House Muslim Linda Sarsour Tows Her Zionist Masters’ Line And Says Trump Is Committing “Treason”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Linda Sarsour, that despicable creature. I thought she maxed out last year when she raised money for a Zionist synagogue over some damaged Jewish graves that a rabbi more than likely vandalized to begin with. But boy was I wrong. Every time I think that she hits Peak Liberal and Pinnacle House Muslim, she finds a way to take it to an even higher, more degenerate degree. I gotta give the cockroach credit, it’s almost like a gift. Yes, Sarsour the Snakeskinned is at it again, this time accusing Donald Trump of committing “treason” all over her Twitter account because of the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She ain’t think it was treason when Trump received orders from Jewish billionaires Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus and Sheldon Adelson to collude with a foreign power — ‘Israel’ — and recognize illicit Zionist authority over Al-Quds. She ain’t screech that it was treason when Trump made the decision to continue backing the genocidal war on Yemen waged by Saudi Arabia in collusion with… ‘Israel’. She ain’t bark that it was treason when Trump stepped up support to the God-awful Venezuelan opposition in collusion… with ‘Israel’. She ain’t whine about any damn treason when Trump colluded with a foreign power — ‘Israel’ — to inaugurate operations rooms meant for destabilizing the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And Linda the Liar was in no mood to cry out “TREASON!” when it came to light that Trump, like his three predecessors, signed a pledge to protect the extremist nuclear program of a foreign power–you guessed it… ‘ISRAEL’. No, Linda the Likudnik thinks Trump’s a traitor because he’s attempting to walk America away from the WW3 ledge that her object of worship Baruch Uncle O’Toma put us all on with his destabilization of Syria and coup in Ukraine. Facilitating detente between two nuclear superpowers should be the last thing in the world that gets one branded with such an accusation. Nevertheless, welcome to the psychotic times we’re living in. Tons and tons of things to criticize and rip the Orange Oaf to shreds for, including everything mentioned above. But making peace with the Russian Federation in defiance of the “chosenite” shadow government isn’t one of them.

This is now the line being towed by the Democratic Party from the top all the way down to the rank-and-file and it is beyond crazy. Not “Russian meddling”. Not “Russian interference”. But “treason”. It’s pathological and deeply dangerous. “Russiagate” is a Zionist hoax. Like Iraq’s WMDs. Like Qadhafi’s viagra-popping, rape-seeking soldiers and the Benghazi massacre. Like Assad’s sarin attacks. Smoke, mirrors and Jewish-owned corporate media hyperbole. The actual collusion that is happening between the current US ZOG and an outside power should be called Israelgate. Verily, it is the usurping Zionist cancer that is exercising unprecedented, unmatched, unhinged influence on the Trump regime just as it did with Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, etc. Nobody is touching it with a 1,000-foot pole though. And why Linda L’Chaim matters here is because she is giving the “Muslim” stamp of approval to this SKULLDUGGGERY in a blatant attempt to recruit other left-wing-oriented young Muslims into the mix for the ZOG’s eventual conversion of the ongoing soft war on Russia into a hard, direct, interventionist one. If Trump is “treasonous” like she claims, then what will stop the “Christian” Zionists within the US military who have a direct line with ‘Israel’ from toppling him? What will stop the AIPAC-dominated Congress from impeaching him? Now, so long as Trump pursues a foreign policy on every other front that Zion is comfortable with — which is what he is doing and of course, Linda the Lizard thinks nothing of it — he may be left alone. But the threat is there. The JFK scenario is there. And as putrid as the Tangerine Terrorist has been, what will come after him with the fanatical Dominionist Mike Pence is a truly disturbing thought.

What trick is Sarsour the Sanhedrin Slave going to perform for her masters next? And yes, I do say masters because there is no other word applicable here. The Sussmans, George and Alex Soros, 9/11 cover-up artist Deborah Simon, Sol Goldman Investments, Henry Laufer, Haim Saban and all the other Zionist Yahoudlings who bankroll the Democratic Party have given out the marching orders to their Goy Lemmings: Blame Russia for everything under the sun including the Ice Age as a means of deflecting the long-standing ‘Israeli’ subversion of all elements of American (and really, global) society. Standing in opposition to WW3 is “treason”. Causing WW3 is “patriotism”. Perfectly Judaic, honestly. But what else are we to expect from Sarsour the Servile Sorosite? This is the same sellout who has backed Zion’s Takfiri maniacs in Syria, branded a leading player of the Palestinian Resistance a “terrorist organization”, carried water for Zion’s closest ally Saudi Arabia and unequivocally stated that she recognizes the accursed, criminal existence of ‘Israel’ as legitimate. Taking all this into consideration, why ***wouldn’t*** she disseminate hasbara about Russia and Putin?! Indeed, serving World Jewry to the very best of her “chosen”-approved abilities is just what Linda Bint Shlomo does!

2 thoughts on “House Muslim Linda Sarsour Tows Her Zionist Masters’ Line And Says Trump Is Committing “Treason””

  1. Great article but I prefer the term “dispensationalist” to describe Mike Pence though I don’t exactly know if Catholic Evangelicals are dispensationalists. Nobody can understand why Christian Zionist are the way they are without knowing what the “dispensationalist” so-called prophecy is and the Scofield Bible. This video below reeks of Dispensationalism though. Israel’s 70 years was always a huge deal to my grandma whose brain was completely infected with Dispensationalism when she was a little girl. (B4 WW2 & Israel became a state)

  2. I mean, perhaps Pence is a Dominionist but America isn’t really in danger of becoming a. Christian theocracy, even if Pence was to become president. Right now the real danger is Zionism & I highly suspect Pence is a dispensationalist. (Christian evangelicals are.) We really need to get the term dispensationalist into the dialogue so that dispensationalists themselves can discover the roots of why they think that modern Israel is prophecy & the Jews are chosen by god to own the land.

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