in our region has longstanding ties with the usurping Zionist entity, from the PKK in Turkey to the PYD/YPG in Syria, PJAK in Iran to the most notorious of them all, the Barzani-Talabani mafia regime (KRG/Peshmerga) in northern Iraq, and thus, shouldn’t be trusted even one scintilla. So there should be no gasps or confused looks on the faces of anyone now that the revelations have finally come to light: Erbil supplied ISIS with weaponry to weaken the Iraqi government in Baghdad. And when it becomes understood that Erbil is merely the front for ‘Tel Aviv’ in Iraq, the scheme becomes as clear as the ocean on an unpolluted coastline.

Instead of tangling with Daesh indeed, the Peshmerga has spent much of its time since the Takfiri group’s takeover of Mosul massacring and ethnically cleansing Sunni and Shi’a Arabs as well Shi’a Turkmen, the most recent attack being in oil-rich Kirkuk just last week. In fact, the only time that the Barzani-Talabani regime has EVER clashed with ISIS is when the Wahhabi gang got a lil’ bit too close to Erbil along with any other important “Kurdish” territory, or, when the American regime needed a hasbara-filled public relations “victory” like Sinjar, where the oppression of Yazidi men, women and children still rages on. Erbil, for the record, is known by many in Iraq as “Isra’eel al-Asghar (Little ‘Israel’)”, as it’s overrun with 100 some odd Mossad-linked Zionist firms in various sectors and ‘Israeli’ businessmen of all sorts looking to colonize Iraq. There’s even occupying Jewish terrorists training the Peshmerga to this day and providing personal security to the dictator Massoud Barzani himself. These Zionists have bought up agricultural lands along with energy fields and, also, let us not forget that ‘Israel’ is buying nearly $1 billion worth of “Kurdish” (read: stolen Iraqi) oil, the majority of the enemy entity’s petrol.

Going a step further, the Kurdish regime in Erbil doesn’t even see ISIS as an actual threat! That distinction belongs to the Iraqi Popular Mobilization (Hashd al-Shaabi)! That’s right, the only force in Iraq capable of standing on its own two feet and not only fighting the Takfiris but beating them scares the daylights out of the Kurds. Read the words of Hiwa Afandi, a managing director in the KRG Department of Information Technology: “Strategically, it’s a huge mistake to eliminate ISIS before we are done with Hashd militiamen. They represent a much bigger danger to Iraqis.” In other words, the Hizbullah-Iranian-backed Iraqi Resistance is hindering the designs of the Barzani-Talabani clans and their Zionist overlords. What are these designs exactly? EXPANSIONISM. Also, isn’t it overwhelmingly creepy how Mr. Afandi’s disgusting statement mirrors the assessment provided by former ‘Israeli’ military intelligence (Aman) head Amos Yadlin in a 2014 Ynet editorial: “ISIS is not a significant threat to ‘Israel’ in the near future, and in an odd sense, it even provides some strategic opportunities for ‘Israel’.” This isn’t PHD-level stuff here people… The Zionist entity, the Kurdish regime and ISIS are in the same trench as a full-frontal, triangular attack against the Resistance Axis and the peoples of Iraq and Syria.

And since we’re not mincing words, the same can be said for those treacherous PYD/YPG folks in Syria. The same “heroes” who the Western-Zionist mainstream media essentially worships. This in and of itself should have been a red flag to anyone identifying as “pro-Syria” or “pro-Resistance”. If Empire Judaica’s media praises you, you’re a tool. Open and shut. These quislings, backed lock, stock and barrel by Washington, are NOT the most effective anti-terrorist force in Syria and honestly, haven’t accomplished a damn thing. This title is reserved strictly for the SAA, Hizbullah, the IRGC and the Iraqi Resistance. Let’s get real here, these collaborators aren’t fighting ISIS on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic! The polar opposite is the case! PYD/YPG leader Salih Muslim has declared from the very beginning that Bashar al-Assad needs to be overthrown, perfectly in line with the position of his American controllers. These ‘Rojava’ clowns aren’t even fighting for self-preservation due to the blood-dripping fact that ISIS slaughters everyone regardless of faith or ethnicity. No, they’re out for their own SELF-INTEREST–no matter how many of their own happen to die at Daesh’s hands–which just so happens to coincide right down to the letter with the stratagem the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime laid out in a document called “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” by Oded Yinon, hence their declaration of federalism in Syria. Just days after this divisive, seditious move, Salih Muslim’s people opened up the door to KRG-like ties with the Zionist enemy. Again, in both Syria and Iraq, the name of the game for the Kurds is EXPANSIONISM.

Kurdish political groups are taking advantage of the Zionist-NATO-GCC-bred chaos to rack up the territorial gains and build their state, which, ultimately, is only a means to an end for the REAL goal of all this madness: ‘Greater Israel’. Since the usurping Jewish filth putrefying Palestine couldn’t establish this project with its own cowardly, colonizing army–thanks to Hizbullah killing it dead with the liberation of Lebanon on May 25th, 2000–‘Israel’ now seeks to achieve its aims by proxy. Verily, ISIS, as it slaughters and terrorizes every living, breathing thing in our region, is only one facet of the chess game the dirty ‘Israeli’ entity is playing. While Daesh spreads throughout the region in a fashion akin to its cancerous Zionist puppeteer, the Kurds expand their territory, speeding up the process of carving up the Zionists’ greatest enemies and ultimately weakening them for a future death-blow. And don’t look at me as the source, apart from the aforementioned Yinon paper and the 1996 neocon “Clean Break” plan, genocidal maniac Ayelet Shaked, the ‘Israeli’ Minister of ‘Justice’, recently spelled it out for the world in no uncertain terms: “We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state between Iraq and Syria that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards ‘Israel’.” Can it smack you in the face any harder?

