“Holocaust” Revisionist Monika Schaefer Is A Heroine And We Should All Demand Her Freedom In Defiance Of World Zionism

by Jonathan Azaziah


Not the official story of the JFK assassination. Not even the hegemonic narrative superimposed on the events of September 11th, 2001. The greatest aberration of history by far and bar none is that of the victors’ line on World War II and the “Holocaust”. 6 million Jews DID NOT die. There were no gas chambers. There were ZERO – let it be repeated, ZERO – written orders from any German official whatsoever to carry out a “final solution” vis-a-vis European Jewry and this was confirmed by the world’s foremost “Holocaust” expert Raul Hillberg on record, under oath at the Ernst Zundel trial. The overwhelming majority of Jewish (and Gentile) deaths in German prison/work camps were from starvation and disease due to a lack of food and medicine after the US and Britain bombed German supply lines mercilessly. Germany removed the Rothschilds from Vienna, Frankfurt and Paris and confiscated all of their assets–solidified by the Rothschild family’s own archives. And the aforementioned mythical number, “6 million”, apart from having a malevolent Kabbalistic meaning and origin, was repeated by Zionist officials and Jewish newspapers (both communal and corporate) some 140 times going all the way back to 1900–the purpose of which was to lay the groundwork psychologically and propagandistically for Gentiledom to accept what was to come. These facts alone – long-suppressed by World Jewry and the American Empire it lords over – are enough to shatter everything we know about the most destructive war humanity has ever known. It is for this very reason that EVERYONE, completely and utterly REGARDLESS of what your political persuasion is, should stand up and demand the freedom of Monika Schaefer, who as of this moment is sitting inside a German ZOG dungeon for the crime of thinking things that Global Zionism has decreed unthinkable. Since January 3rd, she has been locked up. Unjustly. 202 days and counting.

This is a Canadian citizen of German extraction from Jasper, Alberta who was the Green Party candidate for the Yellowhead riding in the 2006, 2008 and 2011 federal elections. She’s 59 years old and is an immensely talented, classically trained violin instructor. She is an antiwar activist, a defender of the peoples of Canada’s First Nations and a backer of the Palestinian cause. She woke up to Global Zionism’s lies in 2014 and has been a runaway freight train ever since. In June of 2016, she made a video entitled, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. Soft-spoken but hard-hitting, it was translated into multiple languages and sparked an awakening all over the world. From that point, she had her Green Party membership revoked and the Zionist Lobby led by ever-devilish B’nai B’rith hasn’t stopped targeting her. Simply because she stated a fact: The “Holocaust” story we’ve all been told in the West from the time we were old enough to enter grade school is the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history”. And if one just digs a bit – not a lot, just a thimble – then the truths mentioned above are barely the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier this year, Monika went to Germany to visit her brother Alfred Schaefer, who’s a truth-seeker himself, and also to observe the German ZOG’s absurd and obscene prosecution (read: persecution) of a member of Ernst Zundel’s defense team, the fiery and lionhearted Sylvia Stolz–who has been in and out of the German ZOG’s dungeons for the last 11 years just for speaking the truth about WW2. Around 45 minutes into the hearing, the German ZOG state prosecutor bizarrely interrupted the Talmudic assault on Stolz and then ordered German security forces to arrest Monika! Mind you, her video was not produced in Germany but Canada and she hadn’t engaged in any “Holocaust” Revisionist activity on German soil–she was JUST observing. So why was she arrested?! Because none other than B’nai B’rith, which wields influence over governments on a global scale, put a call into some of their Shabbos Goyim to make it happen. B’nai B’rith literally said “jump” and the German regime said, “Sir! Yes, sir! Shlomo, sir! How high and how many Goys do we take with us, sir?!” According to Alfred, what the German ZOG’s “legal” mercenary said to Monika as she was dragged away by the heavily armed pigs was, “If you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada”. If you’re not outraged, your soul is missing. If you’re not disturbed, your brain might be missing too.

So let’s lay it on the line. Zionist Jews can set up media outlets like Breitbart (founded by Larry Solov and cocaine-snorting degenerate Andrew Breitbart) and The Rebel Media (founded by Ezra Levant) with the express purpose of waging war against Islam on behalf of ‘Israel’. Hollywood Jews can use their platforms to insult Jesus Christ (A.S.) in the vilest and most cringe-worthy ways, like Larry David urinating on a picture of the Son of Mary (A.S.) in a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode or Sarah Silverman stating, “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d fucking do it again in a second.” The Soviet version of history is taught to impressionable young students by leftistani professors the world over. It’s “revolutionary”, we’re told. The American-British version of history has become like a holy relic so pristine that if the plebs attempt any examination, they’ll be burned. Jews, as “the chosen people”, are above criticism and anyone who doesn’t think so must be punished.

