In ‘Israeli’-Style War Crime, Saudi-UAE Coalition Bombs A Hospital and A Fish Market In Yemen’s Hudaydah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Isn’t it time that we identify Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as provinces of the usurping Zionist entity? Saudi ‘Israelia’ or Yahoudi Arabia would work for Riyadh and the United ‘Israeli’ Emirates or United Arab Rabbinates would work for Abu Dhabi. Both of these putrid regimes really are just extensions of “Tel Aviv” and what they did in Yemen’s Hudaydah earlier Thursday afternoon is the proof. Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed Al-Thawra Hospital and its immediate vicinity, including a fish market, murdering at least 56 Yemeni civilians and wounding over 130 others. Pregnant women and teenagers are among the casualties. And this is just the martyr count as of this moment. But considering the typically large number of women and children hurt in the horrific attack and the lack of medical supplies getting into the port because of the ongoing US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi-Emirati blockade, there is no doubt that the numbers of dead are going to increase. The Yemeni Health Ministry revealed that this was an IOF-style “double-tap” strike. Meaning that these Zio-Wahhabi monsters hit the hospital with American-and-British-provided bombs… Then circled around to hit the same civilian area — yes, CIVILIAN area, there are no moujahideen from Ansarullah near this particular place – again, destroying an ambulance entering the gate of the medical center and slaughtering even more innocents.

And that is what makes this crime all the more egregious – and keeping with the theme, all the more ‘Israeli’ too. This was a deliberate, maniacal, bloodthirsty crime against humanity. Just the day before, Wednesday, in yet another showing of how committed the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its allies are to peace, top Ansarullah moujahid and chief of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee in Sanaa Muhammad Ali al-Houthi declared a 24-hour ceasefire along with a two-week halt to counterattacks on enemy warships in the Red Sea. He also stated in no uncertain terms that this could be extended if the response from Al-Saud and company was positive. Again, it is the Houthiyeen who want salaam. So what did the Dönmeh demons faking like the “Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques” turn around and do? Took advantage of the lull in hostilities to maim and murder Yemen’s most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable city in the country. Serious question: Can you think of anything more Jewish-entity-like than THAT?! ‘Israel’ has historically used cessations in fighting to regroup, regain strategic positioning, rearm and even take shots at Resistance fighters and officials on its hitlists. The Zio-Tumor passed this snake-ish tactic on to its Takfiri proxies in Syria. Now Al-Saud and its goons are employing it too.

Something else Muhammad Ali al-Houthi insisted on is that his level-headed and Islamic offer was very much on the table ***UNLESS*** the forces of aggression escalated operations either on sea or land. The massacre at Al-Thawra Hospital is indubitably an escalation. And knowing that in more than 3 years of this criminal war waged by the despotic Saudi regime on Empire Judaica’s behalf, Ansarullah has NEVER let even a SINGLE mass-killing go unpunished… We can expect a powerful retaliation from Yemen’s guardians. Not if. But when. Guaranteed. May ALLAH (SWT) grant Jannah to the martyrs, shifa to the wounded and sabr, sumoud and haddad-like strength to the grieving. Death to Yahoudi Arabia. Death to the United Arab Rabbinates. Death to their master – ‘Israel’. And a thousand excruciating agonies on all those who are still gutlessly watching Yemen and its people suffer in silence.

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