Heebie-Jeebies In The Land Of The Kiwis: Christchurch Mosque Attack Was A Zionist “Clash Of Civilizations” Operation – Parts VII, VIII, IX

by Jonathan Azaziah

7. ISIS, The Takfiri Goy Golem, Vows “Retaliation”, Furthering The “Clash Of Civilizations”

Speaking of divisions, what would a “clash of civilizations” be without ISIS, the Takfiri Goy Golem spawned by the usurping Zionist entity and its NATO-GCC buddies to further this very concept just five years ago? Almost as if the Zionist media was trolling us, the Sulzberger-owned New York Times–which has always been a Zionist paper from the first bit of soup to the last of drop of nuts even when it was feigning “anti-Zionism” in the early days of Jewish terrorism in Palestine–dropped a story about the alleged ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, who had been AWOL for nearly 6 months but popped up outta nowhere like a Takfiri jack-in-the-box for a 44-minute audio recording about “avenging the religion, avenging the caliphate”. Guy’s real name is probably Abba Shalom Ben Menachem and he’s living in a colonial flat somewhere in “Herzliya” or occupied Haifa. The report is of course absurd and laughable, but it will still be used by the Kosher Nationalists of the Zio-alt-right to spew even more hatred against Muslims, leaving us on our backfoot with the usual defensive postures and responses.

The New York Times couldn’t have published this however without the stage first being set by the number one gatherer, translator, reporter, investigator, digger, releaser and disseminator of Takfiri propaganda: the SITE Intelligence Group, which published messages from ISIS “channels and groups” in Indonesia mere minutes after (or was it before? The time-stamp makes it difficult to gauge) Tarrant completed his savagery, with Daeshi “emirs” commanding the “soldiers of the caliphate” to target Australian tourists. “Stab and cut the kuffar”, the messages read, “in revenge for the Muslim blood they spilled!” Isn’t it just dandy how SITE seems to have a handle on ISIS’s next move before the “official” organs of ISIS itself! And in repetition, almost as if we’re being trolled again, the “chatter” SITE finds is from, of all places, Indonesia–the world’s most populous Islamic nation that New Zealand meddled in and tormented for years alongside the US, ‘Israel’, the UK and Australia until liberationist hero Sukarno (R.A.) was ousted and replaced by the tyrannical traitor Suharto (L.A.)

For those who don’t know, SITE is the operation of one Rita Katz, a daughter of an executed Zionist spy and an Iraqi-‘Israeli’ Jewess who served in IOF, has deep-rooted ties to the Mossad through Ben Venzke’s Intel Center, is Blackwater/Xe-approved and worked with coreligionist Jane Harman (who is also a Zionist spy) to pass Orwellian legislation monitoring Anti-Zionist and antiwar activism on the Internet. Katz has openly admitted to putting false information about “Islamic extremists” online, but this hasn’t stopped SITE from maintaining its status as MSM’s primary source on all things “Jihadist”-related.

Rita Katz should ABSOLUTELY be mentioned among the other Yahoudlings in the 4th section of this essay. As eminently if not more so. For she is directly complicit in the massacre, maiming and displacement of tens of millions of Muslims in the “Global War On Terror”. Lies bring down skies and the legerdemain spewed by Katz and SITE over the last decade and a half have quite literally and genocidally brought down rains of depleted uranium and white phosphorous on the heads of innocent Muslims and all others who inhabit Arab-Islamic lands. It is because of venomous snakes such as her that murderous filth like Tarrant have environments to incubate in. Katz is an architect of Islamophobia. A godmother. An elder patroness. Tarrant’s crime is her crime is the usurping Zionist entity’s crime. Period.

8. Look Up In The Sky! Is It A Bird? A Plane? No! It’s Jacinda Ardern, Your Liberal Imperialist “Savior”!

Following the Christchurch/Linwood bloodshed, one figure has emerged from the carnage with more notoriety than the Martyrs themselves: Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. All across the spectrum, she is being praised by many a Muslim because she donned a hijab in solidarity with the shocked, grieving and heartbroken Muslim community. Sheikh Azhar Nasser, a popular Iraqi-American Shi’a cleric in Michigan (who a homie of mine in South Lebanon appropriately refers to as “Sheikh Snowflake”), declared “THIS IS LEADERSHIP”. Echoing with similar fawning, a British Muslim writer for the Guadian [of Zion] named Nesrine Malik pumped out a piece entitled, “With respect: how Jacinda Ardern showed the world what a leader should be”. Emirati citizens engaged in a Twitterstorm of support for her while their dictatorial regime–which has been bombing, starving, torturing and sexually abusing Yemenis for the last 4 years in the illegal US-Saudi-‘Israeli’ war–displayed her picture on the Burj Khalifa. Mohammad Faisal, an officer from the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, strangely declared that Ardern “won the hearts of Pakistanis”. And the icing on the cake, the US-based MLK Center said, “there’s a leader with love on full display in New Zealand”.

