Heebie-Jeebies In The Land Of The Kiwis: Christchurch Mosque Attack Was A Zionist “Clash Of Civilizations” Operation – Parts I, II, III

by Jonathan Azaziah

Christchurch, New Zealand. March 15th, 2019. Al-Noor Mosque in the Riccarton suburb and the Linwood Islamic Centre in the Linwood suburb.





… TOTALLY TAYLOR-MADE for the masses’ consumption.

Eat it up. Savor it. Let the tears flow, it’s okay. Muslim murder-porn with a dash of identity-politics-fueled victimism, made fresh to order. And for desert? The “clash of civilizations”. Islamic sadness and rage vs. White supremacy. Know who’s in the background while this colorful back-and-forth boils over like a pot of pasta in the kitchen of an incompetent cook? Hmmm… We’ll ask again. WHO… Is in… The background… While this delectable little civil war plays out on every geopolitical stage, from the Earth’s two poles to its four corners and everywhere in between? Shlomo. Yes, that’s right. Shlomo. He is playing both the “Muslamicz” and the “cracker-ass crackers” like a fiddle. An orchestra solely comprised of fiddles, really. The Goy-butchering Fiddler on the Roof is in command! And his symphony is titled, “Entropy for Gentiledom, Utopia For The Mishpucka”. Saddest thing of all is… Both sides are jamming along like lemmings and they don’t even realize how lost in the shaytanic music that they are.

That’s where we come in though. Because we tore the speakers from the wall. We disconnected the microphones and smashed the fiddles with our bare, bloody-knuckled hands. We tossed the demons masquerading as musicians out of the studio they illegally occupied like Jesus Christ (A.S.) when he tossed the Pharisees out of the House of God for changing money. We stopped Shlomo’s song. And now, in the sounds of silence–yes, like the song by Jewish-Zionist duo Simon and Garfunkel, only Anti-Parasitic–we find clarity. We find direction. We find truth. O’ sweet and succulent truth. The one thing perhaps that Shlomo hates even more than “Goyim”. Truth. Proceed with caution from this point. No smooth sailin’ here, brethren. You’ve just walked into a shitstorm.

1. GefilteFishistani Spy Party: When A Ring Of Mossad Agents In Christchurch Was Unearthed

If we are to move forward in producing a true global Mouqawamist, Anti-Parasitic Consciousness, we must start at the most basic level and what that entails is… When a certain event happens and it is being amplified by the [Jewish-Zionist-controlled] mass media to whip up… Let’s say… Certain sentiments from certain groups of people on opposing sides of a certain divide, our first–and I do mean, without fail, our FIRST–instinct is to put whatever town, city or country is in the spotlight into our favorite Internet search engine with the following attachments, individually: “Jews, ‘Israel’, Mossad”. It’s a time-tested, guaranteed, like-clockwork methodology that churns out immediate–and more importantly, REVELATORY–results. In the case of Christchurch, New Zealand… Well… New Zealand, generally… Mossad, the usurping Zionist entity’s international death squad, has been quite the busy beaver.

In 2004, a massive scandal erupted between Wellington and “Tel Aviv” after no less than four Mossad agents were caught forging all kinds of documents from passports to birth certificates, voicemails to medical records. 36-year old Zev Barkan, 30-year old Uriel Kelman and 50-year old Eli Cara are the names known for the ‘Israeli’ subverters, with a still-unknown-to-this-day fourth perpetrator at large. Kelman and Cara did 6-month prison bids. Barkan and Unknown Katsa went into the wind and never came out. It was such a massive scandal that the Kiwi regime imposed sanctions against ‘Israel’ and even shut its embassy. “Tel Aviv” ultimately apologized after first dismissing the evidence-which it called “allegations”–as nothing more than “science fiction”. Fish swim. Birds fly. At night, lights dim. Sunny-side up eggs fry. And Jews lie. Always the way. Always.

Just about 7 years later, an even more sinister Mossad plot was quite literally UNEARTHED when an earthquake struck the southwestern Pacific Ocean island nation, killing 181 innocent souls in Christchurch. A spy van was struck in the chaos and a 23-year old Mossad agent named Binyamin Mizrahi–a creature the polar opposite of innocent–died. On his person were 5 different passports. Do we call this deja vu? Or deja Jew? There were AT LEAST five other operatives connected to the scheme which may have targeted the Kiwi national police computer, not to mention many, MANY other ‘Israeli’ spooks lurking around the city planting what the UK Telegraph called “malicious software to access intelligence information.” Then-NZ Premier John Key dismissed the entire matter, but two critical pieces of information reveal him to be a liar. First and foremost, Key is a Jew with major Zionist leanings who would later play a role in trying to overthrow Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. Thus, nothing he says can be taken at face value. And secondly, the ‘Israeli’ response to the whole debacle was frantic.

