Jeremy Corbyn Is A Product Of Jewish-Zionist Politics And Should Not Be Trusted

by Jonathan Azaziah

So y’all are out here thinking Corbyn is Christ, huh? Folk talking about “we’ve seen the promised land, Corbyn will lead us to it!” and “Corbyn will deliver us”, among many, MANY more absurdities. Oh my stars and garters, you colonized sons of (empty, rusty) guns love yourselves a White Savior, don’t you? It’s embarrassing. It’s pathetic. It’s DISGUSTING.

Nevermind that Labour is the liberal functionary of the British ZOG that initiated the genocidal wars of aggression against Iraq and occupied Afghanistan, and trying to achieve liberation through a “Corbynista” Labour is the equivalent of trying to achieve pinnacle health through a “health-conscious, eco-friendly” Burger King. Nevermind that Corbyn, your White faux-Knight in faux-Shining Armor, has already backtracked on NATO, on Trident, drones, the parasitic, anachronistic and imperial monarchy, a free vote on bombing Syria and other positions, and if he’s already buckling under pressure from the UK’s actual power brokers NOW, can you imagine how house-of-cards-like he’s gonna fold if he makes it 10 Downing Street? And nevermind that he has shamefully said he regretted calling Hizbullah and Hamas “friends” and despite distortions from the Theresa May regime that he’s some kind of Superman for the Irish struggle, a careful reading of his statements on the matter show he’s no friend of the IRA at all. Not impressed by his “apology” for Labour’s annihilation of my homeland either. He repeated the long-standing MSM lie that “sectarianism” was fostered by the invasion and called it a “disastrous war”. It wasn’t “disastrous”. It was a criminal act by a criminal regime that led to the slaughter of 2.5 million innocents. His words were hardly revolutionary. They were an insult. But nevermind that too.

Jeremy Corbyn is a product of Jewish-Zionist “leftist” politics and he openly tells you so. ****THAT’S**** why he shouldn’t be trusted. He has, on numerous occasions, bragged openly on the campaign trail that he had Jewish mentors in the National Union of Tailors and Garment Makers (and elsewhere) who instilled “Jewish values”–one wonders if self-Gentile-hatred is among these “Jewish values”–in him and made him the man that he is today. He’s thoroughly Zionized and regardless of his criticisms of ‘Israel’ here and there, he still believes in facilitating the liberal Zionist “two-state solution” that will grant the Palestinian people less than 22% ownership of their own ancestral land and enshrine the cancerous ‘Israeli’ entity’s illegitimate existence into “permanent” international “legitimacy”. This is what he told the Labour Friends of ‘Israel’–and the fact that he willingly went before this organization that is bankrolled by Britain’s wealthiest, most fanatical Jews and which supports Jewish terrorism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, occupation and colonization in Palestine is also extraordinarily tellingly of how weak and subservient his character is–last September. He told Labour Friends of ‘Israel’ he would work to ensure his party would never become a home for “anti-Semitism” and he would do all that’s necessary to root it out–undoubtedly because Jewish money and influence still rule the day in Labour as it does on Britain’s right-wing too.

Nail in Corbyn’s coffin though is that at this aforementioned Labour Friends of ‘Israel’ gathering of pukes and genocide enthusiasts, he went ahead and eulogized Shimon Peres. He praised him as a “giant of ‘Israeli’ politics” and saluted his Nobel “Peace” Prize, saying it was the foundation for how to establish “permanent, long-term peace” in the whole region. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who looks upon Shimon Peres, a war criminal of the lowest order, a terrorist of the lowest order, a baby-killer of the lowest order, and the father of the usurping Zionist entity’s illegal nuclear program, as a source of salaam and “conflict resolution”, is not someone you want leading ANY kind of revolutionary struggle, let alone one centered around liberating Palestine from the River to the Sea. It doesn’t matter how many “Palestine Solidarity” events they went to previously. Corbyn’s such a lame duck that he couldn’t even endorse a full-blown boycott of the ‘Israeli’ tumor–the most common and remedial of solidarity actions–when he was interviewed by the increasingly worthless Electronic Intifada. Ever heard Corbyn state how he’s going to go hard on the deep-rooted spying infrastructure that ‘Israel’ has in the UK, i.e. a real threat to British national security? NEVER. Cynthia McKinney, this man most certainly IS NOT.

Moreover, and very, VERY disturbingly, Corbyn said he wants to work with the Jewish community “to draw up a clear strategy to tackle discrimination and abuse both offline and online”. In other words, on behalf of the Jews, he wants to police criticism of Jewish wealth, power and influence. Another revolutionary act! Corbyn has also signed on to the mission of the “Holocaust” Education Trust, which is dedicated to indoctrinating all of Britain’s schoolchildren with the “6 Million Jewish Victims” myth. He’s even vowed to “increase awareness and understanding of ‘anti-Semitism’, and expand ‘Holocaust’ research remembrance commemoration and education in our schools”. Not to increase awareness and understanding of the victims of British Imperialism. Or Zionism. Which number in the hundreds of millions. But “anti-Semitism” and the “Holocaust”. British/Jewish exceptionalism much?! And this utterly Judaized fraud is your champion and your hero?!

Bottom line: All y’all colonized Muslims and other House Browns want to get down on your knees and worship at the Jew-loving, Holofraud-upholding, Two-State-Zio altar of Corbyn because he has non-monstrous stances on NHS, education and other British domestic issues that have no bearing on the Global South but will certainly make YOUR lives easier at home? Have yourselves a damn ball. Just know that you’re participating in a system that is completely fake and completely destructive because YOU, THE PEOPLE, aren’t in control. Indeed, democracy in the West, the UK especially, doesn’t work because democracy in the West is a sham. And the reason why is due to a close-knit, supremacist, obscenely-wealthy, minoritarian guild wielding all the might and making all the decisions so they can continue onward with their ages-old project of implementing hegemony over all of the planet. What’s the alternative, you ask? Getting to the truth about who really pulls the strings behind the scenes. Next, protecting our communities and subsequently deprogramming them after they’ve been pumped full of Zioganda for so long. And finally, forming organizations that put the needs of OUR people and OUR homelands first and which don’t cater to Jews and White Leftists. That would be a good start.

“Vote Corbyn”, the KKKorbyn KKKult says. To hell with Corbyn, I say. To hell with Labour. And to hell with May and the Tories. To hell with the entirety of the British state and its massive, MASSIVE democratic facade. Corbyn is simply a more sophisticated version of Obama. The controllers just made sure to inject more “radicalism” into his Shabbos Goy garb this time around to keep all the lemmings on a b-line right off the proverbial cliff. #WakeUpAndSmellTheGefilteFish

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Is A Product Of Jewish-Zionist Politics And Should Not Be Trusted”

  1. Yes indeed! The stench of the gefilte fish is more than present. Always had a feeling there was something ‘amiss’ with Corbyn. You nailed it. Sure pays to keep sharply focused on these ‘world leaders’.

  2. Problem is: what is the least of two evils – “Saint” Thérèse or “Prophet” Jeremy? Is the latter trying to get elected, having to woe the sheep ? Give him a chance? LIB DEMs? Not much better. GREENs? Yes but too nice to be understood. Friend Jonathan, I shall spread your excellent analysis, hoping our combined forces bring enough humans to awaken their better selves.

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