Iran’s Suleimani Pays Tribute to Hizbullah’s Quneitra Martyrs

Commander of the Iranian Al-Quds Brigades, Major General Qassem Suleimani paid tribute to Hezbollah martyrs who fell in the Israeli aerial aggression on Syria’s Quneitra.

Suleimani, who arrived in Lebanon on Thursday, laid wreaths on the graves of the martyrs, including Jihad Mughniyah, the son of Hezbollah military commander martyr Imad Mughniyah.

It is worth noting that an Israeli aggression on Syria’s Quneitra on January 18 claimed six Hezbollah members as well as an IRGC general.

On January 28, Hezbollah launched, in response, a rocketry attack on an Israeli military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms, killing and injuring a large number of Zionist officers and soldiers.

Source: Al-Manar

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