From Palestine To Lebanon, Syria To Iraq, Yemen And Beyond, Happy Mother’s Day To The Mouqawamist Mothers Of The Moustazafeen And The Martyrs

by Jonathan Azaziah

I could tell you that there is no steadfastness in the world like that of Palestinian Mothers, who now wait with bated breath as their sons maintain their hunger strike in the caverns of the ‘Israeli’ demon’s prisons; those Mothers who have endured 69 years of Nakba and 132 years of colonization at the Jewish supremacist thieves’ hands. But then you would ask me, what about the Mothers of Lebanon?

So I tell you that there is no strength on Earth like that of Lebanese Mothers, especially those of Dahiyeh, the Jnoub and the Bekaa Valley, who have prevailed over war and occupation and who have proudly and happily given their sons to the Lebanese Islamic Resistance that defends all of humanity against Zionist hegemony and Takfiri barbarity. But then you would ask me, what about the Mothers of Syria?

And I would tell you that there is no resilience on the planet like that of Syrian Mothers, who have stood upright and kept their nation on their shoulders as hundreds of thousands of their sons and daughters have given their lives in guardianship of the Syrian Arab Republic over the last six years; whose DNA contains the secrets of civilization and the fabric of pluralism that thrives to this very moment even though the hordes of backwardness and Zio-Imperialism are inside their gates. But then you would ask me, what about the Mothers of Iraq?

So I take a deep breath and I tell you that there is no defiance this side of the universe like that of Iraqi Mothers, who have walked through invasions and occupations, sanctions and subversion, terrorism and destabilization as if they were taking an everyday stroll through the sands of Karbala for a routine visit to the shrine of Imam Hussein (A.S.); these Mothers of my Homeland who turned white phosphorus into the finest meals any child could ask for, who transformed depleted uranium into flowers as dainty as them, who whipped knuckleheads and petty criminals into shape to become the forces of Mighty Mouqawamah that you see before us today, from Asa’ib Ahlul Haqq to Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba and others. Mesopotamia ***was*** nothing without the Mother and ***will become*** nothing if we do not EXALT her. But then of course you would ask me, what about the Mothers of Yemen?

And I bow my head to say that there is no power on this plane of reality like that of Yemeni Mothers, who raised the fiercest and most magnificent men of our time, those lions of Saba known as Ansarullah who are defending their nation against Al-Saud on behalf of every people, every creed and every color across the globe; those Yemeni Mothers who have survived poverty and famine, bombings and siege, all to rise their land up from underneath the jackboot of the Empire and guide Yemen to one of the greatest triumphs the Global South will ever witness; those Yemeni Mothers who know nothing of defeat but everything of dignity, valor and honor.

But then you would ask me still, what about the mothers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Somalia, Bahrain, Sudan, occupied Kashmir, occupied Afghanistan, Myanmar’s Rohingya, Pakistan, Once-Green Libya and Nigeria, particularly those of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and MOST particularly Sayyeda Zeenat, the Mother of the Partisans, who sits in prison unjustly with her husband Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky? And I would tell you that we should and shall kneel before them ALL because unlike the piggish, servile, collaborationist “kings” and “emirs” of the “Arab” and “Muslim” regimes on the payroll of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, these Mothers are the TRUE royalty of this realm.
The will of our Mothers to fight and to raise us to be the Children of Resistance that we are is not something quantifiable. Indeed, it is as infinite as the leaves that have passed through the winds of our region during the Falls that witnessed the falls of empires!

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mouqawamist Mothers of the Moustazafeen and the Martyrs. It is not just Jannah but the very foundation of our liberation that lies at your beautiful, sacred feet.

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