Jewish Hegemonic Networking and The Imperative To Revamp The Boycott I: The Nakash Family

by Jonathan Azaziah

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the 16th martyrdom anniversary of American heroine and Eternal Soldier of the Intifada Rachel Corrie (rip), crushed to death by an ‘Israeli’ bulldozer while she was protecting the home of Palestinian pharmacist Samir Nasrallah on this day in 2003. What’s up with the title of this essay and what does the Nakash family, a bunch of fashion and real estate tycoons, have to do with her? Quite a bit, actually, considering her name is invoked constantly by “BDS” activists and her martyrdom is used by such types as a rallying cry to boycott ‘Israel’–when her bravery should be used as the umpteenth proof that Zion needs to die the death of many other colonialist regimes before it.

It’s funny where a quest for truth can take you. As all of you should unfortunately know, the talentless degenerate Kylie Jenner has been plastered across Zionist-controlled mainstream media in recent weeks for becoming the “youngest-ever self-made billionaire”. This goes beyond the sheer absurdity of a socialite from a multi-millionaire family, piggy-backing on her equally talentless, degenerate sister’s sex-tape and getting promoted to the hilt by Jewish Hollywood, somehow winding up with the label “self-made”. Being a Piperite (i.e. a student of the late, great American nationalist and hands down the most prolific Anti-Parasitic writer in modern US history, Michael Collins Piper, God rest his soul), I wanted to know where Shlomo was at because in circumstances such as these, he’s always lurking about somewhere. Verily, as Warren Buffet’s apprenticeship with the ultra-supremacist Jews at Graham Newman, McCain’s intimate ties to the Bronfmans, Trump’s backing by various powerful Jewish groups and persons throughout every stage of his career, Australia’s Frank Packer marrying into the Rothschild-linked Porges family, etc., all display, in this Judaized world, Gentiles don’t “make it” without Judaic approval.

Alas, I came up short. For now anyway. Because under that same guideline, Gentiles don’t get big in the Jewish-Zionist-dominated cosmetics industry without the say-so of the chieftain demons: Estee Lauder of Judaic “royal” and 9/11 co-conspirator Ronald Lauder, along with Revlon of Ronald Perelman, a Chabadnik bank-roller and mega-Zionist who also funds the ADL, UJA, the JNF, the WJC and more. In my search however, I came across an obscure link from the summer of 2016 that would take me on a different writing path that ultimately culminated in this very piece. The Jerusalem Post did a report about Jenner and her cohort, the father of her half-sister Kourtney’s kids, New York Jewish businessman Scott Disick, visiting the usurping Zionist entity. Most of the piece is typical celebrity-worshiping fluff but there was a gem: The purpose of Disick’s presence in the Zio-Tumor was to meet with the Nakash family. He was in fact their guest. Question is then… Who exactly ARE the Nakashes? Allow me to explain.

The Nakash family, led by Joseph Nakash, is a Syrian-‘Israeli’ clan of billionaire criminals who set up shop in NYC and are known worldwide for launching the Jordache clothing company. On the American side of the equation, they also own premier real estate in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Top-notch property in Washington DC too. They have resorts and hotels in Florida. And in the usurping Zionist entity, they own skyscrapers, an airline company (Arkia ‘Israel’ Airlines), a tomato processing plant which sells paste to mega-corporation Heinz, an olive oil marketing venture “Halutza” [read: stolen from Palestinians], date and almond plantations in occupied Al-Naqab and the “exclusive rights to operate the Port of ‘Eilat’ [read: Umm Rashrash] as a privatized franchise.” They own an Apple store in Santa Monica. They’re partners of numerous illegal colonies known as “kibbutzim”, including one in Mossad HQ, “Herzliya”, have other interests in New Jersey, investments in banking and cosmetics, and they’re involved in settlement-building in Yaffa and Al-Jalil too. They were forced to diversify after failing in their hostile takeover attempt of fashion giant Guess, ending up with $106 million for their fraud and the clothing company Gasoline/Diesel. Guess, do keep in mind, is owned by ‘Israeli’-Moroccan-French Jews of Italian-Spanish-Sephardic extraction, the Marciano brothers, from a family of rabbis and Zionist settlers.

Upon the legal beating they took from the battle with Guess, the Nakashes revamped Jordache as a “working-class” company and started selling jeans to Wal-Mart. They also transmogrified it into private-label-manufacturing, doing big business for Abercrombie & Fitch, the Gap (which includes Banana Republic and Old Navy), American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi Strauss & Co. The Gap, just to be thorough, was founded by Donald Fisher, a San Francisco Zionist Jew who funded the Zionist synagogue Congregation Emanu-El and the Zionist, San-Fran-based Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund. American Eagle is owned by Columbus, Ohio Jew Jay Schottenstein whose family prints the Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud, a book of Anti-Gentile hatred. Hilfiger, not Jewish, has opened up a store in “Tel Aviv”, years after being dogged by ADL-instigated false allegations of “anti-Semitism”–which, from what we can surmise, was a dirty game of Jewish corporate warfare to get Hilfiger to bow before the Zionist overlords of the fashion industry. Levi Strauss & Co. was of course founded by Bavarian Jews Levi Strauss and David Stern as well as alleged inventor of blue jeans, Latvian Jew Jacob W. Davis. The company is known for its notorious controversy in the 80s for trying to get into the Arab market while maintaining major licenses with ‘Israel’. Keeping it all in the rag-makin’ “chosenite” family, huh?

