Heartbreaking & Infuriating: Syria Is Now Infected With Depleted Uranium Because It Resisted “Greater ‘Israel'”

by Jonathan Azaziah

What lies at the heart of the Takfiri terroist destabilization of the Arab-Islamic world is the plot to establish “Greater ‘Israel'”. These fanatics, who have been trained, armed, medically treated, funded and politically supported by “Tel Aviv” in a just-about-unlimited capacity, are indeed mere vassals of World Zionism and are being used by this shaytanic force to make the ground fertile for the erection of an ever-expansive ‘Israel’. As the Zio-saying goes, “from the Nile to Euphrates”, and this has been codified in hegemonic documents like “Clean Break” and “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”, as well as written and spoken about at length by the likes of Theodore Herzl, Max Nordau, Rabbi Fischmann and architects of ‘Israeli’ political-military ideology like Tzvi Shiloah and Yisrael Eldad.

Tossing niceties to the wind here, denying the reality of the “Greater ‘Israel” project makes you one of three sorts of people: Ignorant (because you remarkably haven’t felt the gigantic six-pointed-star stabbing you in your face and calling you Goy”), a coward (because you’re worried about hordes of Jews and colonized Arabs/Muslims calling you “anti-Semitic”), or a shill (because Lord knows that the usurping Zionist serpent has plenty of those infiltrating liberation and solidarity groups to police discourse). With that said, to bring the monstrosity seen on the infamous Rabbi Fischmann map into existence, the ancient, original, ancestral and rightful owners of the lands would need to be driven from their homes, thus leaving the “biblical” territories depopulated so Jewish settlers can fill the void.

How does one remove entire populations from places that they, their parents, their grandparents, their grandparents and every other past generation have lived on for (give or take) ten millennia? Destroy the lands of course! And if not through direction courses of action like ground invasions and aerial bombardments, then activate the 4th Generation Warfare and let the proxy forces do the dirty work. Also, make sure to use toxic munitions like mark-77, napalm, white phosphorus and the mother of them all, depleted uranium, in all options pursued so the aforesaid lands become uninhabitable.

In the case of the Syrian Arab Republic, it and its people are the victims of each sector of this evil conspiracy: Imperialist air raids, terrorism and yes… As heartbreaking and infuriating as it is to say… poisonous, cancer-causing, environment-eviscerating rounds too. It has been revealed by US CENTCOM that American-led “anti-ISIS” coalition warplanes dropped more than 5,000 bombs laced with depleted uranium in eastern Syria in just two days–November 15th and 22nd of 2015. This admission from the US ZOG however undoubtedly doesn’t even scratch the surface of the true extent of the devastation brought upon Syria’s head by the Empire. Let us do just a wee bit of critical thinking here for a moment, shall we?

Washington has been illegally bombing Syria since September of 2014. Are we really supposed to believe that it was only on these two aforesaid occasions that depleted uranium, which can be found in a large bulk of the American military’s weaponry reserves, was used by the Amreeki regime’s aerial assault that has killed thousands of Syrians and destroyed hundreds of Syrian infrastructures? No… No, not at all. The United Snakes of IsraHELL has bombed Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, Aleppo and Idleb, deliberately hitting everything from bridges to water supply lines, civilian homes to government buildings and even Syrian Arab Army positions (in the Thardeh Mountain Massacre). Beyond just the “realm of possibility”, it is exceedingly likely that a high percentage of US air raids on Syria were conducted with depleted uranium munitions–a VERY high percentage in fact.