Getting down to brass tacks, if we’re being the epitome of serious, there isn’t even a such thing as a Kurdish homeland. It’s a mythos. Nothing more. Politically incorrect to say so? Offensive? Insensitive? Couldn’t care less. There is no “Kurdistan”. This is the reality and the suffering of too many Syrians and Iraqis of all different backgrounds is being swept under the rug to accommodate these bigoted, egotistical, chauvinistic Zionist tools. Kurds are originally from the mountains of Iran. Their language is an offshoot of Farsi. And because they don’t want to come out and admit these historical truths, they make up legends about the mythical land of “Rojava” in addition to other places and even have their own narratives about where they “REALLY” come from, i.e. they’re actually descendants of majestic jinn (true story, go read the book, “Children of the Jinn: In Search of the Kurds and Their Country”, by Margaret Kahn, a Zionist Jew no less).

The only reason why Kurdish political groups have the notions of a “homeland” is because the ever-satanic, perpetually-dividing, Rothschild-financed Brits gave them the idea in the first place during the early years of Sykes-Picot and this colonial British legacy is carried on today by ‘Israel’. The Zionists have been in bed with the criminal Barzani family since the 1950s and their relationship only gets closer by the day. This toxicity is the root cause of so much pain and destruction in our region. Much can be said about the incompetence and corruption of the Iraqi army, but the unequivocal truth is, Mosul and much of the Nineveh Governorate as a whole fell because of the duplicitous game being played by the Kurdish regime in the name of the Zionist entity’s schemes. Thank God Almighty for the Syrian Arab Army, the Hizbullah-trained NDF and the Assyrian militias in Syria’s Al-Hasakah. For if it wasn’t for these heroes, a Mosul-like scenario would have played out in this important province, especially considering the devilry of the PYD/YPG.

If ISIS is to be eliminated permanently from our midst, we must address how it proliferated from the jump. A great deal has been written about ‘Israel’, though admittedly not enough, as well as the roles of the Wahhabi Terror Kingdom in Riyadh, the American regime, the Neo-Ottoman nutjobs in Turkey, the Qatari tyrant and others. Well now it’s time to add the Kurdish regime and its Peshmerga to the list for their chicanery and collaboration with this beastly Takfiri menace, all in the service of ‘Israel’. Death to this corrupt dictatorship. Gallows for the Barzani and Talabani families as well as every one of their cronies. And long live the TRUE forces of anti-ISIS, anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist Resistance in Iraq: the moujahideen of Hashd al-Shaabi. May you keep thwarting the plots of the KRG ‘till it is nothing but a brief blip on the radar of history.


5 thoughts on “Kurdish Regime Gave Weapons to ISIS ‘Cause The Kurdish Regime Works For ‘Israel’”

  1. Lot of interesting stuff here which I’m still absorbing.

    I have felt a certain sympathy with the Kurds in the past, as have many others. In fact, not so much sympathy as sentimentality: on a recent RT Crosstalk everyone was quite mawkish about the ‘moderate’ Kurds, doing lots of ‘heavy lifting’ – I was tempted to point out to members of the panel that the Kurds (Iraqi at least) are the only non-African people to practice FGM, extensively.

    I wonder what would happen if the Assyrians wanted independence, and their ancestral homelands? Or even their present homeland, which Wikipedia describes as ‘part of today’s northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran and northeastern Syria. Which sounds almost identical to the Kurdish homeland.

    1. Assyrians actually do have a historical “claim” to many of the lands scattered across the regions you mentioned, as their empire was real and their roots aren’t up for debate, but any breakup of any state in the “Middle East” serves nobody but the Zionist enemy. It is in fact the ‘Israeli’ entity’s stratagem to create smaller statelets so it is easier to ultimately colonize them. Thus… while I have sympathy with the Assyrian people for everything they suffered in the US-UK invasion of Iraq, and support the idea of Chechnya-style autonomy if that’s what they want, I’m categorically against the establishment of a “homeland” because of the Yinon plan. Besides, it wasn’t the Arab majority that persecuted Assyrians in Iraq or Syria for that matter but the Zionist-controlled American invaders and their ISIS proxies thereafter. Iraq shouldn’t have to lose one inch of its sovereignty, let alone such a large chunk, because of the crimes of our enemies.

      1. I haven’t heard of Assyrians seeking to create a new state on their ancestral homelands – it was supposed to be an extreme example on my part.

        I’m pretty sure most Assyrians would agree with you, and their priority would be the sovereignty of the countries they live in, eg Syria and Iraq.

        Kurds aside, Bashar al Assad was probably right when he said there is greater solidarity among the different groups in Syria now (the silver lining, he said).

  2. This is a lovely piece of work!
    My favourite part is how the Kurds are descendants of Jinn, lmao! I’ve been nagging about this for decades. People need to know who those creatures are. They also need to know that the Kurds are mostly nagging at the Iraqi government for a “referendum” only because the oil is mostly located in Iraq, and because Iraq’s oil is lighter and easier for processing than other oils in the Gulf countries. Jinn business, I say.

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