Hypocrite Talib Kweli “Apologizes” For Trump While Shamelessly Admitting He Voted For War Criminal Zio-Killary Clinton

by Jonathan Azaziah

How does world-renowned “politically conscious” MC Talib Kweli, who should now be considered a Sorosite, Democratic Party shill on every level, even look himself in the mirror? He had the audacity to recently go on the Qatari tyrant’s Al-Jazeera, a media institution with the blood of countless Syrians, Libyans and Yemenis on its hands, to apologize for Donald Trump’s presidency, while on the very same segment revealing that he voted for Zio-Killary Clinton. Cognitive dissonance much? What makes this so astonishing is that last time I checked the record, while Trump hasn’t even reached office yet, Obama has wreaked havoc on the entire Black and Brown world for the last 8 years and this self-styled “revolutionary” has been chirping with the crickets.

Zio-Killary’s rap sheet meanwhile, not track record, but RAP SHEET–as she is a war criminal of the highest order–is miles and decades long, but he chose to actually cast a vote for this evil demoness to “stop Trump” (a “noble” mission mind you that has also been taken up by the entire Zionist media, Wall Street and all of the Wicked Witch of Zion’s very wealthy Judaic backers)? Yo! Kweli! Are you braindead, brainwashed, ignorant or catching a check from the same Yahoudlings breaking off all these duplicitous sacks of shit in the streets right now for the American color revolution? Hmmm? What’s the deal b? Ultimately though, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. This is indeed the very same Talib Kweli who needed to be TOLD to cancel his gig in occupied Palestine, like he ain’t know ‘Israel’ was an expansionist, malignant tumor and like he ain’t know, after living in Brooklyn and being in the music industry for decades, that Jews are obnoxious, toxic, aggressive, Black-Hating, Muslim-cursing, land-stealing, globe-holding oppressors.

This is the same Kweli who gleefully met with Obama like a happy lil’ House Negro in April ’16, not to mention that one of the reasons he voted for Zio-Killary is because he thinks that Clinton being the first female US president is “revolutionary”. Keeping these truths in mind, there are some important questions for the “activist” MC that should be answered immediately: Where the fuck was he when the “first Black president” laid waste to Libya and turned what was Africa’s wealthiest country into a Takfiri-terrorist haven? Where the fuck was he when Obama unleashed AFRICOM on the the entire African continent and launched murderous military interventions in Uganda, the CAR, Mali and elsewhere, as well as the expansion of brutal CIA drone strikes and covert operations in Somalia? Where the fuck did he disappear to when the US-backed Buhari regime massacred hundreds (possibly thousands) of unarmed Nigeria Shi’a and threw Sheikh Zakzaky in a dungeon? Where the fuck has he been for the last 20 months as Obama has limitlessly backed Saudi Arabia in its evisceration of the Yemeni nation and the deliberate starvation of millions of Yemeni children?

And where the flying fuck has Talib Kweli been for the last five and a half years as Obama and “revolutionary feminist” Zio-Killary have armed head-chopping, suicide-bombing, organ-eating Takfiri terrorist death squads in Syria in an ill-fated try to liquidate the Resistance Axis on the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s behalf? Huh? Where?! Since we’re in full-blown rage mode now, let’s switch over to Zio-Killary and her “progressive” and “anti-racist” career, shall we? Her and her mass-murdering husband implemented the infamous “Crime Bill” that boosted the Prison-Industrial-Complex–which Kweli claims to oppose–like a steroid, militarized the Blue Bacon (cops/pigs/police) at a rate comparable to hyperdrive and saw the unlawful, brutal lock-up of hundreds of thousands of Black and Brown youth for nonviolent crimes.

Her and her husband oversaw the mass killing in Rwanda, the overthrow of a government in Haiti–which they then raped and pillaged alongside ‘Israeli’ organ traffickers with their Clinton Foundation–the bombing of a pharmaceutical production plant in Sudan, the sanctioning of Iraq that wiped out millions and the balkanization of Yugoslavia. Zio-Killary herself played an intimate role in nearly every ungodly violation of humanity that Obama committed in his first presidential term, especially Libya and selling weapons to the malevolent, slave-owning Saudi regime. And she’s also outright called for war on Syria, where she mothered the aforementioned Wahhabi filth, and Russia, which would be a global (and likely) nuclear conflict. Broken down to the atoms: When it comes to preference, Talib Kweli will take the baby-killing, blood-drinking, nation-destroying, terrorist-birthing psychopath over the loudmouth billionaire who doesn’t want to overthrow Damascus, nor Moscow. Got it. And he came to this conclusion by the way because Bernie Sanders, a two-faced, lying Zionist Jew to end all two-faced, lying Zionist Jews, convinced him of it. Told y’all he was a Sorosite, Democratic Party shill.

And to be UNEQUIVOCALLY clear, this isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about liberals, progressives, leftists and humanists who will run their mouths ’till their jaws are sore about “right-wingers”, but seem physically incapable of moving their lips when it comes to even uttering a word against establishment personalities from within their own ideological spheres. It’s sickening. It’s infuriating. It’s vomit-inducing. You wanna take it upon yourself to apologize for the American ZOG Kweli? Then let’s start with an “I’m sorry” for all the innocent people your beloveds Obama and Hillary have slaughtered across the Global South. Slaughter, which, since ***YOU*** voted for those who carried it out, should be apologized for by you too. And if you don’t have the guts to do that, if you don’t have the humility to admit just how wrong you are, then you really should just keep your hypocrite-mouth the hell closed. We will all happily “Get By” without you.

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