Netanyahu rang his coreligionist Key four times on the day of the quake and ‘Israeli’ Ambassador to New Zealand Shemi Tzur left his post in Wellington to head to Christchurch. Ehud Barak, one of the architects of 9/11 and the ‘Israeli’ War Minister at the time, flew out too. When an ‘Israeli’ team of “rescuers” also hopped on a plane to New Zealand, Christchurch police confronted them fully armed and hostilely. Goes to show you that the NZ piggies weren’t anywhere close to happy to be in the same vicinity as the representatives of the fake Jewish “state”. It remains unclear what exactly the Mossadniks (and more than likely, Talpions as well) were digging for in NZ’s data networks. But one thing’s for sure… They had access to everything. Various defense schematics. Case info. The tactics and details of all of NZ’s law enforcement. Mark-ups on private citizens, especially Muslims and those critical of New Zealand’s Zio-Imperialist history and policies. And… Most definitely… the same type of overviews on “far-right” and White supremacist groups. Funnily enough, Shemi Tzur–a hasbara stalwart with extensive foreign operations experience from South Africa to Turkey, Australia to Fiji, Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan, where the Mossadnik Merhav Group led by Yosef A. Maiman has control of the natural gas, and beyond–branded the Christchurch incident as “science fiction” too.

Now factor in that Netanyahu ominously told the New Zealand Foreign Minister at the end of 2016 that if the Kiwi regime supported a UN resolution condemning ‘Israeli expansionism, it’d be tantamount to a “declaration of war”…. As well as the international row over pop superstar Lorde heeding the call to boycott the Zio-Tumor, which sparked an occupied Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court to pass a judgment against the pro-Palestine activists who played a role in the singer’s decision after they were sued by the Shurat Hadin ‘Israeli’ Law Center, an organization with deep, DEEP links to the Mossad…. And what we have is an obvious collision course between “Tel Aviv” and Wellington. Indeed, the stage is set for the nightmarish events of March 15th, 2019.

2. The New Zealander Anders Behring Breivik: Brenton Harrison Tarrant’s Strange Connections

Brenton Harrison Tarrant is nowhere near as complex as the obtuse, oppressive, omitting and obfuscating [Jewish-Zionist-controlled] corporate press is making him out to be. Just look at his affiliations, take a gander at the manifesto he allegedly composed [read: or rather, that which was composed for him] and the anomalies stick out like the dorsal fin of a sailfish.

Right off the rip, we see that Tarrant “only really took true inspiration from Knight Justiciar Breivik”, meaning Anders Behring Breivik, a Freemasonic Shabbos Goy Zionist who was inspired by Avigdor “Nuke Gaza” Lieberman and every star of the Islamophobia Industry under the sun–from Geller to Horowitz, Wilders to Spencer, Rustad to Pipes and the EDL–and a mass murderer who slaughtered nearly 100 Anti-Zionist kids on Utøya Island. He was also trained by the Mossad-linked Dragon Policy front group known as “The Vikings”.

Next, and considering he is a Breivik acolyte, we see that he has approximately ZERO antagonism towards the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime, writing, “A Jew living in ‘Israel’ is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.” Odd considering that ‘Israel’ is the primary cause of all the immigration into Europe that he seemingly hates so much and “subverting” and “harming” who he deems “his people” is exactly what it’s doing. Furthermore, despite his manifesto and the Times of ‘Israel’ stressing that British fascist leader Oswald Mosley was his central inspiration, the very fact that he isn’t Anti-Zionist obscures and casts doubt on this fact as Mosley’s “British Union of Fascists”, or BUF for short, despite its flawed and bigoted ideology, was Anti-Zionist to the core.

Moving along to the language Tarrant employs, he refers to himself on the 5th page of his hateful and strange manifesto in bad grammar that is seemingly deliberate as “Just a ordinary White man” and then again, sentences later, “just a regular White man”… As if readers, who we’d presume he intended to be White folks, didn’t comprehend it the first time or needed convincing, along with him highlighting he is of “Scottish, English and Irish stock”. On the same page he also, oddly, makes note of his lack of education but conversely and simultaneously, touts his tech sophistication with a company called Bitconnect, in which he invested some money that jumped in value and would ultimately pay for his traveling–more on that in just a second. This is even more cuckoo however because out of all the cryptocurrencies to play with, Bitconnect seemed to be among the least profitable among then and was revealed to be a dangerous Ponzi scheme so large that the FBI is seeking out victims to help prosecute the people behind it. So… Idiot overall but genius alt-money financial wizard? Unlikely.

