Happy 64th Birthday To Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, The Man That World Zionism Loves To Hate

by Jonathan Azaziah

A superfly happy birthday to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the resurrector of Christian Russia, the liberator of Crimea, the defender of Syria and the frustator of Anglo-Zionist hegemony. Vlad The Bad is 64 years young today and in spite of an ongoing worldwide onslaught of propaganda against him in every conceivable avenue of media, he is stronger, more secure and more popular than ever before. And while anti-Putinism and Russophobia can be looked upon as consistently recurring themes in the Zionist-controlled mass press, there are viral strands of these toxic manifestations of hasbara masquerading as “Third Way” political stances deep in the alternative media as well, perhaps even deeper. There is one camp which calls Vlad everything from “murderer” to “criminal” to “Imperialist”, and another camp which says the Russian president is a stooge of World Zionism who is hoodwinking everyone from Syria to Iran to the Russian people themselves. Each of these “analyses” are as hysterically asinine as they are abundantly moronic because Mr. Putin’s track record speaks for itself.

He dethroned the neo-capitalist Jewish oligarchy that ruled over Russia with an iron fist, imprisoning many of them and driving those who remained into exile in the usurping Zionist entity, the only place where they could run; he ended the neocon-fueled, Berezovsky-financed, Saudi-backed war in Chechnya with a gargantuan victory; he brought Russia back from the jaws of economic death it had been stuffed into by the aforementioned Jewish oligarchy and restored Russia to its status as a global economic powerhouse; he declared war on the Red Mafiya aka the Organizatsiya, which, like the neoliberal oligarchy that Putin beat back, is also overwhelming Jewish/’Israeli’; he has just about single-handedly restored Russia to its Orthodox Christian roots, cementing it as the Christian bulwark in the Islamic-Christian union against the machinations of World Zionism; he outlawed GMOs, thus dealing a crippling blow to Monsanto, and banned foreign-funded NGOs, thus daggering George Soros and the global networks of “Human RIghts” Imperialism.

The Putinator liberated Crimea, which gravely infuriated the Zionists, as it was used as a “Jewish homeland” from 1924-1938, and also killed the CIA-Mossad coup in Ukraine as it prevented NATO from taking over the Black Sea; he has thrown his full weight behind the Islamic Republic of Iran, not only with the P5+1 nuclear deal but on all strategic levels, and has forged a clear bond of friendship with Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei; and above and beyond all of this, he has defended Syria with Russian clout, Russian arms, Russian warplanes, Russian ships, Russian money, Russian political capital and most importantly, Russian blood, stopping Empire Zionica from destroying our region and the world at large.

With all of this registered, are we really supposed to take the “views” presented by the Russophobic alternative media commentators as anything other than dingbattery? Does it make any sense whatsoever that a man fighting the NWO every step of the way on all levels, is actually an agent of the NWO? Of course not. And just as egregious, are we supposed to believe that a man who has literally gone to every length imaginable to stave off WW3 is actually a “murderer” or a “criminal” or an “Imperialist as bad as the US”? One more time the answer is of course the hell not. The achievements and actions of Vladimir Putin don’t merely constitute the credentials of a great statesman–and make no mistake, the Kool of the Kremlin is the best statesman of our time–but a great revolutionary who, against the subversions, sanctions regimes and other aggressions launched against Russia by the Washington ZOG, saved his own nation then forged alliances with other like-minded states to break the back of the Western powers and establish multipolarity.

Putin is no “stooge”, he’s no “fascist” and he certainly is no “dictator”; he’s a damn hero. Not only to Russians. Not only to Syrians. But to all free peoples, states, organizations and individuals across this planet who refuse to kneel before World Zionism. And whoever doesn’t see this undeniable reality staring them right in the face is either a lobotomized fool or a controlled agent who needs a good lobotomy themselves to wipe the filth of their collaboration away. Whatever their agenda is though, it’s ultimately all gumdrops ’cause the people of resistance, truth and justice know Vlad! We know he is a man of genuineness and counter-hegemony and there is no smear campaign that can take that away from him. So the happiest of happy birthdays to you Hajj Abou Ali Putin! Let the dogs of the Imperium keep barking! You’ll just keep on rocking! #LongLivePutin #LongLiveRussia #Happy64thBirthdayPutin

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