Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba Defends Both Bilad al-Rafidayn AND Bilad al-Sham

by Jonathan Azaziah

While the Western-Zionist mainstream media will never tell you so, the Iraqi Resistance is the heroic protector of both Bilad al-Rafidayn AND Bilad al-Sham.

When the Zionist entity and its US-NATO-GCC Panoply of Perniciousness launched the Takfiri terrorist war against Damascus, none of ’em in a million years thought that the Syrian Arab Republic would not only still be standing today but winning in every arena from north to south, east to west. In addition to the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army, it was the assistance of Hizbullah, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and numerous Iraqi Mouqawamah groups indeed which boosted the Syrian counter-insurgency effort and turned the tide in President Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s favor.

One organization of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization (Hashd al-Shaabi) in particular that has been especially instrumental in the liberation of various Syrian territories from Damascus to Homs, Halab to Latakia, is Harakat al-Nujaba, which today sent hundreds of reinforcements to Aleppo’s southern countryside to stave off a Takfiri offensive. Trained by Iran’s Quds Force, advised by Hizbullah and led by Iraqi Resistance legend Sheikh Akram al-Ka’abi, Harakat al-Nujaba is showing Daesh and the American-‘Israeli’ masters of this terrorist vermin that in the name of Resistance, it can and shall fight on two fronts simultaneously as a means of purging the Wahhabi scourge from our region.

On my joint “Shaku Maku”, I rhymed the following: “Kufa still breathes and Karbala survives/In Iraq, we stand up to darkness ‘till it dies/”. Harakat al-Nujaba’s moujahideen are the embodiment of these words. And their participation in the struggle on each side of the Syrian-Iraqi border is yet another proof that the lines delineating the fronts where we fight the enemy have vanished. Empire Judaica’s schemes of division and sedition be cursed to hell and then cursed again; Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran are unified in totality as one Resistance organism.

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