Gladio In Ankara: World Zionism Murders Ambassador Karlov To Prolong War On Syria, Spark Russian-Turkish Conflict

by Jonathan Azaziah

No disrespect, but anyone who says that the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was merely a demented Takfiri “lone gunman” taking revenge for the defeat of his fellow demented Takfiris in Aleppo really has no business whatsoever commenting on geopolitics. The peddlers of such theories are amateurs, through and through. Ambassadors, presidents, cabinet ministers, royals and senators do not get mowed down in public spectacles out of the blue; these are not random happenings, nor are they emotive reactions to some other international event, related or otherwise. Especially not an official from a country as big, wealthy, influential and powerful as Russia and especially not in times as critical as these. Ambassador Karlov’s killer was not 22-year old Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas, but the Empire which gave this terrorist the order to pull the trigger. And the assassination itself, contrary to the commentaries peddled by the aforesaid novices, was not a sanguinary act of Wahhabi solidarity to “avenge” Halab’s liberation, but yet another desperate move by World Zionism to breathe life into their flailing, failing propaganda campaign against Syria and re-ignite tensions between Russia and Turkey.

Fingers have also been pointed at Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, citing the expansion of his power in recent months as “proof” that such an operation could not have gone down without his say-so, but this holds no weight as the Mad Takfiri Tyrant is not the true ruler of his country no matter how egomaniacal he happens to be… NATO is. There are 24 some odd Atlanticist Alliance bases on Turkish soil and it is from these bases that the July 15th, 2016 coup against Erdogan was commandeered. This event may have sent the Mad Takfiri Tyrant of Turkey into a purge-frenzy, but his “throne” is no more secure today than it was before. Yes, he continues to act as Zio-NATO’s enforcer in Syria and Iraq as a means of keeping Washington off of his back, not to mention his own arrogant, delusional Neo-Ottoman ambition that he just won’t let go. But the truth is, NATO states still view him as a loose cannon and this is especially reflected in Erdogan’s commitment to rebuilding ties with Russia on all fronts, particularly in the economic sector which will be skyrocketing shortly because the game-changing Turkish Stream pipeline is back on the table. So why would Erdogan, after setting aside his sun-sized ego and mending fences with Russia, kill Russia’s ambassador and sabotage relations which aren’t just good for Turkey and our region, but his own legacy? The long and short of it: He wouldn’t.

The ones who WOULD in fact want to jeopardize the Russian-Turkish rapprochement though are the elements in Erdogan’s regime and his security apparatuses which remain loyal to the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi putsch agenda and are striving towards realizing his demise bit by bit. And as we peel back the onion on the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, we do indeed see the same hands which forged the failed overthrow of Erdogan. It’s already come out that Mevlut Mert Altintas, who served in an Ankara riot squad/special operations unit, is a Gulenist, and while it could be argued that the “sultan” smears everyone and anyone he doesn’t like as such, it’s a widely-known fact that CIA-Zionist asset Fethullah Gulen has deep influence within Turkey’s police force. The cartoonish shout of “ALLAHU AKBAR” by Altintas as he stood over Karlov’s dying body in front of TV cameras also indicates World Zionism, in a blatant play to brainwashed, bigoted Western audiences. For immediately after the killing, Rita Katz–the former ‘Israeli’ soldier and one-woman Islamophobia machine who runs SITE Intelligence Group–took to Twitter and spread a series of vile, viral micro-posts about ISIS and other “Islamic extremists” celebrating Altintas’s crime. The mainstream media, especially in the US, followed suit, playing the “ALLAHU Akbar!” clip over and over again, reinforcing the global Zionist agenda against Islam.

Altintas, after he barbarically emptied much of his clip into the 62-year old unarmed Karlov who was married with a son, also said that, “Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria! Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria!” The mainstream media hopped on this too, with CNN and MSNBC going over the top with the hasbara. All the #FakeNews about Russian Aerospace Forces carrying out massacres in Aleppo and the Syrian Arab Air Force dropping barrel bombs on kittens and newborns and cookie-baking grandmothers was regurgitated en masse, a flagrant attempt to humanize the terrorist and dehumanize the ambassador of “evil” Russia. Islamophobia, “regime change” in Syria and Russophobia all mesh together in the directives of the global Zionist press, and Altintas’s savagery was (is) the perfect occasion to trot it out in unison to keep international pressure on Russia and the Syrian Arab Republic. In spite of the MSM being a mouthpiece for the head-chopping Wahhabis all these years, it’s still shocking nevertheless to see these same Western “news” outlets which at least purport to be against terrorism and “extremism”, going out of their way to excuse criminals whilst attacking the very people attempting to stomp these criminals out of existence for the sake of humanity.

