Illegitimate ‘Israeli’ Regime’s New Supremacist “Nation-State” Bill Is The Zionist Project’s Death Warrant

by Jonathan Azaziah

Shocked and appalled? Nope. Infuriated to the point my blood is boiling and curdling? Not anymore than I usually am and it usually is. I actually COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that ‘Israel’ passed the “nation-state” bill (full name of this criminal legislation is “Basic Law – ‘Israel’ as The Nation State of the Jewish People”). No, I didn’t smoke half a dozen rocks before writing this. Just bear with me and hear me out–there’s a method to the Maddness. ‘Israel’ has always defined itself as a “state” that is at once Jewish and “democratic”–an oxymoron. But by facilitating the codification of Jewishness – not ‘Israeli’-ness, but Jewishness – as the official nationality, Hebrew as the official language, “Hatikva” as the official “national” anthem, Jewish holidays as official holidays, the menorah as an official “state” symbol (note that international death squad Mossad uses the menorah for its insignia), the Jewish-Hebrew calendar as the official calendar, Jewish immigration (“Aliyah”; i.e. colonization) as the only immigration officially allowed, and Jewish expansionism as a “unique” and official “state” imperative under the guise of “(Jewish) national self-determination”… The veneer of “democracy” has finally been ripped off, stomped on, doused in lighter fluid, set on fire and then buried so deep not even worms can reach it. No more can any hasbara operative anywhere on the planet claim that “the Goyim” are lying about the true nature of ‘Israel’.

No more “democracy”–even though Jews will still technically be voting for other Jews to run their entity democratically. No more “liberalism”–even though LGBTQIA degeneracy and other extensions of Western-Judaic liberal thought are very much present across their criminal settlements all over Palestine. There is only Jewish supremacy. With the Basic Law at work, the Jew is a person. The Jew is a citizen. The non-Jew is an un-person. The non-Jew can never be a true citizen of the Jewish “homeland”. That means Palestinians–the true and SOLE owners of Palestine. African migrants–whose lands were ripped apart by ‘Israeli’ destabilization and/or dirty weapons deals with various dictatorial client regimes of “Tel Aviv”. The Filipino, Thai and Nepalese “workers” who clean the lazy, filthy occupiers’ colonies–workers is written in quotations because they’re really more like indentured servants of ‘Israeli’ Jewry. Even the treacherous South Lebanon Army community and other collaborationist Arabs, among them Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Druze. Regardless of whether you’ve honored our ancestors and resisted or if you’ve betrayed everything good and dear to provide services for ‘Israel’… And irrespective of ethnicity and religion… Everyone NOT Jewish… Officially… Rendered Goyim–Cattle–subhuman. The six-pointed-star-draped cat is out of the Hanukkah-gelt-bag. Admit it Zionists… The Goyim had it right all along.

The danger here of course is that the Basic Law has been passed as genocidal psychopath Avigdor Lieberman is openly threatening another war in Gaza, declaring it will be more painful than Operation Mighty Cliff–in which ‘Israel’ slaughtered over 2,300 Palestinians, including 500+ children–and that the residents of Gaza will have to pay the price. Not to mention ‘Israel’ is continuing to rattle the saber against the Resistance Axis and engaging in multiple aggressions on Syria in hopes of provoking a war that it can fight on its own terms with US-NATO assistance. Enshrining Jewishness as sacrosanct within the (anti-)legal system of the Jewish “state” thereby not only makes non-Jewish land-dwellers–specifically Palestinians–something like tenth-class citizens as mentioned above, it quite literally makes them an OFFICIAL threat to the continued existence of the usurping Zionist entity. There are Palestine Solidarity activists around the world screeching about ‘Israel’ presenting its true “apartheid” face. But this is a misnomer and a disturbing and massive watering-down of the disease we’re confronting. We are so far beyond mere “apartheid”. The more appropriate word would be Hafrada, the Hebrew-Judaic term for rabbinically-mandated separation between Jews and Gentiles.

