Global Solidarity Freed African-American Shi’a Muslim Revolutionary Journalist Marzieh Hashemi

by Jonathan Azaziah

Allahu Akbar! Marzieh Hashemi is free!

After 11 days in a US ZOG dungeon, including the last several in solitary confinement, the African-American Shi’a Muslim revolutionary journalist and Press TV anchor has been released from FBI custody. Using FARA and an Orwellian “material witness” legal precedent, Zionists inside the American regime as well as outside in their think tank networks, sought to impose their will on the Nawlins Nebula who was known as Melanie Franklin before she accepted Islam. Needless to say… And once more we shout “Allahu Akbar!” loudly and proudly… What the Zionists attempted to do failed. Despite their Islamophobic abuse of Marzieh and insidious ability to largely keep her suffering out of the public eye, never once did the Khomeiniist firebrand think about adopting any other stance than the Husseini-Zaynabi position against oppression that has endured for nearly 14 centuries.

While the response to her unjust and despicable imprisonment was not nearly as widespread as it could’ve and should’ve been, with many an Islamic scholar, activist and organization failing to come to her aid or her defense, it was nevertheless GLOBAL SOLIDARITY that freed Hashemi from the confines of the Great Satan. It wasn’t “due process” simply taking its course. It wasn’t “leniency” from the American ZOG. It was the outpouring of love and support for Marzieh from all around the world, including a handful of very brave and very vocal voices here in the Zionized West, that shook the Feds to their rotten cores and made them think twice about holding her any longer than they already had. And among Marzieh’s bravehearted and unmoved confederates were a few stars who shined brighter than most.

Let us start with my beloved brother, frequent partner-in-creation and Mouqawamist artist, graphic designer and activist Mohammad Hamza, the founder of Intifada Street. His “Locked Up Because She Spoke Up!” piece was featured across the web as well as in demos on the ground from one hemisphere to the next. The beautiful and ferocious simplicity of the message coupled with the realistic and stern style of the artistic rendering perfectly encapsulated the revolutionary sister and her struggle. While he won’t cop to it, because his humbleness is so very astronomical–he’s been this way as long as I know him–it still can be said without hesitation that none of this would have been possible without his brilliance. Art is the blood and guts of our fight. Hamza’s work turned Marzieh into a symbol. His newest gorgeousness, a cracking display of Marzieh slapping John Bolton silly, puts the exclamation point on what he started. Bravo, habibi… Bravo until the cows come home to a world that knows not ‘Israel’ or its Imperium.

Working with Hamza was another dear brother of mine, Ali Salaam, the CEO of Insight Media and an activist, writer and guitarist of immense talent and depth–with a story of spiritual and political growth that puts a great many within the Ummah to shame. Ali, always plotting strategically in furthering the counter-hegemonic cultural response to the Jewish Power Configuration’s war on humanity through movies, television, clothing, music, etc., decided to turn Hamza’s erudition into a t-shirt. All the proceeds went directly to Marzieh’s legal fund. Striking Star Salute family. You’re always thinking ahead and rest assured that one day (and soon at that), this thinking will affect change on a massive international level. The freedom of our sister is proof that it’s already beginning to.

Next up is my comrade Javeed Ali from occupied Kashmir. In the wake of Marzieh’s imprisonment, Javeed has been a one-man wrecking ball of the global media silence, penning a wonderful piece that has hit multiple sites across South Asia that discuss the crimes of the FBI against one of the most prominent living representations of Lady Zaynab (A.S.) on Earth. His succinct and hard-hitting words have had such a major impact that they appeared in major online search engine results, including Zionist-owned Google, essentially establishing gateways for anyone who wasn’t cognizant of the situation to get aware–and quick. Well-done doesn’t even begin to cut it, akhi.

And last, but most certainly not least, we cannot be but in awe of the Kashmiris, Nigerians, Lebanese (along with their Resistance) and Iranians who came out to support Marzieh in her scariest and most critical hour. Despite living under Hindutvadi occupation (Kashmir), fighting for the freedom of their (also) wrongfully imprisoned leader (Zakzaky; Nigeria), being targeted by continuing Zionist threats and attacks on their borders and neighbors (Lebanon), and warding off a vicious, unending destabilizationist assault on their sovereignty (Iran), they demanded her freedom and condemned the US for its aggressions with nothing close to minced words. Their outcry was heard. Their fury reverberated. Their love of justice helped shatter Marzieh’s shackles. If the Western Islamic Diaspora had a fraction of the courage of each of the peoples from each of these lands, let there be no question that Marzieh Hashemi never would’ve been nicked by the Zio-Feds in the first place.

It’s immeasurably beautiful that Marzieh has been liberated and reunited with her family. We are tremendously thankful to ALLAH (SWT) for this blessing. But the lessons of what the Washington ZOG and its “chosenite” overlords, chiefly the vile Sigal Pearl Mandelker, mustn’t be forgotten or discounted. Not now. Not ever. Again, as Mohammad Hamza’s portrait boldly states, “Locked up because she spoke up!” And if T.H.E.Y. (The Hebrews Enslaving You), with all the mega-media power they wield, can lock her up… What’s to say that YOU won’t be next if you speak up? That’s why while we should indeed be celebrating this victory over the Empire that was achieved through faith, steadfastness and unwavering opposition to the system, reflection is always necessary.

There are many that wear the attire of ‘ulema but ceased to be anything close to actual Muhammadi jurists when the Monsters came for Marzieh. There are also many that fancy themselves to be Anti-Imperialists but weren’t much else but window dressing when the Zio-Feds came a-knockin’. Acquiescence by any other name or cloth, most especially when the fake fabric is that of “resistance”, is still indeed acquiescence. Whoever this happens to next… Such mistakes… Such silence… Cannot be accepted. We aren’t only One Ummah. We are One Humanity. The Children of ALLAH (SWT) standing on a precipice that the Children of Shaytan keep chipping away at. If we don’t recognize our commonality and find a way to increase our defiance to never-before-seen levels, paving the way for the Arrivals (A.S.) in the process, then all of us… every SINGLE one of us… Will soon be in the same boat as Marzieh Hashemi. Who will speak for whom then? Who? And that, today’s triumph aside, is the frightening challenge that all who identify with the religion of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), as well as the struggle against Zio-Imperialism, must make peace with and meet. Full-stop. #FreedomForMarzieh #DeathToTheEmpire

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