Hold back your puke if you haven’t already hurled yet, please.

To be clear, this isn’t to say that the kindness towards Muslims by a Zio-Imperialist official is to be treated as unwelcome. Not at all. It can be utilized as a tool to soften the hearts of our brethren brainwashed by Zionist-sired Islamophobia, sure. But let’s keep it real here and within the perspective of the Soft War against Dajjal that we are fighting daily: A liberal colonizer threw on a Hijab out of faux-solidarity and now we should all kneel at her feet in servile, almost-shirking fashion? We should hand out medals and breathe a sigh of relief because a two-second-Hijabi liberal colonizer did the absolute bare minimum and bestowed upon us her recognition of our humanity? Such a person should be saluted? Pathetic. Besides all that, there is a Brobdingnagian point that is being missed by EVERYONE…

… This happened on HER watch!! This slaughter was committed while HER regime stood around silently!!! Nay, let us correct ourselves!!!! This horrific terrorist attack was executed with the full-on SUPPORT of HER intelligence services working in conjunction with the usurping Zionist entity!!!!! If she was a fraction of the leader that Sheikh Snowflake and everyone else discussed herein has made her out to be, she’d be holding feet to fire; sacking chief spooks; launching public inquiries; and bringing the Kiwi people into the loop of a most egregious cover-up. Like… Say… JFK did following the Bay of Pigs. That she has not done anything remotely close to the sort shows HER OWN complicity in the event. And her little Hijab stunt can’t veil THAT.

Additionally, she is a hypocrite of the highest order. While she consoles crying Muslim mothers in New Zealand, her armed forces commit atrocities against Muslims in Iraq, she lies about their real role in the annihilated country and habitually defends their “mandate [of aggression]”. Why? Because dairy conglomerate Fonterra, NZ’s biggest corporation and controller of 30% of dairy supplies worldwide, is profiting majorly from Iraq’s destruction. So while she may have made it a point to condemn Fonterra here and there before she attained the premiership, now she is doing its bidding like every other Kiwi political hack. Fonterra, do keep in mind, has also been collaborating in R&D and biotech with the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s largest dairy outfit, Tnuva, since at least 2001. Arden offered up support for the Trump ZOG’s slaughter of Muslims in Syria as well, regurgitating hasbara about “muh Assad, muh chemical weapons” and ripping into Russia too.

And lest we forget that her party, Labour, has its own history of fanning the flames of racism and xenophobia. Former Labour leader David Shearer for example says that “radical Islam” will remain the world’s greatest threat for a generation. This is what Ardern represents. Moreover, she’s from the neoliberal wing of the party and in 2006 worked in the Cabinet Office of mass murderer, war criminal and scoundrel of scoundrels Tony Blair–a creature of the ‘Israeli’ embassy brought to power by Lord Michael “Cashpoint” Levy and Lord Peter Mandelson and willingly controlled by a “Jewish cabal”.

Building on the truth that Ardern has the Christchurch Martyrs’ blood on her hands, we present to you the death-blow: She wouldn’t even be Prime Minister today if it wasn’t for her alliance with unapologetically Islamophobic New Zealand First, led by the atrocious Winston Peters, who views the peoples of the “Third World (read: Global South)” as “ratbags” as well as “riffraff”. Peters has gone on to equate anti-Takfiri Muslims — you know, the 99.9 percentile majority — as being the same as the Takfiriyeen that quite COHENcidentally, his regime backs through its stance on Syria. He idiotically calls this “the two-faced approach” of “radical Islam” and views it as “like the mythical Hydra”.