And within Halakhic-Talmudic law, when non-Jews threaten that separation and thus, the “purity” of the Jewish “state” and its “chosen” mission to expand, it is kosher to make war upon such threateners. As a matter of fact, it’s kosher to make war on Gentiles anyway… And anywhere at anytime! See the ravings of the Zionist entity’s most powerful and influential Chabadnik, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, a staunch, romanticizing admirer of murderer Baruch Goldstein and a king-maker within the Entity who described the five main Halakhic principles as sanctifying ‘Yahweh’s’ name, saving Jewish life, revenge, eradication of the seed of Amalek (read: Palestinians, who are more often than not referred to as Amalekites in Zionist discourse), and war. Moreover, where his sick thought is derived from is Judaism’s most celebrated rabbinic sage, Maimonides (L.A.), who wrote in Chapter 1, Halacha 1 of his “Mishneh Torah” that upon establishing ‘Israel’, Jews must “wipe out the descendants of Amalek, as Deuteronomy 25:19 states: ‘Erase the memory of Amalek’” and in Chapter 1, Halacha 2, “Amalek’s seed should be annihilated before the construction of the Temple”. ‘Israel’ is a not a secular “state” nor a “democratic” one. It never was. It has always been Jewish with a rabbinate making the laws. And no personality in the last 1,000 years of Jewish history has shaped Jewish law like Maimonides (L.A.) Simply put, what the Basic Law represents on the political and Judaic levels is carte blanche to commit wanton ethnic cleansing to finish off “Amalek” and “sanctify” the Zionist regime. No hyperbole here at all but we may now be on the verge of a second Nakba.

As bleak as this is though, and while there isn’t even a shadow of a doubt that it is going to get bleaker before it gets better, we are in the final days of such darkness. Yes, there is a silver lining to all of it: Every Martyr who heroically gave their life in the liberationist line of duty has been vindicated. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi. Fathi Shaqaqi and Mahmoud al-Majzoub. George Habash and Abou Ali Moustafa. Jawaher and Bassem Abou Rahmah. Moustafa Tamimi. Sana’a Mehaidli, Khaled al-Azraq and Ibtissam Harb. Sayyed Abbas Moussawi and Ghaleb Awali. General Muhammad Allahdadi and General Muhammad Suleiman. Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi and Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. Sheikh Muhammad Turi and my uncle Ishaq-Hussein Azaziah. So many more bright and beautiful others too. May ALLAH (SWT) be pleased with them all and raise their ranks to humanly-inconceivable heights. They all said you cannot reform the unreformable. They all said you cannot live with a cancer, you have to cut it out by any means necessary. The Zio-Tumor’s Basic Law solidifies their warnings, their teachings and their actions a thousand fold. Again I say… VINDICATION for the Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Yemeni and Nigerian Martyrs of the Palestinian cause.

And THAT is why I couldn’t be happier. Because we’ve arrived at the precipice and we cannot look back. We must take the plunge and state things exactly as they are. No more room to run. The Two State Solutionists have been exposed as frauds for the final and most devastating time–how can you have a state side-by-side with land-thieves who don’t even consider you human? And the One State Solutionists have been exposed as even bigger scammers–how can you share land with usurpers who think they have rites–not mere rights but RITES–from a god they don’t even believe in to slaughter you by un-virtue of your Gentile birth? On both fronts, you can’t. You just can’t and to think otherwise gets you slapped with a label of “prime candidate for loony bin accommodations”.

Indeed, there is no other choice but Death to ‘Israel’. There is no other choice but Right of Return. There is no other choice but armed resistance until full liberation. There is no other choice but the Algeria-Hizbullah option–TOTAL decolonization. Good job Zionists. By bringing the Basic Law into being, what you’ve actually done is sign your illegitimate, artificial, shaytanic, genocidal and supremacist project’s death warrant. As ALLAH (SWT) as our witness, we cannot wait for the funeral! Rest assured and rest in hellfire… There will be much, MUCH Dabke upon your grave. #Ta7yaFalasteen #DeathToIsrael #DeathToJewishSupremacy #LiberatePalestineFromTheRiverToTheSea #ZionismIsCancer #CutOutTheTumor

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