If You Defend The Oppressed, Seek Islamic Unity And Stand With The Resistance Axis, Then Eid al-Ghadeer Is Your Day

by Jonathan Azaziah

Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah. The people, army, government and President of the Syrian Arab Republic, especially the steadfast citizens of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya who are celebrating their first Eid al-Ghadeer in 3 years and 4 months since the Zio-Takfiri siege was lifted. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, chiefly Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah. Pakistan’s Zaynabyoun. Afghanistan’s Fatemiyoun. And all free, independent, Godwary and Mouqawamistic-minded souls wherever they are in the world who adore Imam Ali (A.S.) with their everything and stand with those individuals, states and movements who reflect his love of justice in totality: The Axis of Resistance.

The reason for the targeted salutations on this fine day when we celebrate the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.)–the last, best and noblest of ALLAH’s (SWT) messengers–declaring that just as he is the Mawla (master) of all Muslims, Imam Ali (A.S.) is also their Mawla, is because expressing love for the wisdom, knowledge, gallantry, Godwariness, eloquence, strength and rank of Al-Karrar (A.S.) isn’t enough. Going through the rare-gemstone-like words of Haydar’s (A.S.) Nahjul Balagha and reading them to your children, nieces and nephews isn’t enough. Recounting the sublime shift in human history at Ghadeer Khumm when Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) took Asadullah’s (A.S.) hand in his hand and raised it for all to see, and going over it again and again so you know it inside and out, isn’t enough. Even educating the ignorant on the true meaning of Surat al-Ma’idah, Verse 3, known as Ayah al-Ikmal al-Deen (Verse/Sign of the Perfection of the Religion), in which ALLAH (SWT) reveals to us that it was at Ghadeer Khumm that Islam was completed as the authority of the Second of the Thaqalayn was indubitably established, still isn’t enough. Because though all of this is beautiful and definitely necessary on this holiest of occasions, it all falls short without the application of it to the very real struggle being waged at the global level by the ideological offspring of Amir al-Moumineen (A.S.) against Dajjal.

To celebrate Eid al-Ghadeer to the fullest is to show love to the Mouqawamah Bloc and all of its unrelenting fighters, its resilient citizens, its wise leadership and its unmatched intellectuals–primarily Dr. Hassan Abbasi and Dr. Akbar Raefipour, as these two transcendent voices shake the enemy more so than maybe any other thinkers in the world. Why? Because if Imam Ali (A.S.) was with us… As we speak… Right here, right now on the physical plane… He would be commanding the Muhammadi-Husseini legions against ‘Israel’ and the Takfiri Goy Golem, not Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani. Nor Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Nor Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Indeed, those three heroes would instead be at the beckoned call of Lady Fatima al-Zahra’s beloved husband (A.S.)

Moreover, as mentioned above, Imam Ali’s (A.S.) love of justice ran parallel to his love of Islam because Islam is Deen al-Adalah (the religion of justice) after all. Abou Turab (A.S.) reminded us often that ALLAH (SWT) is Al-Adl (SWT; The Just) and thus, it is required of us as Muslims to be just ourselves and tear into injustice like Ali (A.S.) on the battlefield. So this Eid al-Ghadeer, you scream at your lungs’ maximum capacity for Palestine, which is still under the jackboot of the satanic Zionist occupiers; Kashmir, which suffers daily at the hands of the godless Hindutvadi marauders; and Yemen, which Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described as the most oppressed nation on Earth. Wherever there is tyranny and repression, it is our duty as adherents of the revelations delivered to Ahmad al-Habib (S.A.W.W.) and recognizers of Ya’sub al-Deen’s (A.S.) guardianship to be vociferous in our opposition to such ugliness. Again we ask… Why?! Because if Al-Murtaza al-Waliullah (A.S.) was breathing alongside you and I at this very second, there wouldn’t be a minute that passed without him speaking and writing for the voiceless and the downtrodden–with a central focus on the accursed supremacists masquerading as “the chosen” who we’re warned of again and again in the Holy Qur’an. He did command us to “oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed”, did he not?

To conclude, and perhaps most importantly, the observance of the Eid al-Ghadeer festivities is a bridge between Muslims that World Jewry and its Wahhabi clients have long sought to maliciously burn: That of unity. Understanding the gravity of Eid al-Ghadeer is as strategic and critical as naming the Yahoudling as the globe’s most domineering oppressor. Because if Muslims aren’t divided… Muslims can’t be conquered. And if Muslims aren’t conquered… Then the day that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke of in which hundreds of thousands of moujahideen from across the Islamic world will descend upon Palestine and liquidate Zionism would be tomorrow. ‘Israel’ is so abysally committed to spreading fratricide among Muslims that Major Avichay Adraee, the head of IOF’s Arab media division (read: anti-Arab, anti-Muslim psychological warfare unit), was quoting Ibn Taymiyyah (L.A.), Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab (L.A.) and Ikhwanji charlatan Qaradawi last June to rally Sunnis against Shi’a generally and the the revolutionary Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology of Iran specifically. It’s also well-known that Saudi Arabia, the Zio-Tumor’s closest regional ally, has been removing positive ahadith about Imam Ali (A.S.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) from Sunni books for decades. The illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime is now supplementing this hate and confusion. These seditious designs aren’t hidden; they’re right in our faces and being shoved down our throats.

The answer to it is to kill sectarianism deader than dead. Eid al-Ghadeer isn’t for Jaafari Shi’a. Nor Zaydi Shi’a. Nor Isma’ilis. Nor Sunnis. Nor Sufis. Nor Ibadis. Mawla Day is for all Muslims. Because if you love truth and you love justice, then you should love Imam Ali (A.S.) And if you love Imam Ali (A.S.), then you’ll want to strive hard to live according to his sanctified example. Which means campaigning against evil with every atom and heavenly molecule that ALLAH (SWT) meticulously constructed to make up your physical and spiritual being. And there are none more evil than the successors of the Parasitic Filth whose fortress door was ripped off by Imam Ali (A.S.) 1,390 years ago. Be like The Gate To The City Of Knowledge (A.S.) Oppose the oppressor. Support the oppressed. THAT… is TRULY Eid al-Ghadeer! Ya Mawla. Ya Haydar. Ya Karrar. Ya Zulfiqar. Ya Ali, Ali, Ali Madad (A.S.)!

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