Germans can be slandered, insulted, abused and ripped limb from limb in one Jewish-made “entertainment” product after another–there’s thousands of movies, television shows and “documentaries” at this point–creating a cloud of mass manipulation so thick that Gentiles worldwide think “Nazi” when they think of Germans even though they don’t even know what “Nazi” means or that “Nazi” is in a fact a Jewish/Allied hasbara term. All of this is acceptable in the “enlightened” (read: ZOGified) West. But question the TINIEST OF DETAILS regarding WW2 and present your inquiry from a German or Japanese perspective, and you’re a Jew-hating fascist who not only SHOULD be thrown into prison but actually DO get thrown into prison? This is also the “enlightened” (read: ZOGified) West. So liberal, so democratic. So… KOSHER. So NAUSEATING. As it’s been said by numerous luminaries, including Monika Schaefer herself in a separate video, truth doesn’t need laws to protect it. Lies do.

On the track “Dead The Dajjal”, from my 2015 album of the same name, I say at the end of the first verse, “How can I deny your ‘Holocaust’ when there wasn’t one to begin with?!” Indeed. Holofraud, Holoscam, Holocrock and Holosham are all infinitely more appropriate and accurate names. Of course one has to deny it. Like Saddam having WMDs or Al-Qaeda doing 9/11… IT… DID… NOT… HAPPEN. If someone says the sky is green, you are, by virtue of your commitment to the undeniable facts before you, a green-sky-denier! Because the sky is blue!! It doesn’t make you “evil”. It doesn’t make you “fascist”. It doesn’t make you “anti-Semitic”. It makes you truthful! Enough of these clownish linguistic exercises just to dodge the ire of the Jews who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag with a Wakazashi anyway–hence why they pay “the Goyim” to do the dirty work for them.

Perhaps there’s been no Gentile government that exemplifies this state of pathetic servitude to the Synagogue of Satan like Germany, which has insanely paid out hundreds of billions of dollars in fake reparations to fake survivors of a fake genocide. On top of that, the German regime has provided ‘Israel’ with nuclear submarines capable of delivering atomic warheads–genuinely horrifying considering the Samson Option. As a member of NATO and otherwise, Germany has participated in numerous Jewish serial wars, the most recent of which is still being waged on the Syrian Arab Republic. Germany has a Hate Speech Regime in place that beats German citizens over the head with the hammer of the Holobollocks until all kneel before its fraudulence and sends those courageous enough to push harder into jail cells. And now, Germany is going after someone from another country who didn’t even commit a crime on German soil –including thought crime — just because a powerful, international Jewish Lobby group told it to. Monika Schaefer shouldn’t have to pay a price for the German regime’s abysmal subservience to Shlomo.

A closing note should be made that the Zionist devil Michael Mostyn and all the “chosenoid” goonlings at B’nai B’rith Canada, one of the most wretched institutions to ever exist, should rot in the hottest and most excruciating fires of hell for what they’ve done to this poor woman. May Monika Schaefer and her brother (who’s also been dragged into this Orwellian circus) be freed from their plight with swiftness and may their burden be eased by our Creator with the utmost strength. Being someone who has been brutalized by B’nai B’rith for speaking the truth, I know better than most what they’re going through. But they are on the side of Haqq and it is Haqq that is always victorious in the end, even if the struggle is bitter until that final stage. I salute the Schaefers. Wholeheartedly. Absolutely. They are intellectual soldiers. They are revisionist warriors. They are revolutionaries. And Monika in particular is a heroine who will one day find her name and her face across skylines. In the name of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and Anti-Parasitism, let us never stop the light from shedding on their dauntless struggle until their liberation from the clutches of World Zionism is so.

3 thoughts on ““Holocaust” Revisionist Monika Schaefer Is A Heroine And We Should All Demand Her Freedom In Defiance Of World Zionism”

  1. The “Holocaust of Six Million Jews” was the “reason” for DESTROYING PALESTINE and “returning home” to a place where European Jews had NEVER been.

