Israeli forces detain 15 Palestinians overnight

Al-Khalil (Ma’an) — Israeli forces arrested 15 Palestinians in the West Bank overnight, sources said Sunday.

A spokesman of the popular committee in Beit Ummar told Ma’an that Israeli forces had broken into several homes in the Hebron-area town and arrested four young Palestinian men.

He identified them as 18-year-old Basil Ali Hasan Abu Hashim, 19-year-old Muhammad Ibrahim Abd al-Hamid Abu Mariya, 23-year-old Ahmad Yousef Khaled Sabarna, and his brother, 21-year-old Ibrahim.

In the Nablus district, local sources told Ma’an Israeli troops stopped Sheikh Amjad Mustafa Najim at a checkpoint near the village of Qabalan and took him into custody.

Najim has a master’s degree in Islamic teachings, the sources said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an 15 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank overnight.

She said one was arrested near Jenin, three near Ramallah, seven near Bethlehem, and four in the Hebron district.

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