‘Israeli’-Backed Hindu Supremacist Thug Modi Sees His Bollywood War Theater Against Pakistan Blow Up In His Face

by Jonathan Azaziah

Pakistan Zindabad! Death to the cow-piss-drinking terrorists of the Hindutvadi regime!

No seriously, the consumption of bovine urine in India is a massive industry, with the Modi government spending nearly 100 million dollars on industries that make “health” products from cow waste. It’s a more enormous business than selling milk. Hindu extremism at its most disgusting.

And with equal seriousness, we say that Modi the Murderer, also known as Modi the Maniac, should now be known as Modi the Misfit too. Because he launched an aggression against Pakistan in hopes of boosting his popularity in the lead-up to India’s imminent elections, but instead watched the entire Bollywood War Theater blow up in his face. His first attack on the Pakistani town of Jaba, about 100 km north of Islamabad, was said to have killed 300-400 some odd “terrorists”. Turns out no “terrorists” were hit. Nor were any actual, physical human beings. It was a glorious victory for “Akhand Bharat” [Hindutva’s faux, bigoted conceptualization of “Undivided India”] over Pakistan’s… Pine trees. And rocks. Hospital officials and Jaba residents confirmed there wasn’t a single casualty. Yeah. Militarily speaking, it gets no lamer. Pakistan’s Air Force responded proportionately with half a dozen raids on Indian military positions inside occupied Kashmir, landing precise and causing massive damage. India hit back, directly engaging Pakistan’s aces in aerial combat above the Vale’s skies–a foolish, FOOLISH maneuver. Two Hindutvadi regime warplanes were shot down and Pakistan captured a pilot following its decisive thrashing of the invaders.

Just to recap. India’s losses include: One destroyed MiG-21 and its pilot captured; one destroyed Su-30 and both its officers sent to hell; one helicopter and its 6-man crew incinerated; and a command-and-control center on the Indian occupation side of the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir wrecked, reportedly with several dozen casualties. Pakistan’s losses include: Wait. That’s right. Pakistan had no losses! Sorry not sorry, Hindutvadis! You got pounded like a perfect beef cutlet! Was that insensitive and “Hinduphobic”? Just curious.

Anyway, enough taunting. Do note that all of this began in the first place because of what has been deemed a “terrorist attack” in occupied Kashmir’s region of Pulwama, in which 40-45 Indian occupiers were allegedly killed. No need to beat around the bush or pick every detail apart. India was so ‘Israeli’ in its coverage, analysis and response to the event that only two determinations can be made: The “terrorist attack” was actually a false flag, engineered by RAW and Mossad in line with a two-decades old joint stratagem known as the Dragon Policy, which in part stirs up chaos among the Kashmiri people as a pretext to further destabilize the Pakistani state (as well as China and occupied Afghanistan)–like the recent RAW-Mossad PSYOP to establish an ISIS chapter in the Vale. Or… It was a legitimate resistance operation against an occupying military force, an action that is protected under every known international norm and convention governing how an occupied people can respond to their oppressors. This is equally plausible because the alleged “suicide bomber”, Adil Ahmad Dar, was a Kashmiri who had his house burnt to the ground by Hindutvadi occupiers in 2018 following several women in his family being sexually assaulted. Either way… The Pulwama bombing has zero–we repeat, ZERO–to do with Pakistan, exposing Modi the Miscreant as an even larger fraud.

Speaking of ‘Israeli’, it was Zionist hardware that the Indian forces of aggression and Hindu supremacism used in their criminal attack on Jaba. Five Yahoudling-produced, 1,000-kg, Spice-2000 smart missiles, equipped with pre-fed GPS coordinates and jamming technology, were launched on Pakistani sovereign territory. Furthermore, considering there have been extensive joint drills between all the branches of the ‘Israeli’ occupation terrorist army and the Indian occupation terrorist army for the past two years, no doubt that the Air-Force of Cow-Urine Guzzlers was trained by ‘Israel’ too. This falls in line with the despicable fact that “Hindustan” is the usurping Zionist entity’s BIGGEST arms market, with New Delhi buying a billion dollars worth of weaponry ANNUALLY from “Tel Aviv”. Above and beyond this, the “largest democracy in the world” and the “only democracy in the Middle East” have actually had ties since 1950 and the Zio-Tumor has covertly supporting the Hindutvadis in all their conflicts, from China in ’62 to Pakistan in ’65, ’71 and the Kargil War of ’99. India, for its part, helped ‘Israel’ during the Naksa by sending critical military equipment.

Pakistan on the other hand, it mustn’t ever be forgotten, has achieved historic feats in COMBAT AGAINST the fake Halakhic-Talmudic regime. Sometimes racist and sometimes ignorant Arab historians have attempted to erase this glorious past instead of embracing it and building better ties with our Pakistani brothers and sisters. We will attempt to undo this injustice. While India was assisting ‘Israel’ in its genocidal assault during the Naksa, which saw Palestine and the Arab-Islamic world lose the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, Tanafir, Siran, the Golan Heights and the rest of Al-Quds, volunteer Pakistani Air Force pilots joined the fray on the Arab side and shot down TEN–yes, ALLAHU AKBAR, TEN–Zionist aircraft. Know how many they lost while registering this triumph? NONE.