  2. Something BIG “stinks” in this whole jewish “holocaust ™” deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made “deals” with the German government in order to make life “uncomfortable” for jewish Germans. In fact, it was jewish Zionist leaders who first proposed that all jews wear the “yellow Star of David” armband so that they could be easily identified. German jews considered themselves Germans first and had no desire to emigrate.
    The establishment of a “homeland” along with the 6,000,000 figure was a Zionist “dream” since the 1800s. Many periodicals of the day starting with the 1800s touted the “six-million” figure.
    What better way to encourage “emigration” to a foreign land than to make things difficult for the “cream of German society” (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” is out . . .
    As cremation of ONE human body takes hours, the amount of time claimed by holocaust ™ promoters is a physical, scientific and statistical impossibility. Their claims also do not account for the “downtime” that crematoria require for maintenance, etc. In addition, there are no mass burial sites that are commensurate with the claims of “six-million” or even “one-million”. There is also a jewish prohibition on excavation of claimed possible burial sites. WHY?? Because THEY DO NOT EXIST. There is even a prohibition on the use of ground penetrating radar to search for burial sites. WHY?? If millions were gassed and cremated, the activities would have lasted well into the 1950s.
    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™” has been turned into a de-facto “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish “holocaust ™” truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the “tribe” that FEAR the real truth of the jewish “holocaust ™” being exposed is evident. A questionable judicial “trick” used in “holocaust ™” trials is that of “judicial notice” in which TRUTH CANNOT BE USED AS A DEFENSE OR ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE IN THE “KANGAROO COURTS” THAT PROSECUTE THOSE WHO DARE TO INVESTIGATE THIS HISTORICAL EVENT. Judicial notice, once invoked against a defendant, disallows the introduction of evidence that does not conform to “commonly accepted beliefs” about the
    “holocaust ™”, EVEN IF THE EVIDENCE EXPOSES THE “HOLOCAUST ™” LIES AND FABRICATIONS THAT CAN EASILY BE DEBUNKED. A question for you “holocaust ™” promoters–why are there laws that criminalize the search for truth?? What are you afraid of??
    When the truth about this historical event comes out, it will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. . . “there’s NO business like “SHOAH business”. Zionist complicity in this event is carefully “covered up”.
    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the “official” jewish “holocaust” story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to “all things holocaust ™”. Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment.
    The latest “vicitms” of “holocaustianity ™” are Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer, both grandmothers who have been prosecuted and sentenced to maximum-security prisons in Germany for “incorrect thoughts”.
    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the “chosen”) to engineer the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust ™” is the only one that counts . . . It is interesting to note that the term
    “holocaust ™” to mean “mass extermination” was never used during or immediately after WW2, only coming to vogue in the 1960s, when it was noted that “guilt” could be assigned and reparations (shekels) could be procured.
    Look at the “commercialization of the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten. To assure a continuing supply of jewish “holocaust ™” “survivors”, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean “camp” numbers) on their children and grandchildren. In addition, jewish psychologists have come up with a new concept, and “disease”–”holocaust ™ “transference syndrome”. You see, children and grandchildren of jewish “holocaust ™” survivors are infected with this “disease” and should also be considered “holocaust ™” survivors, eligible for “holocaust ™” reparations.
    According to these jewish psychiatrists, even unrelated individuals can be “infected” with this “malady”.
    Since the Zionist jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least).. This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a “homeland”–Israel. It is interesting to note that the German boycott of jewish businesses lasted for one day, whil the jewish boycott (actually the jews’ declaration of war on Germany) started in 1933 and lasted until the summation of WW2.
    Zionists have been predicting a jewish “homeland” for the last two-hundred years while predicting a “holocaust ™” of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures).
    The International Red Cross had full access to all of the camps for the duration of the war, yet reported NOT ONE INSTANCE of extermination or mass murder.
    Regarding that “holocaust ™” “showplace” Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called “gas chambers”. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called “gassing” took place”. There is a “gas chamber” chimney that is not connected to anything. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the “operators” of these supposed “gas chambers”. As Germans were excellent engineers, it is difficult to observe the glaring engineering errors that presently exist in these “camps”.
    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported “gas chambers”, had them tested and published his results. The absence of Prussian blue (ferricyanide) in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the “gas chambers” did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing. In fact, the “chimney” for the supposed “gas chamber” does not connect to anything.
    Mr. Leuchter’s was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the “tribe”. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts “law” for “practicing engineering without a license”–a law which had never been used vindictively before or since. . .After his report was published, he was harassed by Israeli “deep state” types (mossad) who he successfully “outed”.
    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to “create” the “death camps” for propaganda purposes. Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering–many people perished. The prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.
    It is interesting to note that, before the camps were “liberated” by the “allies”, the camp occupants chose to flee with the German troops, rather than be “liberated” by the Russian “allies”.
    It is said that “the light of day is the best disinfectant in the search for truth” Unfortunately this quote does not apply to “all things holocaust ™”. It appears that there are those “holocaust ™” promoters who are afraid of the TRUTH. Hence the prosecution and incarceration of those who dare question aspects of this historical event.
    I urge all “holocaust ™” believers to check these things out for yourselves–IF YOU DARE. You will not like what you find…

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