Karbala Bombing: Not Even On Ramadan Does ISIS Let The Iraqi People Rest

by Jonathan Azaziah

DEATH TO DAESH. Not even on Ramadan does the Takfiri trash leave the Iraqi people alone. At least 5 innocents were murdered and more than 11 others were wounded earlier on this afternoon when a cowardly ISIS terrorist snuck into the holy city of Karbala and detonated a car bomb. The attack occurred a mere five kilometers from the shrines of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.), not to mention right next to the house of Karbala Governor Aqeel al-Tourayhi. It is pathetically obvious that this hideous assault on civilians as they fast for Islam’s Holiest Month is the extent of MossadDaesh’s “response” to the ongoing liberation of Fallujah. The Takfiris are too inept, too weak and simply too gutless to stand and face our mighty moujahideen, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, like men on the battlefield so they resort to what their ‘Israeli’, American ZOG and Saudi masters trained them to do: Inflict terrorism and spread fitnah. Let this be a reminder to all “geopolitical analysts” commenting on affairs in my homeland that the Wahhabi-Zionist fanatics of the “Islamic” State are about as “Islamic” as ‘Israeli’ Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, who says it’s a “mitzvah” to slaughter Palestinians. He most certainly thinks it’s a “mitzvah” for the Zionists’ Takfiri proxies to slaughter Iraqis too.

For the 10 trillionth time, ISIS is NOT Muslim, extremist or otherwise. No Muslim, extremist or otherwise, would ever attack his fellow Muslims on Ramadan. No Muslim, extremist or otherwise, would disrespect the hallowed ground of a city beloved by ALL Muslims, not only Shi’a, but ALL Muslims. And no Muslim, extremist or otherwise, would ever participate in implementing the stratagem of Islam’s greatest oppressors. Besides, what exactly is an “extremist” anyway? The Zionist media uses this term to smear Hizbullah, several factions of the Palestinian Resistance, the armed forces and intelligence services of Iran, several Iraqi Resistance groups–namely Kata’ib Hizbullah–and even Yemen’s Ansarullah. This is a linguistic weapon used to smear Islamic Liberationist Resistance on the one hand and tarnish Islam as a whole on the other hand by constantly referring to ISIS and other Takfiris–like the lunatics who are bombing churches and other civilian structures in Syria’s Aleppo right now–as “Muslim/Islamic extremists”. STOP IT. Again I reiterate: ISIS is NOT Muslim, extremist or otherwise, for ISIS is the Takfiri Goy Golem of ‘Israel’. Call this filth whatever you want, but do not associate it with Muslims or Islam, as they proved yet again today that they are outside the fold of both.

As for the Zio-Daeshis themselves? The message of Iraqis to our enemy is the same: Labaykah ya Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)! Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)! And Labaykah ya Abbas (A.S.)! We will never walk way from our Deen, our Prophet (S.A.W.W.) or his Household (A.S.), regardless of what terrorist schemes you and your Zionist-Imperialist overlords concoct in the darkest depths of Herzliya and Langley. And I assure you, after the egregious crime you committed today, we’re going to make our Iftar feasts TWICE as big… Just for you devils. May all the Karbala martyrs rest in eternal serenity and may the wounded recover swiftly so they can get back to doing what the Takfiris hate us most for: LIVING and RESISTING.

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