Another interesting tidbit is that the Nakashes bought the Versace Mansion in South Beach from Eli Gindi, head of the Syrian-Jewish Gindi family, outbidding Donald Trump by half a million dollars in the process. The Gindis founded Century 21 Department Stores, operating in New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philly and Florida. Sonny Gindi, the family’s patriarch, was a founding member of the ultra-Zionist Mizrahi synagogue, Conregation Shaare Zion, which has not only been linked to corruption and international money laundering, but also was once headed by the Chabadnik extremist, Rabbi Abraham Hecht, who infamously said that assassinating war criminal premier Yitzhak Rabin would be a “mitzvah” and called Ibrahimi Masjid Massacre executor Baruch Goldstein “a great man, a holy man”. Sonny, who has died and gone to hell, was also a major backer of the Sephardic Education Fund, founded by Lebanese-Brazilian-Jewish banker and globe-holder Edmond Safra, and the United Jewish Appeal.

Case in point is that Nakash is in your ketchup. Nakash is in your clothing. Lots and lots of LOTS of your clothing. Nakash is in your hotel rooms all up and down the eastern United States. And now, Nakash is even selling you iPhones, which, by the way, all come with ‘Israeli’-designed facial recognition tech. Meaning that International Zionism is in your ketchup, clothes, hotels and communications. The Nakashes don’t fit the mainstream “activist” narratives about Zionism. Their support for the Serpent isn’t “secular” but Halakhic-Talmudic. They are not White. Nor European. Nor Ashkenazi. But Brown, Arab, Mizrahi and Sephardic. The same can be said for the Gindis. Their wealth and influence are expanding and they’re waving it in the faces of Gentiledom. Notice the aforementioned lingo: INTERNATIONAL Zionism.

Does all of this utterly insane interconnectedness which links the fashion, manufacturing, food, real estate, cell phone, hospitality, entertainment and retail industries mean that we should abandon the boycott entirely in defeatism because “it’s too much! screw it!” No! Quite to the contrary! It means that the boycott needs to be revamped, rebooted and expanded to reflect the global nature of the enemy, not kept stagnant, sedentary and relegated to an orange here, a hummus company there, and this or that ‘Israeli’ school or multinational firm which may have a single endeavor (or two) with a colony in the West Bank or Al-Quds. Moreover, the “BDS Movement” completely mischaracterizes ‘Israel’, watering down and whitewashing its cancerous, expansionist nature so it doesn’t offend many of of its Jewish adherents, including the–SURPRISE, SURPRISE–founding liberal Zionists of its very platform, Hillary and Steven Rose.

Verily, ‘Israel’ isn’t an “apartheid regime” nor a mere “settler-colonial state”. It’s not “White” either but predominantly Mizrahi, with Arab/Eastern Jews constitution no less than half of the ‘Israeli’ population. Once, it was as high as 70%. It’s thus, a mixed JEWISH “state”. And a genocidal, eliminationist, supremacist construct pursuing stratagems set forth in the “Torah”–according to the Judaic interpretations of the military exploits of “Moses” and “Joshua”– which govern its borderless project of transfer; the headquarters of Dajjal; the capital of Global Jewry, which wields a dominant and central portion of global capital; and a superpower in its own right, particularly in the field of technology, with influence in every major corporate and political sphere on the planet. That means wherever the hands of a Zionist are found, that company must be boycotted. Not just the ‘Israeli’ ones. But anything and everything Zionist. The fact that this tends to mean Jewish too isn’t our problem as truth-seekers. The fact that this also tends to mean we’re going to be boycotting a hell of a lot of big-name brands and companies because Zionist Jews own so damn many and have so much damn clout, also isn’t our problem as truth-seekers. We’re just calling it like it is, “chosenoids”.

Which brings us back to the beginning. Rachel Corrie (rip) and every martyr of the Intifada can’t be honored so long as ‘Israel’ exists in the midst of the Palestinian people; of the Arab world; of the Islamicate; of God’s Green Earth. Hideous Zionists like the Nakash family will continue fattening their pockets through swindle after swindle while they trample upon Palestinian rights (and corpses). By boycotting an ‘Israeli’ product or five or ten or 100, we’re ipso facto recognizing the existence of the Zio-Bacteria as okay, saying, “you’re fine, it’s just your products that aren’t because you do bad things to Palestinians”; ipso facto recognizing the presence of the Zio-Bacteria’s spores, i.e. its criminal colonizer population, as legitimate, declaring, “you’re fine too, it’s just your ‘government’ we have a problem with”. Neither is the case. We don’t recognize ‘Israel’ as anything but a tumor in need of surgical removal. It must go. And the ‘Israelis’ themselves must go, back to whatever hellhole they crawled out of. To cleanse global consciousness of the hasbara that says sentiments such as these are “anti-Semitic”, we need to pull back the veil on just how pervasive the Jewish Power Matrix is. It’s everywhere. And in everything. The Nakashes are just the beginning.

If we can indeed shatter these shackles–and I believe we can, hence the writing of this piece and others that will follow to get the dialogue started–and open more and more eyes to Jewish hegemonic networking and the imperative to revamp the boycott as a blunt-force object that cracks through every aspect of Global Zionism… Then the oppressors are toast. The discourse will be liberated and Jewish Thought Police will have no “safe space” to hide in. 16 years after Rachel Corrie’s (rip) heroic sacrifice, we bring justice to her memory by striving every single second of every single day to make this a reality. Without its international support system, ‘Israel’ can’t and won’t survive. Which automatically means Palestine can and will live–in prosperity and peace once again. Fortress Shlomo is actually a house of cards, with families like the Nakashes making the deck it was built from appear more stacked than it really is. Expose one and it becomes as easy as pie to expose the rest. So… What are we waiting for people? Let’s take the damn thing down!

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