Back to the beginning, we have to note that the stressing of his Whiteness reads, feels and smells like a dog whistle used by Jews when they speak down to White Gentiles using “My fellow White people”–a phrase that is spat with shocking, almost-hive-mind-like regularity by many a Jew, as aptly pointed out here by the actually racist, actually Islamophobic, actually misogynistic Daily Stormer, which, by the way, regardless of its seemingly “Anti-Parasitic” credentials, has a Jewish lawyer, an openly murderous Jewish cofounder and national press recognition in the IOF prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg-run Atlantic, thus indicating it is indubitably a hot-op of the ADL meant to misdirect White fury into yet another “chosenite” box. The point nevertheless still stands. Why would a White racialist of “Scottish, English and Irish stock” use Jewish linguistics? Is it just a case of… As we have already documented… Him being a Breivikist and he simply does not mind Jews, nor ‘Israelis’? Or is Mr. Super Whitey in fact Mr. Super Jewy? Only time will tell.

This becomes all the more unsettling and all the more pertinent when we see that one of the voyages his alleged Bitconnect money paid for was to none other than the Zio-Tumor in 2016 after a jaunt in Zionist-aligned Turkey. ‘Israel’ found no “red flags”. Convenient. Now, here’s where it gets freaky, creepy and overloaded with the Heebie-Jeebies.

Just last year, Tarrant traveled to the DPRK and Pakistan. Pyongyang has long been targeted for destruction by “Tel Aviv” as has Islambad, with recent events involving the Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir proving this very point. Neither the DPRK nor Pakistan recognize the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime and reject both ‘Israeli’ passports and non-‘Israeli’ passports stamped with ‘Israeli’ customs markings. Which means that Tarrant either ditched his passport from ’16 or had a spare. Recall the 2011 events in Christchurch. Where’d he get this spare? Where? Was it just lying around? Was he aware of these idiosyncrasies and thus kept a spare on hand so he didn’t get detained as an agent? But we thought he was uneducated as per his manifesto, no? Or… The more sensible scenario, did he get it from Mossad? And this isn’t us “conspiracizing”, this is us hypothesizing based on the powerful evidence we have on hand, as any detective would. Final question then has to be of course… What was he doing in the DPRK and Pakistan? Enjoying the scenery and taking notes on conservative cultures as his social media posts suggest? Or spying?

Moreover, Tarrant was in Ukraine too, acting all buddy-buddy with various neo-“Nazi” gangs. He even drew a black sun, an esoteric occult symbol, on the weapon he used to mow down several dozen Muslims in his massacre. This symbol is popular with the Azov Battalion, which is armed to the teeth by the usurping Zionist entity and financed by Ukrainian-‘Israeli’ billionaire Igor Kolomoisky. So if you’re wondering where Tarrant got his military training from, wonder no further: An ‘Israeli’-armed, ‘Israeli’-bankrolled group of terrorist paramilitaries which were key to the 2014 Zionist-CIA coup in Kiev.

Which brings us to the smoking gun–poor pun, we know, but applicable as applicable can get still. It is a confirmed fact that Tarrant posted on “fascist” messaging board 8chan and was connected to hardcore, Islamophobic Australian far-right groups United Patriots Front (UPF) and the True Blue Crew. With UPF in particular, he knew people there offline and even donated to the outfit. Both of these groups and 8chan were and are known to ASIO and other Australian intelligence services. UPF leader Blair Cottrell is also a member of far-right organization the Lads Society, which met with ASIO following the Christchurch/Lindwood shootings. This, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proves that this massacre couldn’t have happened without the explicit approval–whether direct or indirect–of the security services. Over and above this reality, we must remind everyone of a startling truth, hence our declaration of a smoking gun: ASIO, ASIS and other spook-houses have been outsourced by Australia, along with its foreign affairs sovereignty, to ‘Israel’ and the American ZOG, for years. Former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky revealed that many segments of the Australian intelligence services report directly to Mossad before their own superiors. That makes the usurping Zionist entity a party to the mass murder. Full-stop.

So what you would call an individual who was inspired by a Zionist mass-killer; harbors no hostility towards Jews or ‘Israel’; writes with Judaic language in a manifesto addressed to his “fellow White people”; travels to the Zionist occupation regime and subsequently to two of that entity’s greatest adversaries on a secondary passport; and associates with Mossad-monitored rightists before butchering 50 Muslims, including 6 Palestinians (among them a 66-year old man), not to mention wounding 6 other Palestinians? A “White supremacist”? A “White racist”? Or a Shabbos Goy agent of the fake Jewish “state”? The question, obviously, is rhetorical. Besides, late, great American Anti-Parasitic giant Michael Collins Piper (rip) told you all in his 2006 classic, “The Judas Goats: The Shocking Story of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement”, that all White supremacist and nationalist groups and/or “lone gunmen” have been infiltrated and subordinated by the ADL, the FBI and ‘Israeli’ spies themselves. Tarrant is the living embodiment of how MCP was… As usual… Right.

3. “Why Won’t ‘They’ Call It Terrorism?!” Well, ‘They’, Including Netanyahu, Did, Actually… Now What? Simpletons!