This is especially the case considering that it is not just a matter of the depleted uranium being dropped by US warplanes, but the depleted uranium weapons that the CIA gave to the Takfiri “rebels”–something US CENTCOM didn’t (and probably won’t ever) come clean about. Let it also be recorded that ‘Israel’ has bombed Damascus and the occupied Golan Heights on numerous occasions since the Zio-Imperialist war on Syria began and it would not come as any shock if the munitions that the parasitic entity used in its felonious raids were also of the depleted uranium variety. And make no mistake, ‘Israel’ provided explosives technology to its proxies in Iraq that would manifest as car bombs and IEDs in the ongoing P2OG destabilization program, murdering civilians of all stripes, so it too is definitely involved in the transfer of depleted uranium bullets and mines to the Takfiriyeen in the Syrian arena.

Syria now joins the ranks of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine’s Gaza and Yemen as a victim of Empire Judaica’s depleted uranium usage. Each nation represents a sword of sadness being plunged into our chests, Iraq especially. Unspeakable tragedy and horror. Fallujah and Basra bear the brunt of it, with cancer rates, disabilities, deformities and birth abnormalities skyrocketing through the roof, nay, the STRATOSPHERE and making similar circumstances of suffering in Hiroshima and Nagasaki look happy in comparison. Because there is still a war raging between the Imperium-backed Takfiriyeen and the Syrian Arab Army, just how contaminated the areas hit by the Great Satan’s depleted uranium munitions actually are remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though: With a half-life of hundreds of millions of years, Syria will, literally, never, EVER be the same EVER again. Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, Syria is a nation that has thousands of years of civilization under its belt and to think all of it stands on the brink of being permanently ruined by this scourge, is overwhelmingly depressing. And all because Syria decided to say “No! We refuse!” when asked to bow before ‘Israel’.

One wouldn’t be wrong if one asked, “If the demonic Jewish cancer wants to ultimately conquer and colonize the entirety of the lands between the Nile and Euphrates, why pollute these said lands with any mutagenic arms, especially depleted uranium?” And the answer is this: The cancerous creatures who occupy Palestine, i.e. the “chosenites”, have no history. They have no culture. They have no civilization. Every element of their mythos is a lie, from their hateful, supremacist, genocidal Old Testament, Talmud and Kabbalah to their “Jews made the desert bloom” and “6 Holy Million Holy Jews Died In The Holy Holocaust” fictions which have been brainwashing non-Jews for decades. Every archaeological flim-flam that they’ve ever concocted has been debunked. Should be a cinch to deduct then that they hate people (read: Gentiles) who DO have an actual history, specifically those who, like Syria, are actively resisting “Greater ‘Israel'” and doing everything they can to prevent it from coming to fruition. And if they–the Jews–can’t have these lands of the Fertile Crescent which their false “god” allegedly promised them because they’re “chosen”, then they–the Jews–aren’t going to let anyone–especially “The Amalekite, Ishamelite Goyim” who fought them–have it either. This is the pathological sickness of Jewish supremacism.

If you didn’t salute the Syrian Arab Republic and didn’t admire the Syrian people for their monumental courage before, take this as a wake-up call. Not only has Syria resisted Zion-backed terrorism for the last six years; not only has Syria fought back against the Empire bearing down on its neck with a fake “anti-terror” coalition; not only has Syria found a way, through its people, army and allies, to crawl back from the jaws of death time and time again; but Syria has endured depleted uranium penetrating its earth, infecting its people and threatening its territorial character. The depleted uranium may remain in the soil of Syria until the proverbial end of time… But so will the resilience of Syria’s people. And if anyone can find a way to counteract this poison, best it in a lab and reverse its effects, it’s Syrians. “Greater ‘Israel'” is dead but Syria, the last bastion of Mouqawamist Arabism, lives. Syria.. LIVES… no matter what.

One thought on “Heartbreaking & Infuriating: Syria Is Now Infected With Depleted Uranium Because It Resisted “Greater ‘Israel'””

  1. My heart and soul are so sad after reading this post. I often wondered if the munitions released on the Syrians, by those evil ones contained depleted uranium….now i know and it saddens me to no end.
    How does anyone, even these evil zionist bastards commit such an atrocity?
    They are out to destroy the world if they cannot have it all.

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