Ardern called this hideous bigot and his equally hideous organization the “true allies” of Labour. Peters called terrorism the “culture of Damascus”–a sidebar is needed… While Peters’ ancestors were still crawling out of caves and figuring out how to wash themselves, Damascus and Bilad al-Sham as a whole had already been through about a dozen civilizations. Just for the record. Such despicable, ignorant rhetoric reflects a Zionist worldview and this is no surprise. Peters is backed by the New Zealand ‘Israel’ Institute and is long-standing member of Parliament’s Friend of ‘Israel’ Group. Ardern for her part spent time in the Zio-Tumor when she was the head of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Why she was there remains a mystery to this day–a mystery that raises a great many questions.

Before closing this chapter, we have to rewind the clocks about half a millennia as a means of issuing the reminder of just what New Zealand is–a genocidal colonialist construct first made known to Europeans by Jacob Le Maire, the son of Isaac Le Maire, a Dutch Sephardic Jew who helped found the infamous Dutch East India Trading Company (VOC) and was in fact its biggest shareholder. The majority of the VOC execs were Jews. Leftist Jewish magazine “Jewish Currents” confirms these hidden truths about the VOC, revealing, “Jews gradually bought up its shares, and by the end of the 17th century became the principal stockholders in Holland, controlling a quarter of its stock.” Later on, Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, a British-Jewish merchant, played a leading role in founding the New Zealand Company which would spearhead the colonization of the land known as Aotearoa to the indigenous Maori people in their native tongue, Te Reo. Abraham Hort, Samuel Levy Basserman, and the Montefiore family–which also had a heavy hand colonizing Palestine in the mid-1800s, and which also were stockbrokers for the Rothschilds–founded New Zealand’s first colonial town and would be key to the overall colonial development of the state.

The founding of the capital city of Wellington was led by Jewish traders and financiers, as was Auckland, with the preeminent (read: thieving beyond thieving) personalities being David Nathan, John I. Montefiore and Joel Samuel Polack–who once had befriended the Maori people in his earlier visits to Aotearoa, but was now stealing their land like all the rest. Jews would go on stealing Maori land in Nelson, Taranaki, and Hawkes Bay as well as, typically, the South Island gold rush towns of Otago and Canterbury. Quite “tropey”, wouldn’t you say? Jews controlled the earliest media of New Zealand, including the very first daily newspaper, the “Otago Daily Times”, founded by Dutch Jew Julius Vogel. This name should be familiar as Vogel wasn’t only a press man, but a politics man, attaining the New Zealand premiership from 1873-1876. Before that he was Colonial Treasurer, securing tens of millions of pounds–much of it coming from his coreligionist brethren, the Montefiores and their bosses, the Rothschilds–for NZ’s roads, railways and communications lines. And most monstrously–or, in Jewspeak, “controversially”–after the Maori-British wars it was Vogel who made the decision to grant the Crown (read: the Rothschilds) “sovereignty” over the confiscated lands, setting the stage for a conflict between indigenous and colonizer that rages to this day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Jews are the godfathers of the Maori Nakba.

Thus, New Zealand is not merely a White supremacist, colonialist, imperialist project. Much like the colonization of America and the TransAtlantic Slave Trade that built it into the powerhouse it became, it is a Jewish supremacist, colonialist, imperialist project. The latter may even apply better than the former. And to think Muslims would ever get justice from such an enterprise is as delusional as delusional can be.

9. Conclusion: Organized Jewish Interests Use Massacre To Co-opt, Brainwash, Subvert And Ultimately Defang Muslims

The culmination of all the information across this 3-part, 9-section essay is a most disturbing reality that needs to first be discussed with a ruthless sharpness and then confronted with intellectual force that results in, to use the album title of the Ultramagnetic MCs’ first album, a “Critical Beatdown”. Organized Jewish Interests are using the Christchurch/Linwood Martyrs’ blood to wash away the militancy of Muslims, co-opt us and ultimately leave us defanged without even a trace of Muhammadi-Alawid Anti-Parasitism at all. This stratagem has actually been in effect for years, with Jews slowly planting the seeds. Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the illegal West Bank colony of “Efrat”, said in 2012 that the “Islamization of Europe is a good thing” and Jews should “rejoice” over it as a “punishment” for historical European Christian treatment of Jews. Insane. Then there is the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, formed in November 2016 because of Trump to “develop a coordinated strategy to address anti-Muslim bigotry and ‘anti-Semitism’ in the US”. The founders? The (Zionist) American Jewish Committee and (Ikhwanji) ISNA. Sitting on the board is blood-soaked, Iraq-mangling, Yemen-butchering warmonger Joseph Lieberman. Also insane. And vile.