It has become commonplace in the aftermath of Muslims getting killed in the Western Diaspora that other Muslims, justifiably and rightfully outraged over media and government double-standards, issue the ‘scathing’ question, “Why won’t they call it terrorism?!” I understand and empathize. In my song “I Ain’t Charlie”, a vicious critique of French colonialism and subservience to Global Zionism following the Charlie Hebdo false flag, I rhyme, “To the Western youth, let me please redirect your views, ‘cause they got skewed with a pack of lies/Vision twisted through sick Orientalism so you think that, it is only terrorism when a Jew or a cracker dies/” So I get it. And it is true. 99 times out of 100, Zionist media outlets do not call attacks on Muslims in the West or abroad “terrorism”. Instead it is usually depicted through a neo-Imperialist, neo-Orientalist lens that makes all Muslims appear to be barbarians. This time around though is that 1 time out of the 100… It was indeed quite, QUITE different.

Not only did the Kiwi regime itself call it terrorism, Western regimes and corporate press outlets the world over followed suit. It isn’t necessary to link them all because a) it’s too copious and b) one can find them with a basic search engine session. We will just focus on the standouts because they’re just too delectable; they stand out far too greatly to lump them in with everyone else. Here goes. Know who called the Christchurch/Lindwood massacre “terrorism”? Benjamin Netanyahu, ‘Israeli’ Terrorist-In-Chief whose IOF terrorist underlings murder and brutalize Palestinians daily and whose Takfiri terrorist underlings he paid a visit too in one of his IOF field hospitals. On top of that, Baruch Goldstein (L.A.), the JDL terrorist who shot up 29 Palestinians in the Ibrahimi Masjid on February 25th, now has an official place within the Zionist occupation regime as the JDL’s successor, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength), is returning to the Knesset after Netanyahu entered into a coalition with them. Binyamin the Baby-Killer also recently bombed and just about completely destroyed Masjid al-Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz in northern Gaza. In other words: When a Yahoudling bombs or shoots up a mosque, it’s kosher. But when a Gentile does it, “Yahweh’s chosenoids” disapprove and disavow!

How about one more, yeah? John Bolton called the Christchurch attack terrorism too. Mind you that this is the same John Bolton who is currently carrying out a campaign of terrorism against Venezuela and Nicaragua…. And the same John Bolton who, for the past decade at least, has been openly colluding with the pseudo-Islamic, pseudo-Marxist, all-insane terrorist-cult known as the MEK to overthrow the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

This is and of itself should confirm to you that there is an okey-doke, a flimflam, a joke, a scam, a prank, a plot, at work. Wouldn’t anyone of sound, revolutionary mind agree? World Arrogance has called this crime “terrorism”. Now what, Muslims? Are we victorious? Has the Empire been liquidated? Have Christ (A.S.) and Imam al-Mahdi (A.J.T.F.) appeared over the White minarets in Damascus? No? Like… No on all counts? For real? THEN WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF THIS ASININE AND COLONIZED PURSUIT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?!

We have to get past this pathetic and simplistic line of analysis that is nothing less than a quest of validation from our oppressors, tormentors, occupiers and killers. Whether they recognize our humanity or not is irrelevant. They are going to ravage, murder and plunder us all the same, militarily, culturally, spiritually, financially and academically, as we represent a stumbling block on their path to global domination. Representation isn’t liberation. Never has been. Never will be. We should instead be trying to intellectually dismantle these structures and keep our people awakened to their evils while we seek justice for those who have been wronged by Zio-Imperialism. Everything else is an exercise in futility as well as a self-imposed tightening of our chains.

To Be Continued With Parts 4, 5 and 6…

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  1. Will Turnbull do the same as NZ’s John keys and fill Goldman Sachs pockets. Kevin Rudd called Turnbull “The member for Goldman Sachs” in Parliament.
    “……………. In the past three years John Key met with both Timothy Geinthner ((Twice) and Ben Bernanke. Timothy Geithner is the current Secretary of treasury under Obama and one of the most prominent protege’s of Robert Rubin and Larry Summers. Ben Bernanke is of course the Chairman of the privately owned Federal Reserve bank of New York
    These are just a few connections of our Prime Minister who indebted this country in a very serious way over the last three years after Labour paid off the debt build up by the previous National government.
    That money he borrowed is going straight into the pockets of the characters mentioned above. Think about that. Is that the man you want as our Prime Minister while the Goldman Sachs gang takes over Europe?
    Share this:
    The surest path to political power, at least in Australia and New Zealand, may be to spend most of your working life avoiding it. Preferably at an investment bank.

    Since Malcolm Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott in the Liberal Party spill, former executives from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank hold the top three political leadership posts in Australia and New Zealand.

    (Malcolm Turnbull’s mother was Jewish)


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