Then in the ’73 war, which saw Syria regain part of occupied Al-Jaulan and come close to total victory before the last-second intervention of the murderous Jewish psychopath Henry Kissinger on the Zio-Tumor’s behalf, Air Commodore Abdus Sattar Salvi aka the “Master of MiGs”, clipped the wings of an ‘Israeli’ Mirage. Shahbaz Formation/Squadron Leader Major Arif Manzoor repeated the feat. Syrian President Hafez al-Assad (R.A.) honored Alvi and Manzoor with two of Syria’s highest marks for courage, the Wissam Faris and the Wissam Shouja3t, kissing them both on their cheeks during the ceremony and telling them they are “honorary Syrians”. Then over in Egypt, Lieutenant M. Hatif blasted an ‘Israeli’ F-4 Phantom out of the sky in a dogfight. If the rest of the Arab states showed as much as heroism as these three Pakistani flight-warriors, maybe ‘Israel’ never would have even completed the Naksa. Additionally, India should’ve studied this before idiotically trying to start a war from the air.

These two conflicting histories, India’s vomit-inducing, heavily Zionist slant, and Pakistan’s true Anti-Zionist nature, reveal an even deeper dimension to Modi the Madman’s attack. Earlier on today, Air Marshal Chandrashekharan Hari Kumar was sacked as chief of the Western Air Command. India laughably and rather pathetically tried to spin it as “retirement”.

Perhaps out of rage over this humiliation, the pièce de résistance on Pakistan’s aerial beatdown of the Polytheist Piss-Gulpers, we find the REAL GOAL… That which has ALWAYS been the goal… being brought out into the open with no qualms whatsoever. Enter Dr. Subramanian Swamy, arguably the biggest Hindu Zionist in all of India. Even bigger than Modi the Maggot himself. Swamy was the national prez of the Janatha Party before it was absorbed into the BJP. No matter. All the same Hindutvadi swill. This collaborationist demon was the first Indian politician to make a publicized trip to the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime, meeting with war criminals Rabin (L.A.) and Begin (L.A.) to lay the groundwork to take the long-standing ‘Israeli’-Indian military-intelligence relationship out into the open. He was campaigning for out-and-out transparency in regards to the Zionism-Hindutva nexus as early as ’77 and when the ‘Israeli’ embassy was opened in ’92, the first travel visas were issued from his residence and the Zionist occupation flag was hoisted above his very house, confirming his role as the architect of the Jewish-Hindu love affair going live. The man isn’t just a Shabbos Goy. He’s a Shabbos Goy in love with the idea of being one.

Keeping that in mind, at 8:27 am on February 28th, 2019, Swamy tweeted that “The Disintegration of Pak into 4 is very much the agenda. The ‘Pakis’ do not know how to govern and are treating Baluchis Sindhi and Pakhtoonis as slaves. ‘Pakis’ heart broken that Kashmiris did not revolt during the last one week”. Still chomping at the bit about 12 hours later at 8:39 pm, he said, “I suggest that we now go to election and ask for a mandate to make Pak into 4.”

Apart from the sheer vileness of his person, with his usage of the racist, British-colonialist-derived epithet “Paki” and the shamelessness of declaring balkanization of your neighbor as a desired policy, what’s even more shocking is his candid admission of what ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY is indeed the agenda. Not just India’s though. Empire Zionica’s. Don’t lose sight of the fact that Swamy is an ‘Israeli’ agent and speaks for Shlomo whenever he opens his yap.

Creating a “Balochistan” and a “Pashtunistan” while taking over the other part of Kashmir and absorbing it into “Akhand Bharat” and leaving just a sliver of Pakistan, is exactly the plan laid out in a map by Jewish-Zionist war criminal, occupation prison guard and Iraq-destroyer Jeffrey Goldberg in a 2008 Atlantic piece. It’s a convergence of a resurrected Agartala Conspiracy, Operation Blue Tulsi and the aforementioned Dragon Policy, which targets the Islamic Republic of Iran too. Chillingly, it’s also a prelude to the maximization of India’s Cold Start Doctrine and eventually, Operation Kurukshetra, the Hindutvadi Nakba-style ethno-communal cleansing of the Vale–a nightmarish scenario made all the more imminent by the Modi regime’s frighteningly vigorous push to repeal Article 35A and start building Hindu settlements on Kashmiri-Islamic land.

So while Imran Khan deserves credit for finding a way to make peace instead of war and doing it with grace and maturity, he actually may have executed a strategic mistake. Because India, most especially with the Hindutvadis at the helm, is not an independent state. It is the linchpin of the cancerous Judaic growth’s hegemonic plans for the Southeast Asia Subcontinent specifically and Asia generally. There is no intention to let Pakistan breathe until it is denuclearized and chopped into pieces. The VHP, RSS and BJP will continue their Hindu supremacist aggression against Pakistan on the political, financial, intelligence, cultural, media, international and military fronts–all with gargantuan ‘Israeli’ assistance along the way. Instead of slavishly and disgustingly rolling out the red carpet for Saudi war criminal Muhammad Bin Salman, Khan should better fortify Pakistan’s defense establishment by disconnecting from the American-Zionist axis, cutting off relations with Saudi Arabia and removing the CIA constraints that are preventing a Mouqawamist infrastructure from blossoming.

Pakistan Zindabad, Azadi for Kashmir and death to the cow-piss-drinking Hindutvadi regime. All day, everyday. We say this in solidarity with our Pakistani, Kashmiri and Indian Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Dalit/non-Hindutvadi brethren… Not with blinders on or out of oblivious triumphalism. Because all signs indicate that Modi, despite this black eye, will still benefit from the whole debacle. That’s how jingoistic and Islamophobic his Hindutvadi base is. And it means that he and his Zionist masters will be going back to the drawing board for preparations on the next onslaught. Islamabad, beware. You came out on top this time around, but the bovine-worshiping barbarians remain at your gates and this is far, FAR from over.

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