“Holocaust” Hoax Alert: Turns Out That Anne Frank Wasn’t “Betrayed”… And Guess What? The Rest Of Her Story Is Bullshit Too

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t you just love how Holohoax, I mean Holofraud, I mean Holocrock, I mean Hollow-Co$t, I mean HOLOCAUST® propaganda always falls apart at the seams in the end? I know I do! It turns out that Anne Frank, the young Jewish diarist whose harrowing (fake) story has brainwashed millions of Westerners and non-Westerners, was in fact not “betrayed” by the Dutch couple who originally helped her and her family evade German troops during WW2, thereby invalidating the disgusting age-old Jewish “scratch a ‘Goy’, find a Jew-hater” and “the ‘Goyim’ always betray the Jews” myths. What actually took place is that German forces in the Netherlands simply stumbled upon her hiding place. So dies a 70-year-old piece of propaganda. And guess what? That’s not the only fraudulent part of the Anne Frank fable. Yes indeed, contrary to the Zionist media’s despicable omissions this time around, and unbeknownst to unsuspecting and wildly uninformed audiences, from young and old to academics and casual observers alike, the story of Anne Frank is largely just that, a STORY–used to further the “Pinnacle Jewish Suffering” agenda which asserts that the suffering of Jews is far more important than the rest of all of humanity combined.

You see, the New York Times, owned by the Sulzbergers who are globe-holding stalwarts of the Jewish-Zionist “royals” in the United Snakes of IsraHELL, published a piece in November 2015 confirming that Anne Frank–again, remember, the “DIARIST”–was NOT the sole author of her famous “true life tale” but merely a co-author. The person who wrote the internationally-renowned yarn alongside her was none other than her father, Otto Frank. This world-breaking revelation came directly from the Anne Frank Fund of Basel, Switzerland which has the copyright jurisdiction to the “Diary of Anne Frank” and which looks to maintain that control to keep on raking in the shekels. And though this damning proof should be enough to effectively render the “Holocaust Memoir” null and void as a piece of historical non-fiction and register it in the category of Jewish WW2 propaganda, the legerdemain grows still. Otto Frank had actually admitted in an Amsterdam court room decades earlier that he was the “transcriber” of Anne’s “diary” and caved further in an admission that he had published a novel–yes, a damn novel!–called “The Annex: Diary Notes 14 June 1942 – 1 August 1944”. “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” became the title of his pile of lies once it was translated into English.

Moreover, right from Otto’s own affirmations, the “diary” was scripted in ballpoint pen, which was invented in 1951 and therefore didn’t exist while Anne Frank was alive. Well-known French-Jewish scholar Pierre Vidal-Naquet, who had tormented and harassed courageous revisionist Dr. Robert Faurisson for years, begrudgingly conceded that Faurisson was indeed right about the “diary” being a doctored text based on this scientific evidence regarding the aforementioned writing utensil. And delivering a concussive final blow to the whole affair is the lingering matter of American-Jewish writer Meyer Levin, who Otto Frank promised $50,000.00 to as payment for assisting him in writing the “diary”. After receiving Levin’s assistance however, Otto failed to pay. Hasbaraniks have viciously attacked this critical piece of information as a fabrication from a “Neo-Nazi” journal in Sweden called “Fria Ord”, but this is a typical Jewish diversionary tactic. While the trial was largely kept hush-hush, the original records remain in the County Clerk’s office in New York County. Levin took Otto Frank to court in New York and had his case heard by one Judge Samuel C. Coleman. A jury found Levin to be in the right and awarded him the fifty grand Otto Frank stuck him for. Anne Frank’s father swindled Meyer Levin and used her memory to swindle the world and this really should come as no surprise: Before National Socialism came to power in Germany, Otto Frank founded the bank M. Frank and Sons with his brother Herbert in Frankfurt. The financial institution was involved in a cloud of shadiness. Once a swindler, always a swindler, huh Otto?

Some would say that the events of WW2 shouldn’t be discussed, as there is some kind of synchronicity between the peoples of our region and militantly Anti-Imperialist Western communists/socialists/leftists who stand in solidarity with Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, but this is a point of thorough and emphatic disagreement. If a lie is a lie, it should be called a lie, not swept under the rug for the sake of conditional solidarity. This is especially the case for the Holofraud because it factors so heavily into how the war-makers and “regime changers” view the world and subsequently carry out conspiracies against the people of the Arab-Islamic world as well as the Global South at large. When Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of Iraq’s annihilation, cites the Holocrock as what drives his supremacist worldview, that shouldn’t be ignored. When Richard Perle, the “Prince of Darkness” and main author of the “Clean Break” papers, invokes the Holoscam to justify imperial interventions until the end of the time, that shouldn’t be brushed off. When Jews worldwide organize protests for Aleppo, citing the Holobollocks slogan of “Never Again!” to trigger a NATO invasion of Syria, that CANNOT be disregarded.

