Jewish Hegemonic Networking and The Imperative To Revamp The Boycott II: Reuben and Rose “Häagen-Daz” Mattus

by Jonathan Azaziah

What kinda killjoy doesn’t like a nice bowl of ice cream? This killjoy here! Only when the ice cream is from Häagen-Daz though (along with Ben and Jerry’s as well as Three Twins but those are exposés for another time). Founded by Polish Jew Reuben Mattus and his British-Polish Jewess wife Rose, Häagen-Daz has been at the top of the industry since 1973 when it began to be distributed nationally. Its very name, which doesn’t mean anything at all, is an ode to Denmark’s subservience to Organized Jewish Interests in WW2. Motivated strongly by ethno-tribal identity, they were frothing-at-the-mouth Jewish supremacists and Zionist fanatics. A school of high technology is named after them in “Herzliya”, a colony-city known for being the HQ of Mossad. Reuben was an admirer and funder of Meir Kahane and the JDL. “If they [the JDL] needed money, I gave it,” he famously said. They also bankrolled groups that brought Jews from the West and the Arab-Islamic world to criminal settlements. Rose was arguably the more hardcore of the two, as she sat on the board of the ZOA and was a personal friend to both Netanyhau and Sharon, who each would stay at her apartment when they came to New York City.

Yet, despite the fact its every profit lined the pockets of psychotic, Kahane-backing , Zionist-expansion-enthusiast Jewish supremacists, Häagen-Daz is NOT on the official BDS list. Does this in and of itself not reflect how flawed and broken this so-called movement is?

And it gets worse still. Because Häagen-Daz isn’t just a Zionist company. It’s a disastrous company for both your health and the environment as it uses the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) of shaytanic mega-corporation Monsanto in its products. rBGH causes pain, distress, udder infections, lameness and mastitis in cows, which ultimately lead to pus and other toxic residues in the milk. Now imagine what that does to your insides when you consume it. Don’t believe the declarations of Häagen-Daz the past few years about going non-GMO either. It was all a scam and its parent company, the evil-beyond-evil Nestle, is being sued for it. It’s fitting, honestly. Infected milk for infected ice cream which goes towards propping up the biggest infection in the world today: ‘Israel’. Monsanto, for its part, has its own connections to the Zio-Tumor, as its white phosphorus munitions were “sold” by the American ZOG to the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity, which in turn used them against Palestinian civilians in the ’08-’09 Halakhic-Talmudic ritualistic slaughter known as Operation Cast Lead. As a result of reverse-engineering the Monsanto munitions, it is ‘Israel’ now supplying the US regime with white phosphorus through ICL Performance Products, a subsidiary of ‘Israel’ Chemicals Ltd, owned by none other than the anti-Iranian, Mossad-connected Ofer brothers.

To bring it all full circle, Monsanto is said to have been founded by John Francis Queeny. But he was just the frontman. The real power and real money came from his wife Olga Mendez Monsanto, a Sephardic Jewess of Portuguese extraction from the Netherlands. She is a descendant of the Portuguese-Jewish Monsanto family that settled in New Orleans and their wealth, her wealth, came from slave-trading. The originals were Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They owned, traded, mortgaged and sold dozens on top of dozens of slaves.

Another descendant, Sophie Monsanto in Charleston, did business with the brutal Jewish constable Nathan Hart, whose job was to punish runaway slaves. Jacob, son of Isaac, a sick miscreant indeed, had a 100-acre plantation in the Tangipahoa Parish’s Manchac and was known for falling in love with his slaves after raping them. The Monsantos also had connections to Jacob Rodriguez Rivera of Newport, Rhode Island, a monstrous pioneer in imposing bondage on Africans and the second-wealthiest Jewish slave trader after his son-in-law, the notorious Aaron Lopez. This can be read on pages 198, 243, 273, 281 and 293 of the Nation of Islam’s indisputable and invaluable work, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. A condensed version of this information can be found here. And don’t worry, it isn’t just the “conspiratorial” and “anti-Semitic” NOI that uncovered the Jewishness of the Monsanto family. Haaretz has confirmed it too, calling Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto the “first Jewish New Orleanian”.

The Monsanto family’s wealth is rooted in Judaic anti-Blackness. Reuben Mattus bankrolled the JDL, a Judaic organization so anti-Black that its founder, Meir Kahane, even targeted Black ‘Israeli’ occupiers. Anti-Black Mattus goes on to use anti-Black Monsanto’s rBGH in Häagen-Daz. Black-hating bigots of a feather sure do team up to make obscene amounts of shekels together, don’t they?

Peep the cycle: Buy Häagen-Daz. Support ‘Israel’. Support Jewish colonizing. Support Jewish terrorism. Support Mossad. Support Monsanto–a corporation founded by Jewish slave traders. Support anti-Blackness. Kill your body. Kill the environment. Kill Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Yemenis and many other peoples victimized by ‘Israeli’ barbarity. Yet again, the transgenerational, global interconnectedness, from the Transatlantic Slave of yesteryear to the Zionist wars on Palestine and Iran today, rears its head. This is Jewish hegemonic networking in its purest, darkest form and exactly the reason why the boycott of ‘Israel’ needs to be revamped, rebooted and expanded as we began to discuss in our first chapter. The curses of ALLAH (SWT) be upon Reuben and Rose Mattus. Their life in the dunya was sweeter than ice cream. Now they reside in a place the polar opposite of anything cold–sugary or otherwise–and where the food isn’t just a “rocky road”, but a boiling-oil-producing, devil’s-head-shaped fruit of fire. Enjoy the Zaqqum, Parasites.

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