The timing of Karlov’s brutal murder is key as well. This assassination took place only 24 hours before Turkey, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran were supposed to meet for perhaps the most important peace talks regarding Syria yet. Why would World Zionism want to scuttle this high-level meeting? Because. As Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad said, all geopolitical developments and history itself from here on out will be divided into two categories: Pre-Aleppo Victory and Post-Aleppo Victory. The liberation of Aleppo takes away any and every bargaining chip that Empire Judaica had in the war on the Syrian Arab Republic. Without Syria’s second city in their pocket, the Zio-Imperialists, their regional stooges and their terrorist vassals have nothing. And Erdogan, his malignant narcissism aside, recognizes this and purely from the vantage point of his legacy as “sultan” of a resurgent Turkey, it would be better for him to be on the side of peace and reconstruction after the plethora of havoc that he’s wreaked.

Furthermore, World Zionism is using the assassination of Karlov to cover up the bombshell dropped earlier by Syrian Ambassador To the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari that 14 intelligence officers from Turkey, the US, the usurping Zionist tumor, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are stuck in Eastern Aleppo, a crippling blow to the #FakeNews narrative across corporate and social media spheres about “massacred civilians” and “genocide” and “indigenous Syrian freedom fighters”. Instead of this enormous revelation making the rounds across televisions, radio stations, newspapers and websites globe-wide, all the focus is on Karlov. World Zionism is still in panic mode. It cannot cope with the reality at hand, that Aleppo is free and the conspiracy against Syria is as dead as the New Middle East project was after Hizbullah beat ‘Israel’ to a pulp in the 2006 July War. So instead of facing this empire-destabilizing defeat, the decision has been taken by Washington and company to just trumpet the Judaized “Save Aleppo!” and “Stop The Aleppo Holocaust!” mantras ’till they’re blue in the face and hope that all of it will soon be forgotten or the seeds of conflict that they’ve sown will grow into full-blown war–as in WW3.

Vladimir Putin however is a tad too savvy to fall for that kind of a trap. Like Turkey’s downing of the Russian Sukhoi Su-24M on November 24th, 2015, the cold-blooded shooting of Ambassador Karlov on Turkish soil by a Turkish citizen is an act of war. Moscow would be well within its rights to engage in overt battle with Ankara as a response. But as the Russian President himself said following the assassination, “We have to know – Who organized the killing? Who gave orders to the assassin?” Putin additionally noted, “This murder is a clear provocation aimed at undermining improved Turkish-Russian ties and the peace talks on Syria.” In other words, Vlad ain’t dumb and being a former intelligence officer himself, he knows shadowy conspirators when he smells ’em. They could be in a Siberia snowstorm from a kilometer away and he’d still pick up the scent. The man who overthrew the Jewish oligarchy in Russia and liberated Crimea isn’t going to let this horror undermine and undo everything that he, Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and the Iraqi Resistance have accomplished, namely the Aleppo victory. Putin’s going to keep pushing forward towards peace and by the grace of the Almighty, Erdogan will chuck his violent ego out the window and be on board. And if diplomacy and political solutions do not get the job done, well… As Vlad also said in his press conference eulogizing Karlov, “Our response to this murder will be stepping up our fight against terror, and the criminals will feel the heat.”

For the record, it should be documented that the conclusions reached here are being echoed in Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, outright called Karlov’s killing “a false flag operation by the West”. Frantz Klintsevich, the deputy chairman of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament’s Defense and Security Committee, called the assassination a “true provocation” and a “planned action”. Most certainly. And going deeper, what Karlov’s killing really feels like is Gladio. For four decades, NATO intelligence services, most prominently the CIA and MI6, ran secret armies in over a dozen European countries and utilized them in false flag operations and anti-democratic actions across the continent. This included everything from bombings to government ousters, assassinations to guerrilla warfare and sabotage.