And when a little Syrian girl by the name of Bana Alabed is tweeting out hasbara-glob after hasbara-glob from who knows where but says she’s in Aleppo as she clamors for Zio-Imperialist powers to stop the liberation of Halab from Al-Qaeda and overthrow the Syrian government, that is when the line has to be drawn full-stop. The Washington Post, The Australian, Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, People, Atlantic’s Quartz, The National Post and “Christian” Science Monitor all called Bana “Syria’s Anne Frank”, perhaps in their deception and arrogance failing to grasp the irony of comparing an exploited young girl with a fake genocide story from the modern era in Syria to an exploited young girl with a fake genocide story from yesteryear in Europe. Is it not blatantly obvious? Anne Frank and the Holohoax as a whole are being used as weapons of war to break down states, movements and individuals who fight Empire Judaica.

Occurrences such as these make it imperative to speak on the fraudulence of the “6 million Jews died in WW2” fantasy. Understanding this issue directly correlates to how hasbara in the current age is manufactured and how we, as counter-propaganda activists and artists, must react to debunk it. For 70 years, the “Holocaust” has been used as an intellectual mallet to beat over the head anyone and everyone who criticizes Zionism, Judaism and Jewish wealth/power/influence. And every drop of it, from Anne Frank to the numbers, the homicidal gas chambers to the human soap and everything in between, is artificial. So how is it not the peak of hypocrisy that we condemn the #FakeNews about Syria but fail to tell the truth about the fakest #FakeNews in the contemporary history of wartime propaganda: The Holocaust®.

As an exclamation point, we look to the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, the Ummah’s incandescent beacon and the heart, soul, bleeding edge and crown of the growing ranks of Global Anti-Zionist Defiance. Hizbullah had its own run-in with Anne Frank in 2009 when a private school in western Beirut was using a textbook which printed excerpts of the fake story. The Party swiftly mobilized and ignited a campaign to get the reading materials removed, calling it a “Zionist invasion of education” and slamming the “diary” itself as “dangerous”, “theatrical” and a tool for “promoting Zionism”. Hizbullah MP Hussein Hajj Hassan roared, “These respected, established schools are teaching the so-called tragedy this girl lived, and yet they are ashamed to teach the real tragedy of the Lebanese people, the Palestinian people, the people of the South at the hands of Zionist occupation.” For the record, the Palestinian Resistance clashed with UNRWA, also in 2009, over the latter’s attempts to impose Hollow-Co$t education on schools in the besieged Strip. The Popular Committee of Palestinian Refugees fiercely declared that the “Holocaust” is “a lie made up by the Zionists.” In other words, those who are on the front lines fighting ‘Israel’ with their blood do not rock with the Holofraud under any circumstances, as it is Jewish Cultural Imperialism and a malevolent infringement on Arab-Islamic identity.

If Hizbullah and the Falasteeni Mouqawamah, along with Iran and Yemen’s Ansarullah, reject Anne Frank and the “Holocaust”, and if the evidence at our disposal gratuitously affirms over and over again that the most famous “diary” in the world is a sham and the circumstances surrounding it–i.e. the imaginary “Nazi genocide of Jews”–are a sham too, then any remaining doubt and/or debate should fly far out in the window at light-speed: WW2 revisionism isn’t engagement in “Nazism”, nor “Hitlerism”, nor “fascism”, nor “anti-Semitism”, nor any other -ism invoked by liberal snowflakes too cowardly to stand up to Earth’s Most Evil, not to mention Zionist Jews themselves who are desperately trying to preserve the fraud of their Holocaust® and the multi-billion-dollar industry attached to it. WW2 revisionism is truth and thus, resistance. Verily, there is no higher form of counter-hegemony than criticizing those who we’ve been told can’t be criticized, naming those who we’ve been told can’t be named, and exposing those who we’ve been told can never be exposed. Cat’s outta the bag and it ain’t going back in. Anne Frank’s whole story is bullshit. Belt it out loud and belt it out proud.

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