Hizbullah Praises Heroic Operation in Al-Quds: Model of Continuous Resistance

Hezbollah praised the heroic operation carried out by the Palestinian Mujahid Ibrahim Akari in the occupied town of al-Quds on Wednesday.

In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations late on Wednesday, Hezbollah said: “This successful operation is a model for the popular and continuous resistance.”

“The operation assures the firm will of the Palestinian people against Israel’s growing judaization of the holy city and its attempts to eliminate al-Aqsa Mosque and other Muslim and Christian holy sites” in al-Quds, added the statement.

The Lebanese resistance party urged people of both Muslim and Arab nations to stand by the Palestinian people who are scarifying in order to stress the original identity of their land against the Israeli aggression and settlements.

Source: Al-Manar

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