Gladio agents were in Turkey too and were responsible for several coups, massacres and the founding of black site prisons and torture networks. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Gladio was reorganized into Gladio/B, refocusing energies on the nexus between the CIA and Al-Qaeda. To date, the “Arab Spring” and the EuroMadian Revolution in Ukraine are the biggest strategic achievements of Gladio/B. What would be even larger is the destruction of Turkish-Russian relations and the overturning of the battlefield advancements in Syria through the facilitation of a low-intensity (or massive-scale) Turkish-Russian war. This, the Zionist-Gladio agenda, is what lies at the heart of Mevlut Mert Altintas snuffing out Ambassador Karlov.

In an era where democratically elected presidents are “dictators”, Takfiri terrorists are “freedom fighters” and “moderate rebels”, defending one’s country from invaders is “massacring civilians”, Imperialist powers destabilizing a nation is a “people’s uprising” and criticizing the perniciousness of wealthy, criminal individuals with sway over Western governments is “anti-Semitism”, questioning everything is a must. There are no “lone gunmen”. There are no accidents. There is only the Anglo-Jewish Imperium and all of its satanic plots. Ambassador Andrey Karlov is a martyr in the battle against this malevolence. May he rest in power, may ALLAH (SWT) grant ease to his wife and son, and may the Russian Federation emerge from this tragedy with strength so immense that the Gladio schemers rue the day that they foolishly poked the Bear in Moscow.

8 thoughts on “Gladio In Ankara: World Zionism Murders Ambassador Karlov To Prolong War On Syria, Spark Russian-Turkish Conflict”

  1. Well stated. The whole Syrian invasion has been masterminded. They thought it was going to be “a piece of cake”. It turns out it is a thorn in their eyes. Thank you for your analysis.

  2. Great article. I was wondering if you could do one also on the Christmas attack in Berlin Germany. I’m guessing the Zios were behind that one as well. (Not being sarcastic.) And does it have anything to do with this, or just another random event designed to make everone hate Muslims even more?

  3. This is by far the most coherent analysis I’ve read on this situation. I am very disappointed how many Westerners – even ones critical of media – were duped by this and IMMEDIATELY turned to blame “radical Islam” for this “lone wolf” terrorist attack. They do not understand that the only reason they hate Islam is because of Zionist propaganda and false flags, as well as forced Zionist policies of multiculturalism and unlimited immigration. If we are going to avoid WW3, we MUST stem the tide of hate between Muslims and Christians of Europe/USA – a hate fueled by Zionism. This won’t happen through bullshit “diversity”, but through genuine understanding and respect for each other, along with an understanding of the Satanic forces at play.

    Every time Christians and Muslims fight, we play into Zionist hands and inch closer to WW3. We urgently need to come together otherwise Trump will be free to invade Iran and establish central banking there, bringing us one step closer to the Zionist global domination and the NWO.

    Excellent writing, please keep it up, your voice is extremely important in these dark times!

  4. The level of Sarajevo and the assassination of the Duke, the fact that this was done by a crazy member of the Tribe ~ this was my first thought when I heard of this. When I saw it, I knew this was a Donmeh Jew and drew the appropriate immediate conclusion…

    As always, a perfect and succinct analysis, Jonathan.

  5. The best in-depth analysis of the false flag assassination available to date. Thank you!
    Not that Gladio had difficulty spreading its lethal tentacles anywhere (e.g., Italy), but Turkey may be a particularly fertile soil given its Dönmehs — sayanim par excellence and harder to detect because of their fake conversion and centuries of occult existence. If anyone speaks Turkish I’d like to know what the Turkish word for “gold” is– in view of the internet rumor that Altintas (pron. altintash) is the Turkish equivalent of Goldstein.
    It must be unbearably frustrating for the Chosen Ones to be unable to provoke Putin enough to draw him to finally “attack and invade” (as Europe is constantly told he would do any day now): not in Ukraine, not in Turkey! They can’t figure him out…

    1. Confirmed: “altin” in Turkish means gold.
      I don’t know how common it is for Dönmeh patronymics to contain the word “gold” (as opposed to this occurring in Turkish names), if it is as common an occurrence as in Jewish family names in the West like Goldstein, Goldblatt, Goldberg, Golden.

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