Just Another Day In Takfiri-Occupied Syria: FSA “Moderates” Behead 12-Year Old Palestinian Boy

by Jonathan Azaziah

For those who have been exposing the US-NATO-Zionist-GCC conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic for the past five-plus years, Takfiri terrorist crimes against Syrian-Palestinians aren’t by any means out of the ordinary. So the utterly barbaric beheading of 12-year old Syrian-Palestinian boy Abdallah al-Issa in Aleppo’s Handarat Camp by the American-Khaleeji-backed goons of Harakat Noureddine al-Zinki should come as no surprise. The FSA-connected gang kidnapped the young one from a hospital and then accused him of being a pro-government fighter, when in reality, he was just a child of one from a family that was definitely supportive of Dr. Bashar al-Assad because the Syrian President, like his father before him, upholds Palestinian rights in the face of the Zionist cancer whilst all other “Arab” regimes kowtow to dictation from the Washington ZOG Consensus. And for this, the Wahhabi thugs disconnected the boy’s head from his little body. Tremendously “moderate” of them , wouldn’t you say? CIA did an exceptional job “vetting” them as well, no?

This is reminiscent of the savage murder of sorely missed Palestinian-Syrian actor Muhammad Rafeh, the annihilation of Yarmouk Camp by the FSA, Nusra and Daesh, the savage occupation of Handarat Camp, the constant brutal rocket attacks on Jaramana Camp, the deliberate, Mossad-style targeting of fighters and soldiers from the PLA, Liwa al-Quds, Fatah al-Intifada and PFLP-GC, the malicious propaganda onslaught against Palestinian Resistance legend Leila Khaled after she spoke truthfully about Syria’s plight, and so much more. There is most certainly an explicitly anti-Palestinian agenda to the Zionist-Imperialist assault on Syria, not merely because of its backing of the Palestinian Resistance, but also because of the historical bond between these two peoples of Bilad al-Sham and the ever-wandering, ever-cursed Jewish supremacists’ urge to wipe out everything in the vicinity of their entity that existed before them, either directly or by organizing the greatest 4th/5th Generation Warfare campaign in history.

And it goes without saying that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and “human rights” campaigners who have barked against the Syrian government since March 15th, 2011 are incommunicado, indifferent or feigning shock as if the these demented, regressive creatures who have perverted Islam for their overlords in “Tel Aviv” haven’t carried out such barbarity before; as if beheading sick schoolboys are an anomalous occurrence in Takfiri-occupied Syria. Never does my astonishment end with these “activists” who claim with vehemence that they oppose ‘Israel’, but when it comes to every single regional design that ‘Israel’ seeks to implement, they stand behind it in full support, be it in the name of “freedom”, “democracy”, “the Ummah”, the “Arab Spring”, “marginalization”, et al. Indeed, whether it is the killing of the aforementioned Abdallah al-Issa, IOF’s fatal shooting of 12-year Palestinian Muhyee Sidqi al-Tibakhi from Al-Ram in Al-Quds, the scores of Iraqi children blown to bits by the Mossad-orchestrated, ISIS-executed bombing in Karrada, or the slaughter of Yemeni children with US-British-made bombs dropped by Saudi warplanes, all of this death is the result of the usurping Zionist entity’s exterminationist, expansionist plotting. Oded Yinon. Clean Break. PNAC. Operation Oranim 2.0. “Greater Israel”. This, and only this, is the reason our region is burning.

You damn sure wouldn’t know it from reading Electronic “Intifada” though. And speaking of that rag, I did in fact notice that Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek bravely sent out a tweet apiece–a lone tweet, how incredibly generous of them–while Linda “The Obamas Kill Muslims With So Much Swag” Sarsour heroically noted that the head-chopping, maniacal, bloodthirsty, CIA-Saudi-financed, NATO-backed, Zionist-run rebels aren’t “pure” after being confronted with Abdallah al-Issa’s photo and fate. Her revolutionary fervor is just seething, ain’t it? Other FSA and “Syrian revolution” fanboys and fangirls issued similar tacit acknowledgements of the crime—-all five of them, give or take. They should be given credit, right?! Maybe just a little bit, right?! Nah. On second thought… Pass. Instead, know what I say? F*** ‘EM. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. These putrid shills have been the “Arab”/”Muslim” veil for Empire Judaica’s attack on the Resistance Axis for half a decade and NOW they wanna utter a paltry word or two?! NOW?! Save it, shove it and rotate on it.

Besides, if we’re being fair and honest, Abdallah al-Issa and all of Syria’s Palestinian martyrs are undoubtedly nothing less than insulted that the House Muslims and House Arabs would even dare speak their names after years of complicity in the destruction of their homeland. These miscreants have been anti-Syria hasbaraniks since the start of this chaos, thus they might as well keep up the filth, because truth be told, they’re so thoroughly discredited at this point that we’re all better off without them anyway. Rest deeply in eternal tranquility Abdallah al-Issa. May the Syrian Arab Army, Liwa Al-Quds and Hizbullah avenge you with the combined force of lightning, thunder and monsoon rains multiplied to infinity.

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  1. These barbarians played with this child as a cat plays with a mouse. I cannot understand why so many Muslims fail to see that there is absolutely nothing Islamic about these takfiri monsters, or that the “caliphate”, the promise of which is used to lure young Muslims into joining this despicable assault on Syria, and Iraq, is, in fact, the very area mapped out for “greater israel” I find myself quite often wondering what this planet would have been like without jews..

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