Green Helmets and Violent Anti-Black Racists: Meet The Latest “Revolutionaries” Destabilizing Venezuela

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just as it seemed it not could get any worse for Venezuela short of an outright NATO invasion, the Zio-Imperialists destabilizing this great and resistant nation made sure that things got… Well… WORSE THAN WORSE. Enter the group of mercenaries called the Green Helmets. Yes, if your mind immediately went to Syria and you began visualizing the Al-Qaeda-linked, US-UK-Soros-funded White Helmets, who act like “civil defense” workers when the cameras are on but chop off heads when the flashing lights go bye-bye, then you absolutely wouldn’t be incorrect. Because the Green Helmets, while claiming to be “apolitical”–just like the White Helmets who spew the same smokescreen but who back NATO no-fly zones and who colluded with terrorist gangs in subjugating Aleppo and cutting off water to Damascus–are laying the groundwork for even greater US-EU intervention in Venezuelan affairs through the dissemination of humanitarian propaganda.

While the Zionist-owned mega mass media channels want you to believe that all the violence in Venezuela is the product of “government repression” from a “brutal regime” run by a “dictator”, a recent piece in Reuters entitled “Injured Venezuela protesters face another woe: finding medicine”, while filled with plenty of lies distortions itself, actually discloses that “most of the injured” only ***appear*** to be “opposition protesters” and do in fact include “Maduro supporters, security forces and bystanders”. Sift through the mud that is the mainstream press and gems of truth can be found. This is devastating evidence that it is not in fact the Bolivarian Republic’s Armed Forces doing the killing but a shadowy third party using sniper tactics and other subversion to turn Venezuelans on each other and burn the legacy of Chavismo to the ground–just like Syria, Libya and so many others.

Information on the Green Helmets’ funding is scarce but the aforementioned Reuters piece nonchalantly (and inadvertently, most likely) reveals that they are receiving donations from Miami and Madrid. Univision–a foe of Bolivarianism from WAY BACK and one of the most visible tentacles of the American ZOG’s foreign policy in Latin America–confirms this, and openly calls the Green Helmets the “White Helmets of Venezuela”. Anyone who knows anything about Venezuela and El Comandante Hugo Chavez’s glorious revolution are well-aware that these expat communities have long-served as auxiliaries for the American and Spanish regimes’ destabilization agenda. And make no mistake, with Miami and Madrid blatantly in the mix, support from the CIA, the NED, the Mossad and George Soros are right around the corner.

Though the Green Helmets came into being during the reign of Baruch Uncle O’Toma, their role has been amplified immensely under the Trump regime. With Tillerson, a rabid anti-Bolivarian fanatic who nearly started a war between Venezuela and Guyana in 2015, running the US State Department, expect the prominence of the Green Helmets to only increase, especially considering the worldwide, Zionist-driven acclaim received by the Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets in Syria. This is reflected by the obscene amount of Zionist media coverage that they’ve been getting over the last several weeks alone. It hasn’t just been the spotlights in Reuters and Univision either. The “Christian” Science Monitor, BBC, Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, and most disturbing of all, Al-Jazeera, the voice of counterrevolution, terrorism and neo-colonialism, have all put out puff-piece-hasbara on these regime-changers despicably masquerading as medical workers.

Another group of “democracy advocates” terrorizing Venezuela as of late are anti-Black racists who are going around and lighting Venezuelans with black and brown skin on fire as well as lynching them due to thinking they’re Chavistas. The demented and hateful reasoning behind the actions of these colonialist-descended savages? Because Black and Brown Venezuelans–historically associated with poverty and misery after centuries of Spaniard colonialism–have been uplifted by the Bolivarian Revolution, that must mean that they all have to be “militants” for Maduro. This is obviously racist beyond description and that they would actually use this to justify BURNING PEOPLE ALIVE and, in an ode to the terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan in pre-civil rights America, LYNCHING, shows you how unapologetic they are about their hate. This has taken place on major streets in the barrios of Caracas right in broad daylight, Mérida, Miranda and elsewhere.

And there has not even been one condemnation of it from the likes of the criminal Lopez, the Zionist Jew Randonski, and the capitalist charlatan Borges, i.e. the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition bankrolled by ‘Israel’ and the NED. Which obviously means they don’t have the slightest issue with it, nor do their backers. Indeed, America, the land built on slavery, genocide and which armed a gang of Libyan rebels called the Brigade for Purging Slaves and Black Skin, is supporting murderous anti-Black racists in Venezuela in hopes of toppling the pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist government in Caracas. And when it’s put exactly like that, it actually isn’t the least bit surprising, now is it?

In conclusion, a most disgusting, most infuriating conclusion at that, what we have before us is the colonialist-financed Green Helmets and the Venezuelan version of the KKK. Expect the Western “left”–ANY MINUTE NOW–to describe these destabilizers as “good revolutionaries” whose real goals are “workers’ councils” and “organic food co-ops” and “LGBTQ rights”. And they will continue spinning these sorts of yarns happily as Caracas keeps deteriorating and Chavismo as a governing body is pushed closer and closer to the brink. It’s Damascus deja vu. It’s Tripoli deja vu. It’s Kiev deja vu. May the vigilance of the Chavistas be increased a trillion fold. The Empire wants Bolivarianism on a chopping block for opposing it going on two decades now and the Green Helmets are the latest phase in making this Zio-Imperialist dream a reality. How much more proof do you need that Maduro, Tareck El Aissami and the rest of Chavez’s comrades are the good guys, and those who are opposing them are some of the most loathsome scum to ever walk the landscapes of God’s Green Earth? How much more?!

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  1. They have been continuously recycling the same story but change the country, change the name. Or in this case, just change the color!

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