And most revealing, in 2017, Pinchas Goldschmidt, Conference of European Rabbis President and Moscow’s chief rabbinical authority, called for Jews to have “solidarity” with Muslims and that a Jewish-Muslim alliance should be formed to “resist” ultra-nationalism. The top European rabbi said, “When there is tolerance for other languages, other cultures, religions, traditions, we Jews feel more accepted. Jews always felt more comfortable in places where other cultures and religions were respected. At the moment when an ultra-nationalist wind begins to blow, it makes Jews, as a minority, uncomfortable.”

This, ironically enough, is exactly the point of California State University, Long Beach Professor of Psychology Kevin Macdonald’s much-hated “Culture of Critique” trilogy, which asserts that Jews pursue the promotion and implementation of “diversity” as an evolutionary survival strategy even to the detriment of the dominant people of any given host country. White folks specifically. Now, Macdonald is an absolutely disgusting piece of White supremacist trash that admires the “really good job” done by Geert Wilders–who actually isn’t the great champion of European homogeneity Macdonald makes him out to be but a Jew with a Jewish wife–and also wants to make a deal in which ‘Israel’ expels the Palestinian people to Jordan in exchange for removing every Muslim from Europe. But a broken clock is still right twice a day and while there are myriad issues with his books–centrally the focus on biology rather than the “spiritual DNA” ingrained in Jews by the “Torah” and Talmud, which he acknowledges but doesn’t get anywhere near the depth necessary for such a breakdown–the overall thesis is well-executed. Jews need “diversity” to survive and achieve hegemony. Organized Jewish Interests don’t want the works read either, that’s why two of them have been banned from Amazon. Along with countless “Holocaust” revisionism books. And “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” tetralogy. Very telling.

Hence why no misconceptions should be made on the matter. Jews are NOT pro-Muslim or pro-Islam at all. Quite to the contrary. Over and above what the second part of this piece highlights, that a close-knit network of Zionist Jews are responsible for the proliferation of Islamophobia, Jews have a built-in religious hostility towards Islam and Muhammad al-Moustafa (S.A.W.W.), chiefly in the Kabbalah and in the writings of their “sage of sages”, Maimonides (L.A.) Jews have also been intimately involved in the murder of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Imam Ali (A.S.), Imam Hassan (A.S.), Imam Hussein, (A.S.), Imam Jawad (A.S.) and Imam Ali al-Hadi (A.S.) This has to be taken into account as we steamroll through all the mind-boggling and insidiously duplicitous Jewish statements made following Tarrant’s slaughter. Jews are making nice-nice with Muslims for the same reasons they made nice-nice with Black folks in the Civil Rights Movement: For cynical political purposes, chiefly the injection of Zionist normalization into our midst.

Jewish communities across New Zealand shut down their synagogues and cancelled Shabbat over the crime. Never has such a thing been done before while Muslims were raped, killed and pillaged by their ‘Israeli’ brethren and their Shabbos Goyim in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria or elsewhere. ‘Israeli’ brethren, mind you, that giddily celebrated the Christchurch/Linwood Shabbat Zachor slaughter. The New Zealand Jewish Council and the “Holocaust” Centre of New Zealand voiced their outrage too. Both of these groups support ‘Israel’. Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said, “There can be few acts of a greater evil than the massacre of peaceful people at prayer. The attacks in New Zealand were terrorism of the most despicable kind, callously planned and motivated by the scourge of Islamophobia”.

Mirvis is an ‘Israeli’ colonizer who was ordained as a rabbi on an illegal Jewish settlement in occupied Al-Quds and has been operating as an agent of ‘Israel’ since his Chief Rabbi of Ireland days back in 1985. The president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van der Zyl, slammed Tarrant’s “sickening terrorist attack”. The organization she chairs is a Mossad-linked group that whitewashes ‘Israeli’ war criminals. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), the Down Under chapter of the World Jewish Congress, called Tarrant “evil”. ECAJ leads the efforts in Australia against those who dare boycott ‘Israel’ and is also an affiliate of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany–meaning it helps plunder German taxpayers in the name of the Hollobollocks. Hilariously, the ‘Israeli’ embassy in Wellington sent out “thoughts and prayers” to the Martyrs.

