Get Bent B’nai B’rith! Jonathan Azaziah’s “Iraqi Ghirasi (The Wrong Goy)” Is Coming Soon!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Another big announcement, everyone!

If the parasites at B’nai B’rith and all the other Zionist outfits that joined their cacophony of fallacious drivel actually thought that I’ve just been twiddling my thumbs over the last 10+ months, then they thought dead wrong. I have been writing up a STORM. Something like a monsoon, a typhoon, a hurricane and a cyclone all wrapped into one Anti-Parasitic sonic smackdown. Did you guys know that Tupac Amaru Shakur, just before he was murdered by B’nai B’rith’s JDL buddies alongside their collaborators Suge Knight, his network of dirty, corrupt LAPD detectives, his Jewish overlords David Kenner, David Chessnoff and Richard Schonfeld, as well as the FBI, wrote an insane 67 songs in 11 months? Well. I followed the martyred Hip-Hop great’s example and have written 71 songs over 4 albums since the Monsters came after me last July. The first of these works is “Iraqi Ghirasi (The Wrong Goy)”, which I completed on Hizbullah’s Martyred Leaders Day (February 16th) earlier this year and it is my rage against the Zio-Machine made manifest. I tackle much of what the Monsters put me through on the intro track, “Section 318”, fire off a fierce rebuke of the demons on “The Anomaly Strikes Back”, pick apart the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s Talpiot and Unit 8200 programs on an intense series titled “J-Spy”, team up with my most beloved brother Khanverse KV for a track called “Triple Homicide” and so, SO much more.

The album is named after Yemeni revolutionary and Anti-Parasitism Pioneer Imam Sayyed Mahdi Ahmad al-Ghirasi (R.A.), who fought off a band of Jewish terrorists during his reign from 1676-1681 before casting them out for their treachery into the harsh lands of Mawza. We all need to be more like Al-Ghirasi: Defiant, true and unrelenting in the face of supremacists who seek to destroy all that we hold dear. This is what the record, all 20 tracks, embodies. And I cannot WAIT to unleash it on the world. Striking Star Salute to my little homie and top student YYH–who began calling me “Al-Ghirasi”, so without him, this joint wouldn’t even be possible at all. And another Striking Star Salute to my ultra-gifted bruv from another muv Mohammad Hamza of Intifada Street for the brilliant promo artwork below–you never cease to inspire me fam. Watch this space! “Iraqi Ghirasi (The Wrong Goy)” coming soon!

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