In Iraq, Sunni-Shi’a Joint Prayers Are The Ultimate Weapon Against US-Zionist-Saudi-Daeshi Sectarianism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Beautiful. Just… BEAUTIFUL. Shi’a moujahideen of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units pray with Sunni tribal elders just outside of Mosul before returning to the battlefield to move forward with the liberation of Iraq’s second city. What’s the best way to weaken an enemy which seeks nothing less than your complete implosion via sectarian terrorism? By locking knuckles and declaring “We Are One Hand”. And that’s exactly what Iraq’s civilians, soldiers and fighters are doing.

They try to pull us apart, but it just brings us closer together.

They attempt to make us weaker through division, but we just grow stronger through unity.

They wish to blind us with partition, but instead we see everything with the utmost clarity in a single vision–as equals; as brothers; as IRAQIS.

They desire a severance of limbs from the Mesopotamian body, but we respond with a simple message of defiance in defense of our aeons-old identity and every inch of our ancient lands: WE ARE ONE HAND.

Let the Sunni-Shi’a joint prayers continue to serve as Iraq’s armor in this maelstrom of P2OG-Gladio chaos. And may those who seek to harm us–those demonic creatures snarling in the darkness from Washington to “Tel Aviv”, London to Riyadh and Doha–continue to burn, turn, cry, fry and die of defeated rage. #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

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