The NZ Friends of ‘Israel’ Association joined the condemnation party, saying they “hope that a spirit of forgiveness prevails over any desire for revenge and hate.” All while praying for the eradication of “Amalek” and preparing to celebrate the genocide of 75,000 Persians on Purim. Funny! The Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) joined the fray as well, as did the Australia/’Israel’ & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), which is basically the ‘Straya version of AIPAC. The ADC is pretty much the Australian ADL and hasn’t just been ramming Zionism down the throats of Australians and churning out Islamophobic propaganda for a couple decades, it’s been spying on Muslims too. Rabbi Moshe D. Gutnick, the Rabbinical Council of Australia and New Zealand President, along with Rabbi Nochum Schapiro, the Rabbinical Council of NSW President, put out a joint statement expressing their “sorrow” and “grief”. Both of these Judaics are Chabadniks. Ultra-Zionist. Jewish supremacist. And ill-famed for presiding over pedophilia networks.

The Jewish Agency said that it stands “in solidarity with the bereaved families. We are united in fighting violent hatred and racism.” Read that again. The Jewish Agency, the same institution that has been plotting the genocide of the Palestinian people since before ‘Israel’ even existed, has convened multiple “transfer committees” to achieve this Halakhic-Talmudic aim and continues its expansionist, colonialist ways to this moment, stands against “violent hatred and racism”. You just can’t make up this kind of crazy. World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder said he felt “horror and revulsion” upon hearing of Tarrant’s barbarism. Another gut-laugh from a “chosenite” comedy sketch. This is the same Ronald Lauder that was one of the big-dog-cogs in the Zionist machine that brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11, kicking off an international war on Islam and the peoples of the Islamicate. Dead Gentiles, Muslims distinctly, don’t faze him one bit.

And the extra cheese on the pizza? The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and the Tree of Life Synagogue are raising money for the victims’ families. Isn’t that just the loveliest thing? The Federation’s a Zionist group with a “Management Committee” designed for the sole purpose of raising and allocating funds for ‘Israel’, and the temple, along with its chieftan, Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers are also Zionist down to their atoms. House Muslims Linda Sarsour and Tarek Messidi, both of whom raised money for Tree of Life following the false flag shooting there last year, must be overwhelmed and gushing.

Now please do explain to me how all of these Jews who have been aggressively, vociferously and propping up ‘Israel’ politically and financially, not to mention supporting the massacre of Muslims, the theft of Muslim land, the torture of Muslims, the displacement of Muslims, the mass hatred towards Muslims from non-Muslim Gentiles and the humiliation of Muslims for the last several decades between ‘Israeli’ and Western ZOGs doing their whole empire-building thing, have now… Magically… MIRACULOUSLY EVEN… All of a sudden… Grown hearts as well as souls and can’t contain their sympathy and empathy for Muslims? Please, I wish to be enlightened. How? Was there a mass renunciation of their Jewish supremacy and I missed it? No? THEN WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE AFOOT HERE?!

We will tell you. It is encapsulated by two entities: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) and the scion of the Democrats’ most recognizable political dynasty, Chelsea Clinton.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt damn near told on himself and his clannish guild of bandits, “This attack underscores a trend that ADL has been tracking: that modern white supremacy is an international threat that knows no borders, being exported and globalized like never before. The hatred that led to violence in Pittsburgh and Charlottesville is finding new adherents around the world. Indeed, it appears that this attack was not just focused on New Zealand; it was intended to have a global impact.” Chelsea Clinton’s reaction was eerily similar, “We need a global response to the global threat of violent white nationalism.”

If the ADL–an organization with a NASTY history of Anti-Blackness from spying on MLK to Malcolm X’s (R.A.) assassination, falsely blaming Black men for the Jewish murder of little White girl Mary Phagan to helping Apartheid Pretoria murder South African revolutionary Chris Hani (rip) to working closely with the rabidly Black-hating JDL, to its parent organization B’nai B’rith boasting about the Jewish role in founding, backing and sustaining the KKK–and Chelsea Clinton, who used monies from orphaned Haitan earthquake victims to pay for her wedding and whose family is responsible for genocides in Sudan, Somalia and Libya, are telling you to “fight White supremacy”… Does that REALLY and TRULY and HONESTLY sound like something you should spend your time doing? Or does it sound like a misdirection from where your focus should REALLY and TRULY and HONESTLY be? The forces you can’t criticize. The oppressor whose name you can’t speak. The devil whose sulfuric stench you can’t complain about, for even the slightest sniffle will have you bludgeoned badly or outright murked with the Hebrew sickle of “anti-Semitism”.

