Iraqi Newborns Burn To Death In Baghdad: American ZOG Is To Blame First And Foremost

by Jonathan Azaziah

I am infuriated, I am horrified, and in that fury and horror, I RIGHTLY blame the miserable American ZOG first and foremost for the 13 Iraqi newborn babies who were burnt to death, the 25 more who were terribly hurt and the countless, yes, COUNTLESS others who are STILL MISSING after an electrical fire engulfed the maternity wing of Baghdad’s Yarmouk Hospital early yesterday morning. It was the American ZOG that severely damaged the Iraqi electricity sector with its criminal assault in the Gulf War. It was the American ZOG that sanctioned Iraq for 13 years, drastically weakening our electricity sector further. And it was the American ZOG that invaded Iraq in ’03 and subsequently DESTROYED the power grids, along with our running water, sanitation services, health care system and a laundry list of other basic human rights that the vast majority of Iraqis are denied (or have very limited access to) up until this very moment. It was also the American ZOG through its Coalition (Colonial) Provisional Authority that gave Iraqis the massively corrupt, massively incompetent regime of kleptocrats and charlatans that continue to run–and I use the word “run” very loosely–Iraq’s day-to-day affairs. Thus, every blunder committed by the Haidar al-Abadi regime–and the atrocious regimes before it–is an extension of the American ZOG continuing to denigrate the Iraqi people.

I can’t get the names of the dead and the screams of their mothers, fathers and grandparents out of my head. One mother, Shayma Hussein, needed extensive medical treatment just to have her baby and considered his birth a miracle. Now her child, Haidar Muhammad Aziz, is among the aforementioned missing newborns who remain unaccounted for. She compared the regime in Baghdad to Daesh and you know what? I don’t disagree with her, as both are creations of the American ZOG and part of the same Zionist-Imperialist war aftermath that keeps Iraq in chains. Not only does this regime sign away our future to the IMF for one of World Zionism’s usurious loans and fail to provide even basic security as Mossad-Takfiri car bombs continue to slaughter our people, but it can’t even protect innocent newborns in a maternity ward either. Yaman Muaad was a little angel who came into this life via c-section. He was burnt to death. Zahra Hussein was just born on Monday. She was was burnt to death. Jaafar Kahtan was being treated in Yarmouk Hospital for breathing problems. He too was burnt to death. All of this was preventable. And all of this is unacceptable.

Slamming the Baghdad regime for its corruption doesn’t go far enough and this is exactly why all the Zionist media happens to be doing is just that. It’s still ALL about the invasion, the occupation and the Oded-Yinon-driven destabilization. The Iraqi “government” is merely a symptom of these diseases. So ultimately, the fact that the Zionist media, the very same grouping of press outlets that granted cover to the 2003 Western-‘Israeli’ aggression, is pretending like Iraq’s electricity sector has always been a mess and not in shambles as a result of a historic US crime, is simply par for the course. Regardless of what these “if it bleeds, it leads” vultures have to say to the contrary, Yaman, Zahra, Jaafar and the other precious newborns absolutely are the victims of the American ZOG, just like the millions of other Iraqi children martyred, wounded and paralyzed by 25 years of Washington’s invasions, sanctions and terrorism. May they, and all of our child martyrs, rest in the sweetest, deepest serenity.

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  1. All that are happens in midle east is a cleaning for the build the
    “Eretz Israel”, a crazy zionist dream , the first step for a world dominate jew (The devil’s job)…

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