Iraqi Resistance and Iraqi Army Forces, Not America, Liberated Fallujah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fallujah has been liberated! Allahu Akbar! Jummah Mubarak! More love than any heart can handle to all the lion-souled, iron-willed Iraqi Mouqawamah moujahideen and soldiers who secured this victory in the face of an international scheme to keep MossadDaesh present in Al-Anbar Province indefinitely. This is not only a strategic achievement for our people and our heroes, but a spiritual and cultural triumph which paves the way for the “City of Mosques” to be restored as a capital of Mesopotamian Resistance against the Zionist-Imperialist project. Beware of the hasbara campaign that has already started in the likes of the Qatari tyrant’s Al-Jazeera which describes the freeing of Fallujah as “US-backed”. Nothing could be further from reality.

The American ZOG was nowhere near the former ISIS stronghold and said as much on numerous occasions that it wouldn’t get involved because of the presence of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization. The SACRIFICES that represent the foundation of this victory were made by we Iraqis and we Iraqis alone; air strikes on the Takfiri terrorists were carried out by the Iraqi Air Force; the special operations were spearheaded by Abou Azrael’s Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade and Iraqi Counter-Terrorism troops; the on-ground, local intelligence was provided by the Sunnis of Fallujah who WELCOMED the Shi’a-led Hashd al-Shaabi, contrary to the devilry of the Western-Zionist-GCC press which even up until this very second continues to despicably say that Sunnis fear “Shi’a religious cleansing” in their city; logistics and weapons came from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps advisors; and the entire liberation strategy was devised by none other than Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani.

It bears repeating: The American ZOG was nowhere to be found in Fallujah. It is ignominious beyond ignominious for Washington and Al-Jazeera to give credit where credit isn’t even remotely due but ultimately, it is utterly inconsequential; our blood splashed on their mendacious media canvas washes away the picture of untruth they’ve attempted to paint. So let it be known and let it be sung from corner to corner and yard to yard: The victory in Fallujah is Iraqi, not American. The victory in Fallujah is one for Iraqi unity, not Sunni, not Shi’a, not Christian or any other minority but ALL Iraqis irrespective of faith, sect or ethnic origin. The victory in Fallujah is one for our entire region and a massive blow to World Zionism. And there will only be more triumphs to follow. WE ARE ONE HAND! DEATH TO DAESH! MOSUL, HERE WE COME!

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