“Muslims and Jews Against White Supremacy”, as per Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt’s directive. It’s happening. From a “Muslim” in The Hill. On the other side, the same message from a Jew in Haaretz. Then together in the Western intelligence front known as the Intercept, from House Muslim extraordinaire Mehdi Hassan and rabid Zionist Jonathan Freedland. This drum is going to continue being beaten while Muslims cannibalize each other. Whites will do the same. Each group will only stop if they’re fighting the other. Both will ignore Shlomo as his JNWO becomes more and more of a behemoth.

Perfect example: The head of NZ’s biggest masjid rightfully calls out the Mossad and Zionist businessmen for having a hand in the attack. His colleagues rebuke him and say that his words “do not represent the views of the Muslims of New Zealand”. The aforementioned Mehdi Hasan — who should really change his name to Maury Hyman at this point — calls the suggestion, “Ridiculous, demented, offensive, ‘anti-Semitic’…” And we just have to scratch our heads. The ‘Israeli’ alliance with the far-right goes back to the Breivik days and it has only increased and intensified since then. Mossad has assassinated more people since WW2 and carried out more operations — over 2,700 — than any other Western colonial power. Zionist colonizers have vandalized 53 mosques and churches in Palestine since 2009 alone. In its 2014 genocide against Gaza, ‘Israel’ bombed 161 masajid, completely destroying 41.

Why then is it “ridiculous, demented, offensive and ‘anti-Semitic'” to merely OPINE that Mossad had a hand in this devastating onslaught with all these facts locked and loaded? It isn’t… Clearly… And true say… The only “ridiculous, demented” one here is Hasan who has now found a home on ‘Israeli’ terrorist Aviv Nevo’s CNN post-Christchurch-shooting, only to be ripped for it by ultra-Zionist Breitbart. Faux left-right, Brown-White battle rages. Circle closed.

Again, this is game theory warfare to the letter–the conceptualization of baiting, re-baiting and then baiting your enemy some more until he reacts. It’s what led to the ‘Israeli’-backed operative Tarrant making the point to blast Serbian nationalist music during his slaughter. He (and his puppetmasters in “Tel Aviv”) hoped to trigger anti-Christian, anti-Yugoslav, anti-Eastern-European, anti-WHITE backlash at a time when Muslims should be standing in Striking Star Solidarity with the Martyrs of the NATO destruction of Yugoslavia on the anniversary of the Madeleine-Albright-led war, and Orthodox Christians should be doing the same for Muslims (and Arab Christians) for the anniversaries of the Zionist wars on Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. He (and his puppetmasters in “Tel Aviv”) intended for Muslims to associate Yugoslavia with their fellow Mou2mineen being ground into bits by White supremacist bullets during Jummah. Keep the wheels of the “clash of civilizations” spin-spin-spinning… Right down to the last drop of Gentile blood.

It’s not enough to just say Al-Fatiha for the Christchurch/Linwood Martyrs. Nor is it enough to take the gemstones on top of gemstones contained in this enormous venture and spread them to this or that corner of the Internet. A movement of Anti-Parasitic counter-hegemony has to be forged like the steel of a Yemeni jambiya or we are going to watch ourselves crumble into dust; into nothingness; into the generation that saw Islam fade away into the clutches of the descendants of apes and pigs. It ain’t alarmist. It’s the cold water on your face, waking you up out of a sound sleep even before the Adhan blares for Fajr. It’s the slap upside your head when you didn’t listen to the sagacious words of your mother. It’s the ass-kicking you receive for stepping on the new sneakers of the biggest, baddest gangster on the hardest, grimiest block. It’s a life-changing decision. Get it through your heads if you still can’t utter the words in contravention of every piece of proof you’ve read here: JEWS. ARE. NOT. THE. FRIENDS. OF. MUSLIMS. NOR. WILL. THEY. EVER. BE. AS. IN. EVER. AS. IN. NEVER. EVER. GOT IT?

Verily, this could either be the beginning of the end for Muslims as we are absorbed into Imperium Judaica like Christendom was following the Protestant “Reformation” and the Rothschilds’ takeover of Western banking. Or this could be the beginning of the end for World Zionism because we found the means to derail their runaway train. As mentioned in our introduction: The truth. All we needed was, and is, and always will be, the truth. The choice is yours. Be brave or be a coward. But with the Heebie-Jeebies in the land of the Kiwis exposed, do note that “I’m sorry, I didn’t know” simply can’t and won’t fly as an excuse.


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